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How to Get Your Ex Back | Relationship Advice for Men & Women

Updated on September 16, 2013
Have No Clue on How to Get Your Ex Back?
Have No Clue on How to Get Your Ex Back? | Source

Clueless on What to Do?

When you decided to go along your separate ways, probably by then, you would have never even thought of being concerned again about how to get your ex back. After your anger and hurtful feelings vanished, you won’t even remember whose idea it was and how the breakup happened. The only thing now you know is that, you really want to get your ex back into your life and spend each second together like you did in the old days. But the only problem is, you have no idea where to start and what to do. Today, I am going to address your call for help and share some tips about what you should do and what to avoid when trying to win your ex back. And please note that, I have mainly address Men through this hub, but it doesn't mean that there is any difference for women when trying to win their ex back. Everyone should try to stick to the following advises, which will ultimately make your him or her return to your life and never leave again...

It won't be That easy to get Your Ex Back
It won't be That easy to get Your Ex Back

Flowers and Gifts won’t Do the Trick

Since you have broken up and considering the time you both spent alone, there is a chance that she had already lost the feeling of attraction which she had for you. So just by sending flowers and gifts, expecting she would come back won’t work at all. She won’t even consider about coming back and start over with you unless she somehow gets that feeling back, which you two shared when things were all good. So to get your ex back, you would have to do much better than trying to impress her with flowers or gifts. Whatever you give her, she is not that dumb to believe you have changed just like that and change the way how she sees you.

Don't go Begging. Be a Man!
Don't go Begging. Be a Man!

Don’t Be a Pushover

Sometimes she might have complained that you were too bossy during your relationship. But that doesn't imply she needs someone who won’t be strong enough to stand up to her and accept whatever she says. And remember, silly actions like, threatening to jump off a bridge or swearing to suicide if she doesn't take you back will never make you get your ex back.

Some Tips to Find Out What Impresses Your Ex the Most

  • Go through Your Texts - Find What She Liked Most.
  • Remind What She Recently Loved to Talk About.
  • Remind What Qualities she admired Most in You
  • Ask from her Friends what she's up-to lately.

It could have been something you personally hate to do kept your ex happiest of all!
It could have been something you personally hate to do kept your ex happiest of all!

Forget the Past – Think Recent

When you search for advices about how to get your ex back, obviously, you might have found loads of people advising about the importance of discovering every little bit of information regarding what you had together in the beginning of the relationship. They say that, if you find them and apply them all over again, that will bring your ex back to you. But the truth is, everyone change over time and whatever the reason she admired most about you at first may be more of an annoying quality at the present than something she finds attractive in you. So instead of thinking way back, concentrate on things that she has mentioned or responded to in a more positive way recently. Chemistry is one of the most significant facts to help you in getting your ex back in your life. When you start to dig along her hints, you will see that most of the impressive things which you can do to win her back are the things that you see as insignificant.

Stalking Would Even Make You End Up in Jail!

Avoid Stalking

Don’t transform yourself into a frantic stalker. You will never get your ex back by chasing her wherever she goes or calling her every five minutes. Instead, accept the fact that she has her own life and right to make her own decisions. So if she ever decides to come back to you, let that be her decision to make. You can only give your ex reasons to come back; harassment won’t convince her to do so.

Instead of Making Her Jealous, it will make her feel that You Never Cared that Much for her
Instead of Making Her Jealous, it will make her feel that You Never Cared that Much for her

Making her Jealous – Dumbest thing to do!

You will never ever get your ex back by using jealousy! Actually, it is one of the worst things you can do – making her even go away from you. If you plan to take some other woman out on a date and send the gossip to all of your mutual friends, thinking your ex will come back running after she hears it – remember, those only happens in bedtime dreams! This will make sure to convey your message saying, you didn’t care much for her in the first place.

Some Proffessional Advises to Cope With Breakups

Ask for Professional Help

It’s not babyish or unmanly thing to get professional help when needed. Usually men hate the idea of going to counselling as it stands against their manhood to let someone else provide solutions to their problems for them. If you are truly want to know how to get your ex back and desperate enough to do anything to make her come back, then forget those foolish principles and be open to counselling. After you're actually experience it, you will understand, counselling is the only way to obtain different perspectives about how to make things better, feeding you with knowledge and wisdom that you would never otherwise have.

If You Have NO IDEA How to Sincerely Apologize - Watch This

Who Should Be Blamed For Your Breakup?

See results

Accept Your Faults

If you are the one who should be blamed for the break-up, you must apologize sincerely for hurting your ex and leaving her alone. This genuine move of yours will surely take you farther than anything else you can say or do. An honest apology is something more than just the two little words - “I’m Sorry”. It should include a complete reasoning about why you are sorry, making her feel that you know how much your behaviour has hurt her. This will ensure that you will never drag her into that position and hurt her ever again. But if you truly don’t feel sorry for what happened between you two, unless you are a Hollywood actor, don’t try to fake the apology just hoping get your ex back. Because, in front of women, all men are bad liars!

Follow these Advises Perfectly and Make Your Ex Return to Your Life!
Follow these Advises Perfectly and Make Your Ex Return to Your Life!

These are some of the basic, but most crucial facts that you should follow while trying to get your ex back in your life. And depending on how the breakup occurred between you two, either you may be able get your ex back sooner or later, otherwise you will have to accept that the breakup is for your own good. However, the reason for me to share these information with you is that, a thoughtful and a well organized approach towards solving a problem always benefits you with a higher chance to succeeding than doing anything reckless and making things even worse…

Disclaimer: All the videos displayed on this page belong to their respective uploaders and shared for informational purposes only.

© 2013 ~Pan Tak~


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      ~Pan Tak~ 3 years ago from EarthRealm

      Thanks sohaibasif!

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      Sohaib Asif 3 years ago from Karachi,Pakistan

      Nice article. The bottom line is move on !