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Gay Marriage – Karma, Past Lives, Spirituality, Numerology, and Astrology

Updated on April 12, 2013

Since the right to marry is denied to homosexual couples, according to the concept of karma, they may have denied equal rights to others in past lives. However, karma doesn't always work that simply; there could be other reasons their unions aren't legally recognized. For example, a gay person's soul may have chosen to be in a position to stand up for his or her rights and help progress human consciousness in doing so.

Homosexuals are using their free will, within the confines of their destinies, to acquire equal civil rights, including the right to get married. We'll have to wait and see if gay marriage is destined to be legal.

Regarding the love timing of homosexuals compared to heterosexuals, there is no difference. Everyone goes through their own unique time cycles, some wonderful for romantic involvement, some not so wonderful. Does the denial of the right to marry show up in a gay person's charts? No, it doesn't. However, denial of financial benefits or other rights (such as with the case of the death of a partner) would clearly be seen in the charts. Significant loss of collective net worth (involving inheritance/estate taxes, etc.) and the absence of other related benefits (those afforded to heterosexual married couples) greatly hindering standard of living are the types of challenging circumstances most definitely reflected in comprehensive numerology and astrology analyses.

According to human rights advocates, the issue of gay marriage is a civil rights issue and since gay couples are denied benefits that straight married couples enjoy, they are being discriminated against. Gay and civil rights advocates say proposed constitutional amendments go well beyond the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Clinton in 1996) and marks a new level of discrimination.

Never has an amendment been passed to deny the rights of Americans. It seems reasonable to think that all those who put energy into passing this amendment would incur some negative karma in relation to human rights. Consequently, if this amendment passes (unlikely according to many political experts) this country (via its' leaders and public support of those leaders) would also undoubtedly adopt some negative karma. Under this philosophy, it's possible to envision a country far in the future, populated with the same characters, that is denied rewards and prosperity from a more powerful entity as a karmic backlash.

Since it's perfectly legal in America to be gay and in a committed relationship, denying the right to marry to homosexuals may eventually be seen by all as the same as racial or religious discrimination. Discrimination in any way, shape or form ultimately has everything to do with intolerance.

Speaking of intolerance, religious leaders like Jerry Falwell have rigorously campaigned in America to permanently deny marriage and all the legal benefits (over 500 in all) to homosexuals who want a legal marital commitment. A few years ago, Falwell was interviewed on a national TV news show about the topic of gay marriage. His primary arguments against it were, "'s against Christian tenants..." and "...if we open the door to gay marriage in this country, we'll have to deal with polygamy and bestiality too." Falwell may be creating a date with destiny in a future lifetime where he is denied his basic human the name of religion.

Maybe it's best to accept the resistance towards equality and fairness and see it as part of the necessary alignment of energies. Polarity is integral to our universe. There can't be cops without criminals and there can't be light without darkness. Everyone appears to be fulfilling their earthly mission, no matter how disrespectful, selfish, or intolerant they may seem. The best everyone can do is to compassionately and peacefully stand up for what they believe in and their basic human rights.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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