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10 Easy ways to become your own greatest Enemy

Updated on October 12, 2011

Becoming your own greatest enemy is not hard. In fact, it is one of the easiest things to do in this life and that’s because many people are already doing it on daily basis albeit unconsciously! Just a change in your life perspective here and there and a great personal enemy is born.

So let us get down to business. Let’s see how to become our own greatest enemy. Don’t believe me when I said it is such an easy thing to do? Ok listen, you can easily become your own greatest enemy when…

1. You are so negative minded.

Oh yes, you think it’s not your fault but it is. You are too suspicious, you are so hard to please, and you believe there’s always an ulterior motive in every human act of kindness you see or experience.

And yet, you are still wondering why everything is going not as planned?

Well, what you have failed to see is that the world you see around you i.e. your own world is nothing but a reflection of how you see it, how you want it to be, consciously and even unconsciously.

So what can you do? How can you prevent this anomaly for occurring or continuing as the case might be? Simple, learn to change your mindset. Become positive about this life and the wonderful and surprising things it can offer will immediately start manifesting in your life.

2. You are so hating

You go about hating everything and everybody else. You don’t know it is possible but everybody will most likely hate you back. And there’s no way you can defeat the crowd in this regard so you become the loser once more.

I’ve read somewhere about a class where the teacher asked the students to write the names of those they hated most in the class and when the results came out, it was discovered that those who hated more number of people were themselves hated the most and that’s just the way it is.

Why do you so hate? What makes you think your problem is the biggest or even the first of its kind in this world? You think all these people are the reason for your tribulations? Maybe you don’t know it but the world just don’t care (that much) and nothing could be as terrible as that when you think people notice your sulking only to shockingly discover that you are suffering alone all these while.

Damn! Ok, what should I do?

My friend wake up and drop all that sh*tty behavior and acts which you are always putting up because you are doing yourself so much harm. Decide now to drop that great load of hate. Recognize this fact. It’s such a big burden for just one person like you to carry. That is one way you can start now to desist from being your own greatest/worst enemy if you so choose!

3. You are so impatient

Your watchword is hurry. You are always in a rush. You want it now. You want everything and everybody to do it for you now and you know how to raise hell for everybody is your demand/wish is not granted immediately!

Wow! Take another look at the whole thing once again. Have you ever bothered to ask yourself where you are rushing to? Have you taken the pains to discover the difficult spot you are putting others into by your hasty attitude?

Your problem is impatience. Impatience can lead to a lot of problems, accidents and confusion. It can also cause you a lot of stress if care is not taken but I guess that is not much of a problem for you if you really want to become your own private enemy number one?

When people start to notice that you are so impatient, one of the very first things they will do to you for sure is to start avoiding you by all means. This can also cause a lot of unforeseen problems for you because you may just have to start anew to learn where to find help again, which may not be as interesting as it might sound at first. Others may even go out of their way to frustrate you, if only to teach you a lesson.

How will you feel if the positions are reversed and you are the one being ‘forced’ to take such hasty actions which may or may not be the best action to take at that very moment?

I just have one word for you: always remember that the fattest bone still goes to patient dog.

4. You are a drug addict

When you are a drug addict, I mean a serious drug addict, then you are nothing but just an accident waiting to happen for yourself and for everyone else.

You are hooked and your only hope is just to get your next fix or else…?

Wait! Take another look at your life. You like getting high, I know but why should your precious life be endangered so much because of this hard stuff? Why have you chosen to become such a slave, such a distasteful lowlife because of this disgusting habit? Don’t you see the problem you are causing already to your family and the society in general? Haven’t you realized that you have thrown away lots and lots of money that could have been used for a better and/or healthy purpose?

Please it’s time to call it quits except you are so addicted to having yourself as your own greatest enemy!

5. You shut yourself out from acquiring more knowledge and skills

Knowledge is power even though some people may like it to take it further by saying that it is the application of knowledge that is the actual power. I think they are all correct because the application of knowledge can only be done with the acquisition of the right knowledge and skill/s.

But yet many people still choose ignorance over this form of power. Are you one of them? Why should you decide to shut yourself from getting the right knowledge plus the right skills to enable you become more creative and successful in life?

Our own generation is even in luck because we can now access an amazingly wide range of information which are at our disposal easily with the help of the internet which is always pushing the current rave of the moment - information and communication technology forward in this information age.

Maybe being stereotypic has its own advantage and it might have been working for you I guess, but I still think and strongly believe it is better for any individual who really wants to survive in our fast changing world of today to wake up now to the realities of our time and focus on the acquisition of the right knowledge and skills.

6. You are so vindictive

You don’t have a forgiving heart. You are always wanting to revenge because it gives you so much pleasure to repay evil with evil, right?

I won’t deny it. Revenge is so sweet, I know it. The satiating feeling that comes with it cannot be explained in full, it can only be experienced…

But there is a very terrible problem associated with vindictiveness.

First, it is one very sure fire way of getting hypertensive. This is because until you get your revenge, you are not going to be yourself. You are always thinking and plotting on how to deliver or execute that perfect payback time. But do you know that also means no more peace of mind for you? All you have now is stress and more stress because your disrupted blood circulation is no longer normal.

Listen let me tell you some other interesting point I have also discovered even though you may not find it so easy to believe. Do you believe that the joy of forgiveness is far much greater than the pleasure of revenging? When you forgive, you cast away all those terrible burden of hate and feeling of remorse all at once. You body and spirit awakens as you brighten up and that’s because you are now ready to mend fences and make friends…

The vindictive person will NEVER get to know and feel this.

7. You don’t want to give yourself some rest

You don’t see any reason why you should take some time off to rest. You believe in firing on because that is one sure way to be effective as well as achieve success faster.

But, wait a minute! What kind of success will that be? Don’t you think you are forgetting something very important? The human body also functions like a machine. It needs rest to save if from the daily subjected tears and wears. It needs refreshing and adequate maintenance to keep it in top shape and prevent it from complete or irreparable breakdown.

This is what you are denying your body when you decide NOT to rest.

So you better know it now, that if you don’t rest, one way or the other you might still take that rest, either on the hospital bed or worse still, you might just end up resting in peace…

8. You are a sadist

You just want people to suffer. When others suffer, your energy increases and you feel happy because of the pain, suffering and humiliation you have inflicted upon them.

The unforeseen problem here is that others might just start dishing it back to you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Trust people! They will also seriously hate you or even plot against you when they eventually find out that you are only interested in giving them hell…

9. You are too pompous

Sh*t! You are always feeling “too big” and as much you want everyone else to know it and accord you with that respect you think you deserve.

Sorry. One thing you must know, people don’t usually have that kind of time these days anyway. You may be too important to your employees, co-workers, family members and neighbors but that is just about it. These people may just be under some form of compulsion or obligation to recognize your self-importance and that’s all. Others who are not so committed will just simply deride you.

If you then expect everyone you come across to accord you with that similar behavior all the time, then I am afraid to say it but you are now seriously delusional.

And what can be worse than that?

10. You fail to activate the Law of Attraction for your own benefit

The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives those things, those types of people that we think about the most. The law says that we are all responsible for whatever happens to us in our lives simply because we attract those things into our lives knowingly and unknowingly! But it doesn’t stop there…

For whatever we want to materialize in the physical, law of attraction advocates tell us that we also have to feel it as if it has already happened. Proponents of this powerful law make us to understand that this law of attraction is working all the time whether we are aware of it or not. The identified problem now is that many people are lost in the maze of thinking about what they want the most…mainly in the negative and lo and behold the negative thoughts become negative things and manifest in their lives!

The best way to go about this very powerful law is to first of all determine what you really want and then focus your thoughts on that very thing and the universe will surprisingly respond by providing you with all the ideas, circumstances and coincidences that will make your dreams come true. I know this is quite strange but then this world/universe is very strange in that it will continue to supply you with that which you think and feel about the most even if you fail to recognize that you are responsible for that very creation.

Well, that’s it. Those are some of the easiest ways to accomplish the simple task of becoming your own greatest enemy but let me tell you something else...

I believe you must heard that NO knowledge is good or bad? The “danger” in acquiring knowledge can only come from what you do with it. So by hinting on how to become one’s own greatest enemy, I am invariably trying to tell you the simplest things to do to make you your own greatest friend.

And the earlier you know this, the better for you and for the people you love. In fact, the better for everyone else on the planet!


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    • NC4Life078 profile image


      6 years ago from United States of America

      This is a great hub! It intrigued me to a degree that no other hub has for it was creative and intuitive. I am going to look forward to seeing what other hubs you have written here on Hub Pages.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Exactly, MsDora! Thanks for stopping by.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Wow! It is easy to fall victim to any of these dangerous mindsets. Thanks for making us aware.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you so much Amymarie. You really got the message.

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      Amy DeMarco 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      Everything you wrote here is so true. Once you become a positive person and treat others the way you would like to be treated, your outlook changes. We create our own happiness. Voted up.


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