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'Friends' that are not worth of your attention

Updated on December 13, 2012


  • I never did hurt you, not even once. Why are YOU continuing to hurt me?
  • You changed to be more accepted by the others, but what you didn't realize is that you lost the one friend that will always be there for you.

Friends: The real ones

"Who finds a friend, finds a treasure"

The most famous quotes on friends... and it is actually true.

Friends... the real ones are so difficult to find that sometimes a life-time is too short to realize who is a real friend and who is taking advantage of you.

The real friend should be the one person you trust the most (and vice versa), that one person that is always there to help you even for the stupidest problems... Friends are the ones that help you grow and develop your character by making it better... not the ones that try to change you because you don't 'fit in' his/her group of friends.

Friends are the people that not matter how many times you make them go mad, they forgive you, no matter what. They are the ones that really understand you... sometimes even better than your own self. You can always count on them.

Friends are the ones that never leave you alone, and when they make promises, they are always there for you cause they know you would do the same for them. They are the ones that make you feel better when you had a really bad day and manage to make you smile even in the saddest day of your life. They are the true friends... the ones you CAN trust.

Having a person that is ready to help you in every occasion is something that is rare to find, cause many people only care about themselves and nothing else: the sad parts.

Incredibly good actors

Some 'friends' are very good actors. They fake the friendship in the right moments, when you are more vulnerable, and when you find yourself to ask for help, they suddenly miss out, and selfishness takes over.


A friend lets you be yourself and doesn't tease you for what you wear, your music tastes or what you like in general. Real friends express their opinion with respect towards the other person, fake friends just say what they think and when you get hurt, they realize.. and its too late.

A true story

"M" used to be one of my best friends. We always shared our thoughts and laughed together so loud. Sometimes we had some discussions but we always overcame them.

"M" started to change during the second year in High School. She decided that being herself was just not enough. The way she dressed changed, the way she spoke changed, and her attitude changed as well. I couldn't recognize her anymore. She started insulting all the people that once were her friends to be accepted by some other kids. Boys started to look at her more as in every sentence she said, an offensive word was present. Boys thought she was tough, and they liked it.

When I spoke to her she assured me everything was alright. She wanted to know who I liked in school so that the next day i would see her flirting just right in front of me with the guy i whispered to her the other day. Unfortunately, I discovered I wasn't the only victim. All my friends couldn't tollerate her attitude but they accepted it, She felt superior.

I was absent from school for a week. Sick. When I got back at school (we had the same exact classes) I asked her what I missed, and her what I got back as an answer was a "book slap" right in my face. That was the first she ever used violence. The second time, she misunderstood my question and slapped me in the face.

I was over the top with her behavior and I couldn't stand any longer. Unfortunately I discovered I had a summer school to go to with her. The first week was fine... The second week was hell.

It all started when we (a friend of both, "m" and I) went to sleep at 5 in the afternoon and woke up at 10p.m. After a simple question, "You guys wanna grab some dinner?", she cracked, and her real personality came out. She started shouting and accusing me of being the victim that always wanted to push people to do something. She couldn't be bothered to get up (already dressed) and eat something. After repressing the hunger on herself, she started repressing it even on our friend.

(the part of city where we lived in was dangerous at night, and the counsellor encouraged us to go out at least in groups of two + I had to take my medicine in order to not faint on the ground due to a heart condition and i had to eat something in order to take it)

By knowing this, she didn't care about it and I went out by myself to get some dinner as all the alcoholics were populating our block. I cried all night sat alone in a bar.

The next day she came out crying and excusing herself for her behavior. I told her what I thought and I needed a pause from our 'friendship'. After all the drama she made, from that afternoon her life was happier than ever.

Moral of the story: she didn't care

What i get in return

The funny turn out of the story is that I was always there for her. She used to call me up every night at 2a.m because she couldn't sleep and had no idea what to do. I stayed up with her and told her stories, sometimes she cried cause the guy she like didn't talk to her and I WAS THERE....

I was the friend you wanted to keep for all your life (she said this) and then you turn out to leave me like this.. ... i don't know what to think anymore.


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      7 years ago

      seen many of those fact jus writing about some of em....right now...


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