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Harley Davidson Wedding Rings

Updated on August 25, 2011

Wedding Rings For Harley Lovers

For the Harley biker bride and groom, what better way to symbolize your love for each other than sealing the deal with Harley Davidson wedding rings. For an unusual and unconventional start to married life, those rings will symbolize love, a union of free spirits, passion for the open road and combined respect for the Harley Davidson way of life.

Though not for everyone, Harley Davidson wedding rings are perfect for couples who imbibe the Harley spirit and embrace the lifestyle. If it's an actual bike themed wedding, all the more perfect!

There's lot of different Harley Davidson wedding rings to choose from, they vary in metals, styles and designs, they also come in men's, women's and unisex, so if you're looking for a matching pair, it's possible, though these aren't as common.

Unisex Harley Davidson Wedding Rings

A band style ring is the best way to go if you want a matching pair of Harley wedding rings.

These work well for both the bride and groom, being neither too masculine nor too feminine. A take on a classic style ring with a Harley Davidson accent that adds a touch of unconventional design.

Something to take into account when buying Harley Davidson wedding rings is the fact that if you do ride on a regular basis, is the ring going to be uncomfortable against the hand grip? Of the bulkier designs I would say possibly, of these, probably not.

Harley Davidson Wedding Rings With The Bar and Shield Logo - Mens

The bar and shield logo is the most iconic of Harley Davidson logos. These rings are big and bold in design and make for a striking wedding ring that definitely won't go unnoticed.

Lots of couples meet through being Harley Davidson enthusiasts so a Harley themed wedding is a natural progression to married life.

If Harley's are your passion include them in your big day for a special, personalized wedding that won't ever be forgotten. Why opt for traditional when you could have unique, and who needs a horse and carriage when you've got a Harley?!

Harley Davidson Wedding Rings Bar and Shield Logo - Womens

A softer version of the male bar and shield logo rings, these rings are still Harley Davidson through and through and come in quite a selection of designs.

The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the forth finger (third really if we're being picky about thumbs not being fingers!) of the left hand in a non romantic sense is due to practicality. Most people are right handed and so it is thought that by wearing the wedding ring on the left hand it is less likely to get damaged or lost.

A more romantic view of the tradition is that the wedding ring finger has the Vena Amoris - Latin for vein of love - that runs directly from the heart to the finger, and this is why it's referred to as the ring finger. The earliest mention of the Vena Amoris is from 1686 and implies that the tradition has an Egyptian origin.

Harley Davidson Wedding Rings - Other Styles

A wedding ring doesn't have to mean a traditional band ring. It is after all a symbol of union and therefore should be meaningful to the couple and not dictated to by rules. Same with all aspects of a wedding, if you aren't traditional or conventional people why make an exception for your wedding day? It is your day after all.

Having a Harley Davidson themed wedding doesn't just mean that the motorcycles are involved in transportation. These days with so much stuff being customizable you can have the Harley theme throughout, from the dress, cake, invitations and reception decorations.

If Harley's are your passion, aside from each other of course, why not incorporate that element of your lifestyle in your union.

Harley Davidson produce lots of different styles of rings, in a variety of metals, so there's something for every Harley lover bride or groom to be to choose from. Prices are pretty affordable too so buying a Harley Davidson wedding ring does not mean going over budget to do so.


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