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how to build a good relationship with a mechanic

Updated on December 2, 2010


It is always possible that car owners will take their car to mechanic for repair, but good mechanic requires searching. Some customers refer mechanic who are sincere to their friends, co-workers and family. They are always careful to know who handle their car. On other hand, auto technicians are car owners who know what it takes to maintain a car. If a car owner discover a reliable auto technician it is always rewarding, and when he build a good relationship with the auto technician both will enjoy the relationship. The following are what a car owner should do to build a harmonious relationship with a mechanic.

 Be Faithful: when you as a car owner, finds a good mechanic, do not shop around but be faithful to him. If a good auto technician understands your loyalty, he will give you quality service. In some cases, the auto technician may waive minor fees or give you special incentives for your loyalty.

 Show Confidence: it is possible for your auto technician to identify a problem when he is repairing an obvious one, if he informs you of the problem, do not be defensive .If you know your auto technician well, you should have confidence in what he has told you. It is clear that you will be angry after your auto technician has just finished repairing your car to discover a problem which you think he should have discovered.

  Be the first to maintain your car: Good auto technicians do not enjoy greatly telling their customers that they require expensive work to repair, but they like customers that get their regularly scheduled maintenance done, which include oil changes, tune –ups “EFI clearing etc .These services are helpful to your car and add years to your car’s life .They often result in better gas mileage and at the same time give your mechanic the opportunity to look your car over consistently. It is also wise to detect your faults in your car early in other to lower repair bills.

 Be sincere with your problems: Your mechanic is always happy if you tell him the truth about the problem of your car. However, most people think that telling mechanics the truth of the problem of their car result in expensive bills. It is not wise to hide any problem of your car to a mechanic. When the mechanic discovers that there are fault in your car which you have hidden from him it may result in additional cost or it may result incomplete or improper repair. Thus, be thorough when you are explaining your car problem to a mechanic. Sharing everything you know about your car may even result in honest repair bills.

 Understand that mechanics are human: As you know that mechanics are human tell, your mechanic what you have done with your car. if another mechanic has done repair on your car before you bring the car to him let him know. If you notice any strange noise, fluid under your car, running problems, tell your auto technician when you bring the car in.

 Have enough gasoline in your tank. When you are to bring your car to an auto technician’s shop, ensure that you have enough gas in you tank. Nothing upsets a mechanic more than to see a car without a gasoline when he wants to test drive the car.

 Have realistic expectation: You should know that your mechanic can do no miracles. If you bring a car to him, it is expected that he repairs the fault and not to make a new car. But if you expect a mechanic to make a brand new car as he finishes repairing your car, your expectation is not realistic.

 Refer friends: You can refer your friends, business associates to the garage of your mechanic. Since you have known that your auto technician always offers quality service to you, you can compliment his good work by referring people you know that need the service of a good mechanic

 Appreciate your mechanic: when a mechanic did a good job, send notes to his boss (the service manager) if he has, or you can call him on phone to appreciate him for what he has done or you can send an email or a letter to him. In this way the mechanic will feel you are grateful for the good job he has done and next time he will do more.

  Send gift to your mechanic: If you are dropping off your car it is worth doing to consider bringing some donut or other sort of food item or a good gift to your mechanic at the shop. In doing this, it can go along way towards establishing a good relationship with him.

Go for a test drive with your mechanic: when you want to check your car, request that the auto technician goes for a test drive with you. This will give you a chance to talk with the technician about the problem of your car

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