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Why American Women Adore French Men

Updated on April 22, 2010

10 Reasons American Men Should Beware!

 1. Sexy accents!No matter what a French men says, American women will fall head over heels. This is partly because most American women don't speak French and love the mysterious tone that the language takes when spoken with such fiery passion. For all we care, Pierre could be telling us we are fat, ugly, slobs, but all we hear is the beautiful syllables rolling off that smooth tongue.

2. Purple Scarves, etc. One day while riding the metro through Paris, I happened upon a Frenchman fighting the cold with a fashionable purple scarf. Though this may be looked upon as a non-masculine color and article of clothing in American culture, no one on the metro thought anything about it. This cool, confident sex appeal attracts women because of the casual masculinity it reflects. This isn't a thug in a pink polo trying to round up ladies. He appeared cool, casual, and confident: three c's that make a man in America. And to top it all off, he wasn't even trying to be these things, he just was.

3. Messy Hair The trend for the American male has always been to be clean shaven, proper, and masculine. French Men, however, often let their hair grow to a reasonable length and then lead on through life with that sexy just-out-of-bed style that isn't fussy or picky. This wild, untamed look drives American women wild. It makes us imagine just how that hair got that way. It also makes the Frenchman look rugged, and American women adore that too.

4. The French equivalent of the word 'um'Listen to a Frenchmen talk and you will often hear him slow his speech for a moment, and continue on with 'Bah...' followed by the rest of the tale. This cute little speech filler is precious to American women. Sometimes, it is followed by a mini-shrugging of the shoulders. This casual, nonchalant movement is a major turn on. It is humble, not cocky.

5. Straight Leg Black JeansFrenchmen often wear those super sexy, super straight black jeans that make them look lanky. It's casual and perfect for any occasion. It also isn't pretentious, like the tight cowboy jeans that some American men wear, or those awful sagging sacks that dangle from men's legs and make them look disproportionate. This look screams classy and artistic: two qualities that sometimes are lost within American men's masculine power struggle.

6. Red Wine The French usually drink wine at dinner, and generally always in moderation. Not only does this help to keep their hearts healthy (all the better to love us with) it also shows their ability to restrain themselves. Wine is romantic and sexy. Just a tip, guys: Bud Light isn't romantic at all, even if it is enhanced with lime. Wine is also fruity and subconsciously makes women marvel at the sweet qualities of the Frenchman.

7. Intensity Most Frenchmen just have this absolutely intense gaze that can leave us American women speechless. This probably comes from the fact that most of the French are taught to be passionate, fiery, and engaging citizens. Maybe it’s genetics, but eyes of a French man are often very deep, dark, and mysterious—just the right combination to get our blood pumping.


8. Blazer Jackets It’s a trend in France: blazer jackets for men, no matter what occasion. It just makes them look put together, savvy, and intelligent. Also, just the fact that the men care somewhat about fashion is attractive. Women want an honest opinion about their clothing when they go shopping with a man—and they find it sexy and intriguing that French men are so in tune with their fashion senses. We want them, too, just because we think they’d be honest shopping partners. Go figure, guys!


9. Cooking Skills Easy Mac doesn’t exist in France, and hotdogs are looked down upon. In France, cooking is all about what’s in season, fresh, and original. The French don’t go to a large supermarket and buy preservative-packed canned foods to stock up on. And when a French man says he can cook—believe him. American men are too used to fast food to know what a full course meal even looks like.


10. Appreciation of Female Anatomy The Louvre is packed with it, billboards show it—in France, breasts and the feminine form are looked upon as symbols of love and affection. French men aren’t going to go crazy when they see breasts, or flock to them because they are in a sexual frenzy. Europeans in general are more appreciative of the human anatomy and view it much more highly than just a sexual object. What woman doesn’t want to be absolutely adored in a non-sexual way? American men don’t have enough appreciation and value for the bodies of women, and this is why we REALLY love French men.


So there you have it, my top ten reasons why we go crazy for Pierre, Jean Marc, Guy, Etienne, Christophe, and Julien’s of the world. I would say take a hint, American dudes—or all the good ladies will have already bought their ticket for Paris!


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    • profile image

      Emb 20 months ago

      French men are absolutely amazing and so sexy.

    • profile image

      American Girl 2 years ago

      I fell for a French man while he was on holiday in NYC from Paris. We dated very briefly, but he treated so much better than any man has ever treated me. It was because of this I thought he was player. I was so far wrong. I ended ruining a good thing because of my insecurities. However, I cherish the memories he created. I'm glad he showed me that I'm worth what I desire.

    • profile image

      Princess Alvina 4 years ago

      I have experienced some of these points which you have mentioned, ritosolange. I will have to share my experience

    • profile image

      Nina 4 years ago

      because, she's don't know french boy

    • profile image

      JEAN 5 years ago

      LEARNING ABOUT AMERICAN LIFE HERE DOWN ON FLORIDA , i think we are almost on another planet when it comes to American men....

    • profile image

      georges-henry 5 years ago

      Hi i'm a french guy who like to make contact with american whoman to understand this "attirance" i work alone in my graphik compagny before that i was model in geneva (swiss) and know i whant to have my own familly ... so ;-) bye.

    • profile image

      Mademoiselle Slimalicious 5 years ago

      Well writen!

    • profile image

      AURELIEN 7 years ago

      Si vraiment on est si parfait que ca, épouser nous lol pour toute demande en mariage!!! avec un verre de vin rouge of course :)