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How the Car Radio and Bruno Mars Connect People

Updated on April 22, 2012

The Car Radio

Earlier today I was listening to the radio in my car. Okay it was a little loud. Hey, I was the only one in the car so I wasn't hurting anyone else's eardrums but my own. And I was paying attention to the road.

Now. Bruno Mars's sweet voice filled my car as I pulled to a stop at a red light. The Song? "It Will Rain." I turned to the car on my right and saw the female driver belting out the words to the same song playing on my car radio! Her lips moved to the Bruno Mars lyrics that surrounded me.

I did a double-take.

We all listen to tunes. But together?
We all listen to tunes. But together? | Source

We ARE All Connected

Yes I realize that the local radio station is public, which means it is heard by other people in the city of Victoria where I live. How quickly, however, we can forget our connections as we turn up the music in our cars and become engaged in a favourite song. We are in our own little automobile world that consists of us, our vehicle, and the song.

The stranger to my right, while I'm sure she is a kind person, was invading my musical experience with Bruno Mars. It was no longer such a personal tune.

This woman, who I may never see again, shared the experience with me to a certain degree. She heard the same song at the same time as me. She chose to listen to the same radio station as me that day.

She may live across town from me and work two jobs. She may be a single mom while I am a single woman.

Despite our differences in lifestyles we can still connect to a certain degree with strangers. We may be performing the same activities or have the same habits. We may even like Bruno Mars the same amount. No, I'm sure I like him more.

The next time I'm in my car listening to the radio, I'm going to look left instead of right. Who knows what I will see.

"It Will Rain" Sung By Bruno Mars

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    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Hi Posh, Thanks for stopping by to read! Yes connection is important, whether through our writing or by way of our vehicles. Or through this hub!

    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      You are right about connection. Connect you do, particularly through your writing.It's good to think that you are not alone and that when people read what we have written, they think about us for a few seconds.I look forward to your articles. Keep up the great work!