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how to captivate a man

Updated on July 18, 2015

70% of the time men operate on autopilot, which means they are just going through the motions.

This is especially true if they've been in a long-term relationship and the romance has lost its spark.

Men are very attentive when their goal is to capture the attention of a woman, but when the chase is over understanding the psychological dynamics of a man can be beneficial.

To captivate a man and maintain his interest, there are a couple of things you should know.

First, as a woman, you must maintain a sense of independence to a certain degree.

This has to be a balancing act of sorts, because men also like being needed.

Establishing your independence while at the same time making him feel needed is tricky, but understanding how to do this reaps substantial rewards.

Men love women who can stand on their own, however, overly independent women are a big turn off.

Overly needy women will not cut the mustard either.

Some women may have reached the point where they don't feel like they need a man.

Men can pick up this sentiment very quickly.

Some men will see this as a challenge while others will not waste their time.

Those who seek to conquer this quest, many times only do so for only one reason.

A delicate balance between being both vulnerable and independent is key.

Why Do Men Cater To Her

Have you ever wondered why some women always seem to land the guy who caters to their every need, while other women struggle to get a man?

This does not happen by chance!

There is information that one woman knows that the other doesn't.

There are reasons why the same man will be loyal to one woman and unfaithful to the other.

Understanding the delicate balance will make a man fall deeply in love with you.

Every woman wants the loyalty and admiration of her man!

To captivate a man is a true balancing act and women who understand this have men who want nothing more than to give them the world..


Tips To Attract Men

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    • worldonedigital profile image

      Clay Brooks 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Well said nanswers... however, most would agree that many of the things mentioned in the article support common human behavior.

    • worldonedigital profile image

      Clay Brooks 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I believe it is a delicate balance Shelia. Mature men are genuinely looking for Love, but there are many things to consider before choosing to spend a lifetime with someone.

    • worldonedigital profile image

      Clay Brooks 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I'm not sure if men prefer women who reduce themselves to get a man Nefateria, but I am sure if that is the case this arrangement probably won't last very long.

    • profile image

      nanswers 6 years ago

      some agree, in my opinion, case by case, a answer can't solve all questions. Man's feature is changed person by person.

    • profile image

      Shelia 6 years ago

      I would have to agree to disagree with this thought. I believe that when you’re in a relationship there are these two thoughts….women go through it hoping that he would change and men go through it hoping that we never change and because of that men tend to take us for granted. I believe that a woman is to be a help mate, and that there is no such thing as overly independent either you’re dependent or you’re independent and if a woman is in a relationship and she has a man that is strong enough to lead her than she will follow suit, but on the other hand if that man falls short then we will definitely take on the position of the leader. I don’t believe that a woman draws a man to cheat….lets be real, cheating is an act of selfishness and that’s a characteristic that is instilled in that person for whatever reason but don’t make excuses why you do the things that you do and take some responsibility for it and stop trying to pin it on your mate. When you’re in relationship it’s no longer you, it’s we…so if you’re not ready to handle the responsibility of that than move around don’t bring anyone in your immature ways and expect someone to just sit there and except it…final thought: everyone wants to be in a relationship ,wants to feel needed, wants the privilege of saying you have someone, but someone please tell me how do you STAY in a relationship….inquiring minds wants too know….

    • profile image

      Nefateria Currie 7 years ago

      I find that to be so true. Men really do have to feel needed.Here it is I'm a women who work,cook,clean and much much more.The women who depend on a man for everything has a man its sad to say u have to reduce yourself to get a man.