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How To Choose Soul Mate

Updated on March 6, 2010

How To Find Your Spouse?

Everyone who is planning to get married dreams for the perfect spouse or at least a near perfect one.This is so because marital happiness depends on getting the right life partner. Though there are many options,the best one is through dating services.If you want to find your love|spouse|soul mate through dating relationships you must plan your steps before hand.

Your first step should be to make sure that you are ready for marriage.Ask yourself some questions and seek answers from your heart.Do you have any addiction issues? Do you have any physical or mental problems?Are you financially secure to set up a family?Will your marriage affect your present dependents in any way?If you have these problems you must sort them out first before trying to find your spouse|love|soul mate so that you are prepared well for your marriage.

The qualities of an ideal spouse are humbleness,truthfulness,strength of character,mutual respect,open mind,honesty.The spouse should be free of any addiction issues.It is also important to have a healthy body and mind.It is unrealistic to expect to get an ideal perfect spouse but at least it should be somewhere near to it.Minor faults can be overlooked because everyone has them.You must plan your every step before trying to find your love|spouse|soul mate through dating relationships.

Another important requirement is that the they should be physically attractive to each other.Physical attraction is important for marital relationship in the beginning which matures into a true selfless love in due course.They also should have mental compatibility.Their likes should be similar,not conflicting.

There are many dating services that do a good job.Select one of the reputed agencies and join.Fill up your profile fully and honestly.Inform them about your expectation how your would be spouse should be regarding appearance,color,height,weight,qualification etc.You also should write about your strong and weak points.Do not hide anything because it is the right thing to do and also because it will be known anyway when you date your spouse.When you disclose your weak points frankly,you gain the trust of your spouse.It will also encourage your spouse to open up building mutual trust.

After going through your profile carefully,the dating service will start sending information regarding suitable matches to you.Study them fully and choose the profile that suits you the most and ask for a date.It may be accepted if the other party likes your profile and shows interest in you.

Learn about dating precautions to be observed.Remember,the person whom you are about to date is unknown to you.So it is necessary for you to take some precautions to safeguard yourself in case your date turns out to be a crook or a criminal.Do not give your personal information till you are satisfied about the bona fides of your date.Do not choose a lonely place for the meeting.

When you are searching to find your soul mate|love|spouse,there are some important points to remember.You must exercise care when choosing your soul mate before the marriage.Date at least for six months before deciding to marry.Do not be swayed by physical attraction alone.Look for the inner beauty and strength of character. This is so because you are choosing a person to live with may be for the rest of your life.Your choice will decide whether you will have a happy married life or not.

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