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How to Attract Women - 5 Tips

Updated on August 17, 2012

Many guys still find themselves asking what they need to do to attract women. Some tend to overthink, while some ultimately lose hope because they feel like they do not have the personality and looks that women would like. But you do not have to be Brad Pitt just to get the girl of your dreams. Physical appearance isn't as important as you think. It does matter but it's just a small part of the equation. Read the following tips and learn how to attract women. With enough practice, you might be surprised to see women approaching you instead of you coming to them.

5 Tips to Attract Women

1. Be confident.

Nothing attracts women more than a guy that exudes confidence. It's the very first thing they will notice. Confidence reflects a guy's value. It shows that he carries himself well and is willing to share his interests to a woman. A confident man is usually skilled in many areas, and women want to be around such a man.

This is on top of the list because it can make or break your pickup game. A good looking guy with no self-confidence isn't as attractive as a guy with average looks but knows how to carry himself. So prepare yourself even before going to the bar. You must be confident the moment you step out of your house.

2. Eye contact.

This is where the fun begins, or for others, the time when their knees start to tremble. The thing with men in regards to making eye contact is that some cannot do it at all while some tend to overdo it. You just have to be somewhere in the middle: you must have the strength and confidence to hold it but not for too long as if you are a stalker who finally got the chance to see your crush in person. Give her a subtle smile, enough to make her know you're interested. This makes her think and if she stares back and returns a smile of her own, you just scored.

3. Maintain your mystery.

So now you know she's interested, too – that's your signal to get up and talk to her, right? Well, yes but you have to be careful. You shouldn't get too excited and throw all sorts of questions at her. Remember that women want to know you're interested, but not too much that you seem like you've been drooling over her for months. If you give too many hints, she would lose interest. Ask questions about herself to know her better. Show that you are interested and do not hesitate to share a personal experience where appropriate. She would love to hear about your common interests.

4. Make her laugh.

Ask any woman 5 things she wants in a guy and there's a good chance a good sense of humor would be on the list most of the time. Nobody wants to be with someone who doesn't know how to laugh. A guy with a good sense of humor is often seen as someone fun and relaxing to be with. Tease her and flirt a little. Throw jokes and even a funny pickup line. Be careful though, as not all women appreciate pickup lines, especially one that's been used over and over again.

5. Be consistent.

All your effots will go to waste if you do not manage to be consistent. Sure, you have followed all the tips above but suddenly turned into a seemingly different person after getting her number. A woman will surely notice and that's just a huge turn off. Just remember to be yourself, be confident, and be genuine. Do not think too much about your actions and what you're going to say. Do not try to tell if a woman likes you. All will come and go naturally if you let things be. Be patient and you will soon find out whether or not you are successful at attracting a woman.


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