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Simple Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend

Updated on February 25, 2015

What Are the Ways to Impress a Girl?

Impressing women isn't rocket science - it's way easier to sweep her off her feet than you might think. Ladies are impressed by simplicity and thoughtfulness, and here I'll show you some simple ways to impress a girl.

Winning her over is only the first step in a relationship: the real challenge is keeping her interest throughout the entire ride.

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Show her your good side and stay classy.
Show her your good side and stay classy.

Drop the "Swag" and Enroll in Class

An Investment Worth Making

Alright. You may have taken the time to get to know your woman, but if your attitude changes as soon as you get the girl, you're outta luck. Seriously.

When she's around, treat her like a queen. Some easy things that anyone can do are:

  • Pull out chairs for her, whether you're in public or not - it's not about your image, it's about her. Women notice small things like this, and take note of every kind action you do.
  • Refer to her in a respectable way - again, whether in public, with friends, or anywhere! Don't refer to her as anything derogatory ever. And I mean that. If she finds out that you call her your "trash" when you talk about her to your friends, she will be thoroughly unimpressed.
  • Tend to her needs. If she's thirsty, don't wait for her to ask you to get her a drink - take initiative and show that you're in sync with her.

Craig Ferguson and his dashing good looks.
Craig Ferguson and his dashing good looks.

Look the Part

Impress Her With Your Appearance

Looking good to impress your girlfriend is a great way to get her going. This can be done two separate ways: with your body and with your style. Both have their own advantages, and can really impress anyone, as well as boost your own confidence.

Making your body look good is a good first step, as it's free if you use plyometrics, and easy to do if you already own a few free weights. It only takes a few moments to check AskMen or Men's Health to find a new workout to tone those calves you've been neglecting (c'mon, I know you've been putting them off). Working out just a couple times a week will show some great improvements in your body that your girlfriend will notice - remember that they notice subtle changes - and will see as you making an effort to impress.

The other more obvious way to impress her is with your style. Below I've listed a few things that I think will add class and charm to any man's wardrobe, and doesn't cost a pretty penny.

Add These Classy Items to Your Wardrobe - You're Sure to Look Good

It doesn't take much to impress your girl. These simple additions will go a long way.

Men's Stainless Steel Rectangular Cuff Links
Men's Stainless Steel Rectangular Cuff Links

Cuff links are an easy, cheap way to add class and reuse to your old suit. A simple, stainless steel cuff link matches nearly any suit/tie combination and shows sophistication.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Classic Tie Clip,Metallic Silver,One Size
Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Classic Tie Clip,Metallic Silver,One Size

A silver tie clip is great - especially when paired with matching cuff links like the ones above. A tie clip shows that you know how to behave at a dinner party - a definite plus for any man.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Waldorf Reversible Leather Belt,Black/Brown,36
Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Waldorf Reversible Leather Belt,Black/Brown,36

Buying a reversible leather belt is almost always a good idea - it's a two-for-one investment. Purchase two separate pairs of shoes to match either side, and you have all you need.

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Full Zip Argyle Cardigan Logo Sweater - M - Gray/White
Tommy Hilfiger Mens Full Zip Argyle Cardigan Logo Sweater - M - Gray/White

The priciest item on the list, but I would argue is also the best investment. A good zip-up sweater goes a long way, especially if you can get a couple of undershirt/tie combinations to go along with it.

A thoughtful gift goes a long way.
A thoughtful gift goes a long way.

Show Her You Care

With Thoughtful Gifts and Actions

She come over after work and tells you her back hurts, her feet ache, and she could really use a bath. Rather than replying with your own problems, act! This is a prime opportunity to score huge points and knock her socks off!

If your girlfriend is feeling under the weather, show up to her place and cook her a pot of soup. If she's achy, give her a massage. None of this really requires any effort, yet these are the things that form a long, lasting relationships.

As an incentive, I've included a brilliant gift idea that you can give your girlfriend anytime - Valentine's day, your anniversary, or even just after a date. Trust me - this is an easy and thoughtful way to impress her.

The Best Gift to Impress Your Girlfriend - And for Less Than $10!

Sure, you can impress a girl with a $15,000 ring, but spending money like that is ridiculous. If you're looking to impress your girlfriend without breaking the bank, this is what you need. This gift is a home run every time- it shows that you're willing to bend on hand and knee and that you really care about her needs. Don't pass up on this opportunity!

The Romantic Coupon Book
The Romantic Coupon Book

The Romantic Coupon Book is a man's best friend - they're a cheap, simple gift that does more than say "look honey, I spent a lot of money!" Giving these as a gift shows that you're really dedicated to her and that you're synced to her needs. For only $7, how can you possibly go wrong?


Are You Paying Attention?

Above is the easiest, simplest way to impress your girlfriend, and it only costs $7.00. You're crazy to pass it up!

Keep it in Moderation - Like All Good Things, There is a Balance to Maintain

Balance is key in a relationship.
Balance is key in a relationship.

Show her that you care, but don't be overbearing. If you've just gotten together, don't come over every day or offer to meet her parents. Let things come naturally, and don't go overboard.

For example, if you want to change your style, don't buy a completely new wardrobe overnight. Make a conscious effort to find clothes that are more flattering to your body type and bring out your best features when you go shopping. If you show up to a date in a crispy new suit with cuff links, alligator shoes and a cane, you might think you look great - but if you usually wear a hoodie and sweats, your girlfriend will think you're playing some kind of prank.

All in all - stay in character. That is, don't change who you are completely to impress your girlfriend, just put a little bit more thought into the things you usually take for granted.

Want to use these skills?

Use the tips from this lens while on creative dates like these!

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A Final Note:

If all else fails, just be yourself. There's a reason that she started dating you in the first place - don't change into someone you're not.

Do you agree with what I've said here? Do you disagree? Do you have any suggestions? Voice your opinions here!

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    • TheMinuteIdea LM profile image

      TheMinuteIdea LM 

      6 years ago

      This is a great lens, always nice to be reminded and also get some great tips. It's so easy to take our girlfriend for granted which is never good. Treat them like the amazing people they are in your life.


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