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Girls Love Talking to Me... They Say I Sound Like Gerald Butler....ain't kidding!

Updated on October 17, 2016
Gerard Butler (his voice is sexy, don't you agree?)
Gerard Butler (his voice is sexy, don't you agree?)

One of the things that man can show his masculine is none other than his voice. Some people say that how one sounds is not important, is the figure and the handsome look. Well, do you have any friends that have great bodies but not good sounding voice; I mean those 'chicky' high pitched sound.

Ask them how women react when the open their mouths? I bet most will lose interest and find ways to get away. Having a deep voice is what make you special, the kind of man that dominates with his voice and not his figure. Have you heard Obama spoke? That's how he become the most powerful person in the world!

You might be wondering 'how to make your voice deeper' now, don't you? Well, there are actually two ways:

  1. voice lowering surgery
  2. train your voice

The first option is totally out of question as surgery will always come with risk and the risk is having your voice damaged permanently and not to mention that it is extremely costly.

The second option on the other hand is a more natural way, you deepen your voice through consistent training and which make it a part of your speaking habits.

Deepen Your Voice
Deepen Your Voice

Before we look into how to deepening your voice, let's learn the process of how your voice is produced.

Inside your throat, there is an organ known as Larynx and its main function is none other to producing sound when you speak.

To perform that function, it houses your vocal folds, which is known as vocal chords. So when vibrations happen in your vocal folds, pitch will be produced.

The pitch varies depending on the length of your vocal folds and the tension caught in them. Males normally have longer vocal folds with little tension and that's why a deepened voice could be produced. That's also the reason why during a duet, the male will sing at a lower pitch while the female will sing at a higher pitch. It will definitely hard for both of them to switch places.

Now, to make your voice sounds deeper, you must learn how to lengthen your vocal folds and reducing the tension in the vocal chords. There are two groups of muscles that control them, Cricothyroid muscles and Vocalis muscles. And the fastest way to deepen your speaking voice is to release the tension that exist in your vocal chords.

The muscle that control your vocal chords (cricothyroid and vocalis ) can easily be conditioned and trained to relax and reverberate deeply. And learning how to control these muscle groups will enable you to control your voice deliberately and hence, your male dominance.

As mentioned before, a person can undergo a surgery for voice transformation but that is strictly not recommended; why want to hurt yourself with no guarantee of 100% success. There are techniques that you can use to loosen up your vocal folds by repeatedly producing certain sounds and working out both the muscles groups.

Doing this will train your muscles to familiar with the new amounts of tension (much lower than before) and once these muscles have tuned to the change, you vocal chords will lengthen and have less tension in them. This of course will eventually deepen your voice.

How to Make Your Voice Deeper

Vin Diesel (he got a deep voice that every man envies)
Vin Diesel (he got a deep voice that every man envies)

Here's are few tips that you can use to make your voice sounds deeper:

  1. Practice deep breathing. Most people tend to have shallow breathing and this is not good for the body and of course your voice. Your voice is produced by a combination organs. Your lungs and your diaphragm push the air, which meets the vocal chords, and they all together start a series of vibrations. You are more clam and speak clearly when you deep breathe and since there's less stress, you voice will sound more bass. Have you been in the situation where you are hurried or panic, how did you sound?
  2. Exercise your voice. You can practice humming or singing in the deepest tone your can manage. Push a note down from time to time until you reach the threshold. However, don't try so hard as it will damage your voice permanently. Do it slowly few times a day for weeks.
  3. Relax as often as you can. When you're stressed, you will make your whole body tense and which including your vocal chords too. This will lead to your speaking voice with a higher pitch. Loose, relaxed vocal chords produce deeper reverberations within the chest and a deeper sound in your voice. Stress make your vocal chords tight and hence, higher pitch. It's just like how the guitar string works. Make it tight and the tone goes higher and if you make it loose, the tone goes down.
  4. Always have the habit of speaking slowly. You can practice while holding your head up and projecting your voice from your chest. This will allow your voice to travel further and reach out without any extra effort on your part. And while you speak slowly, you will not force your vocal chords to work hard and which will produced quirky or chicky sounding.
  5. You can also strengthen your neck muscle by doing the appropriate exercise. When your neck muscle is strong enough to hold it by itself, it won't need to rely on the internal vocal folds muscles. This will reduce the stress and hence it will loosen up.

I hope those few tips can help you to gain a more deep sounding voice that attracts every girl you meet. Although is not the ultimate attraction but it definitely plays one of the most important ones. Obama uses his voice so that the whole world listen but you use yours to command all the girls!

Deep Voice Epic Fails (this is funny...)

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    Observer 6 years ago

    Um, you're right about the advantages of deepening your voice, but Obama got his through years of smoking (which is the third method for doing this, but also not recommended).