What's It Called? Love? Is it a chemical experience? A survival mechanism so we

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  1. profile image0
    threekeysposted 2 years ago

    What's It Called? Love? Is it a chemical experience? A survival mechanism so we aren't utterly

    alone? Or a cosmic/spiritual event? Can we get by without love?


  2. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    That is a great question that may bring many to ponder. Earlier this year I was inspired by a question here at HP Q&A on Love by Eric Dierker. Since then I have been doing a study on and off on Love over the past year. I discovered Love in many areas to research seeking to answer my own quest. I have been researching:

    ** Philosophy
    ** Sciences - general, biology, and chemical
    ** Social sciences regarding the 'Self' - psychology and sociology - symbolic interactionism
    ** And, sociology - societies and cultures
    ** Religions and spirituality
    ** Other Spirituality concepts; e.g. New Ageism

    “Each of those do have answers” for the phenomena of Love. Personally I believe each has the potential to fertilize the seed of Love planted by a Higher Power - God.

    I also think each of those dimensions attribute to Love evolving with greater growth consciously or unconsciously. Also, they interact with each other. To me being a poet that is what is so magical and mystical about Love. Consequently, through questioning, I have come to believe animals do experience Love both sharing and receiving, even though it may be only one of those dimensions – biology and/or chemical.

    1. profile image0
      threekeysposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      You too, Tom? Yes, I am writing a book of poetry on love. Yes, I agree with you in that with enhanced awareness our concept of love changes in meaning.

  3. Cleanclover profile image52
    Cleancloverposted 2 years ago

    Love is what makes me feel good, makes me better, makes me want to have it more.

  4. Ericdierker profile image46
    Ericdierkerposted 2 years ago

    This area is so fascinating. I believe that in delving into it I first had to shatter my glassed in room of a definition that left too much out. Just this morning, as is my want on Sundays, I was reading a book to my youngest about a Mothers Love is Forever. Fantastic reading for a dad and a boy. We were called to distinguish the love of mom with the love of Christ as part of God. We just could not imagine a love greater than a mom's. So we tried. As we grasped at the stars in heaven it remained just out of our mental reach. And this brought us back to our core belief that is shared in my home.
    If I could grasp infinite and universal love my heart would explode right after my mind, or vice versa. That puppy not wanting food but to sit on your lap? That two year old that seems fussy but chills as you hold her and hum? Better that zero year old just a kicking and causing gas. But a calm sound of a mantra by dad with a gentle hand on the stomach of mom settles the child within and creates an energy of peace with all three.
    I was lying perfectly still in my perch with a large rifle at my shoulder in 5 degree temperature in a high and cold plateau. Wind chill? Who knows. Quarry in my sites. No trigger pull. No death that day. No sniper fire. Just peace and comfort in love for the Elk I did not shoot. Love? My brother threw his arm around me as he threw my license into the cold October wind. I figure he really loved me on that day and I truly loved him.
    Love is not a "to me" or a "to them" concept. It is omnipresent.
    A horrible dump and city outside Mexico City. Miles of burning garbage and waste with a "town" of nearly 100K within. The children loved their parents and the parents loved their mom. I am adopted and love my mom and dad and siblings.
    Can man handle complete and all consuming love? Probably not.
    Can man measure it with electrodes? Maybe. But not mine, I cannot even measure mine. Can you imagine sticking a patient up to a machine to ask them if they felt sick to their stomach and the machine said no you are not? Or better yet the machine tells you you are not sad. What freaks.
    Uncle Billybob may be alone when he is by himself but a sentient human being is never alone.


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