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How to Get Free Match Dating Site Months Added to Subscription

Updated on January 14, 2015

Introduction to Free Match Membership

I'll be honest and upfront on this, you'll need to be a current member of to have a shot at this offer. Also, there is no guarantee that you'll get free months added to your Match dating site subscription. That said, I've been on and off Match a number of times and just about every time I do this, I am offered some additional months for free to my membership.

If you have canceled your subscription before, you probably already know the answer to how to get a free offer from Match. If that is the case, technically you could stop reading now, but I'd really, really like it if you took the time to read the whole article, or at least check out one of my other articles linked at the end of this page :-)

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Check The Status of Your Membership

The first thing you'll want to do is review the status of your membership. That is, you want to find out how much more time you have left on your membership. If you have not done this before or if you are new to Match, this is a good thing to do once in a while whether you are looking for a freebee or not. The reason you want to keep on top of this is that Match won't tell you if your subscription is ending, they'll just let your membership automatically renew and charge your credit card again.

So check your subscription status. To do this you'll need to review your "account settings"

Match isn't stupid. They want you to forget and renew. This is why reviewing your subscription status takes a number of steps. I could write a whole article on this topic, and did. If you are not sure about this part, check out my article. I linked it at the bottom of this page.

Is Your Membership Status Coming to an End Soon?

If your membership is not ending anytime soon, say within a month, you probably don't need to do anything yet. After all, you might find the love of your life in the next month and no longer need to subscribe to an online dating service.

OK, call me a dreamer :-)

If your membership is ending soon. You may actually get a shot at some free months added to your account. But you'll need to cancel your membership to find out.

Don't be afraid of canceling. As of the date of this article, when you cancel your membership, they'll still keep your account open until your subscription runs out so don't worry about losing precious emails or not getting new emails. You'll still get them until your membership expiration date.

Canceling your Match account might not be easy for everyone. As I said before, Match isn't stupid. Sure, they could put a big "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION NOW" button on their webpage for all to see, but then that might encourage people to close their account. They want to keep you as a paying customer. There are a number of steps to go through to actually cancel your membership. The steps are very similar to checking your account status. If you are not sure how to cancel, check out the post ("Don't Know How To Cancel Your Subscription Status) I linked at the bottom of this article.

While You Cancel, Match might "Negotiate"

While you are canceling your account Match might "Negotiate" a bit with you. No guarantees they will, but most of the times I have canceled match will offer you a month or some months for free. You'll still have to finish out your current paid subscription but they might throw you extra time at no charge.

Basically, you'll go through the cancellation process (that I describe in the "Don't Know How to Cancel Your Match Membership?" post I've linked at the bottom of this article) and you'll eventually get to a survey part where you tell why you are canceling. I don't know if your answer has any influence on the 'offer' they make you or not. I answered "Too Busy" and they made me an offer of extra months free for one additional month payment.

Keep in mind, you'll still need to finish out your current paid subscription, but the website might give you a message like "Hey! Didn't find love? Let us give you two months for the price of one!" Or something like that. In other words, when you finish your paid subscription, if you decide right there not to cancel, you'll pay for an additional month and Match will give you two months free (or one month or several days or whatever the offer is at that time).

Great Gift For Loved One, Friend or Anyone!!

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That is About It

This is good to keep in mind if you are someone who has been letting Match automatically renew your subscription for a long time. Instead of automatically renewing, try canceling. After all, you are probably going to renew anyway, by canceling you might get an offer from Match that you would not normally see.

If you don't get the 'free months' you hoped for you can always start your subscription again. Canceling doesn't mean you lose your profile. You can cancel and start up again seamlessly.

I hope that helps to save you some money on internet dating sites.

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