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How to Get a Roommate

Updated on April 30, 2015

Should I Get a Roommate?

Why should I get a roommate? Being single during this hard economic time can be quite difficult especially if you have just moved out from your parent's or relatives house after getting a new job or just starting college. You need to be able to take care of your expenses and the best option is finding a roommate. Getting someone to cope with and understand can be a challenge especially on the part of sharing expenses. Sure, a roommate sounds like a great idea but you need to be protected to get the best out of this marriage of convenience. Below are some tips on how to choose a roommate. The question is how to get a good roommate?

Getting a roommate Rule #1: Write an agreement

Being friends or in this case roommates is to become responsible. Moving in together is not a guarantee that you will cope and to cement your relationship, you need to have a document showing your responsibilities. A written contract should take care of this and should cover your terms and expectations.

Sample this; an ideal contract should cover the amount of rent each is to pay including all relevant utilities, when the amounts are to be paid (exact date), the exact amount to be paid by each of you and emergency funds to be set aside. This should be 50/50 sharing arrangement. This is the best way to get a roommate that you can always count on and a pal.

Getting a roommate Rule #2: Do a Credit Check

Irrespective of whether your roommate is an old friend of yours, let them produce a copy of their credit reports and ensure that they do not have a bad credit history and that they have been paying their rent among other utility bills. If your roommate to be has had bad debts and you want to keep him or her as a roommate, request for a three months upfront payment. If they are not willing, look for another roommate before you look for a room to rent.

Getting a Roommate Rule#3 Personality Conflict Management

People have unique personalities which to some extent have similarities. The best way to find a roommate who is compatible is analyzing you self first. If you are the indoor kind of a person who likes reading and watching movies, you cannot cope with a party animal. The roommate choice should be a person you share most traits with. Cohabiting can be stressful if you do not follow this simple rule.

Getting a Roommate Rule #5: Set Guest Rules

Having guest once in a while for all parties is not a big issue as roommate but when this becomes a daily occurrence, it urns out to be a problem. Dating is allowed but come-we-stay situations are unacceptable and when this happens, communication for a happy ending is essential.

If an extra party must move in, then all the above rules will apply to him or her. Living with a roommate is a way of lessening your financial burden and needs to be a win-win situation and as much as possible strive to be comfortable and happy and your roommate will follow your example.

I do hope these 'how to get a good roommate tips' will make you distinguish between a friend and a roommate before you even settle on a room to rent and that they are the best way to find a roommate.

Do Your Own Self Evaluation

When it was that roommate relationships, you also need to evaluate how you relate with others that you share a room with. You could be the problem without knowing. If you are looking for a person to share everything with all the time, you might be the problem and a non biased evaluation in essential. It is important to treat others the way you want to be treated while defining what to share and what is personal.


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