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Top Places to Meet Women

Updated on May 12, 2013

There are many ways (and places) to meet single (and eligible) women. And this does not have to be meeting women online. I have no offense to anyone who has met a women (or man) on Eharmony or Online relationships are a multi-million dolllar industry and it is very successful.

Let’s see how we can meet single women offline. In order to do this, you will need an open mind, a little bit of luck, and bring your A-game to the table. Just a disclaimer before we begin. No matter how smooth you are with your words (or swag), if a woman does not want to hook up or date or is just not interested, there isn’t much you can do. That’s why we ask for you to keep an open mind. Not all women are the same, but this guide can help you and give you pointers as to where to meet women.

Keep in mind, you can meet women almost anywhere. The key is to not try hard just for the simple notion that you want to hook up. Most women can see that you’re trying too hard and will play harder to get in that situation. Also, you simply can’t just be “looking for love.” By doing that, you’ll only be disappointing yourself should you fail at picking up women.

Remember this FIRST

When going to these places, you’ll always want to remember a few things:

1. Give her the impression that you mean no harm and will not hurt her. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Women need to feel comfortable and secure.

2. Sincerely compliment her. Tell her you like (name a body part) and sincerely mean what you say. I’d avoid complimenting her breasts or butt. Even though you’re attracted to them (of course what man isn’t, right?) don’t go telling her this when making your first impression. My recommendation is to compliment her hair or her eyes. Why? Because a woman’s eyes tell many things. It tells her excitement, disgust, apprehension, etc. Women also love their hair. They work hard to keep their hair nice. Compliment those two things, and you’ll be safe.

3. Get to the point and get it over with. After your compliment, ask her, “As I was walking by here (or if you’re standing in line, or whatever, place an appropriate reason here) I couldn’t help but notice how attractive you are. Your eyes are so beautiful.” Wait for the response. It could be a simple “thank you” or “what?” or “i’m taken, jerk.” If the response is positive, ask “are you single by any chance?” If she says anything other than “no,” you’re safe. Continue on and introduce who you are. If she does say “no,” then.....

4. Handle the rejection quickly and well. Then move on. Do not, under any circumstances, yell back at the woman. We need to be classy here. Just say, “oh wow, lucky person. Have a great day,” and move on. Rejection will come and is absolutely natural.

The first set of places are called “by chance” places. They can also be places where you may only have one chance to meet a woman depending on the day and time.

Walking down the street

Walking down the street is a great place to meet women. However, it doesn’t give you much opportunity to start a conversation. Generally, they’re walking to get somewhere, and might be bothered if you come up to them and start a conversation. You’ll have to be really bold to do this, or come up with something really interesting as a hook to make her stop and talk to you.

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters may sound like a weird place to meet women, but it’s actually a great place. Not all couples see movies. There are many single women out there who will see a movie alone.
Strategy-Scope out a single woman in a row. Approach and ask if any of the seats in the row are being reserved, if she says “no” proceed with sitting at least one seat away from her. Before the movie starts, you could do small talk with her. Perhaps as if she’s seen the movie before, if she has seen the series of that movie, is there a favorite actor in the movie she likes, or if she likes the genre of what you’re watching. From that point, you’ll generally get a feel if she’s interested or not in you.

Waiting in lines

One of the places I always wait in line is at the post office. Sometimes waiting in line is great because you’ll spend a lot of time waiting (duh). If there’s someone in front or in the back of you that’s cute, you can strike up a conversation with them. This potentially, though, may not be a good idea if the woman is already flustered because of waiting for whatever it may be.


Personally, this is one of the best (in my opinion) ways to meet women. Venture into stores such as Victoria’s Secret or a store that most women are in (like Hollister, Gap, Banana Republic, etc.). Here’s a great angle. Pretend that you need an opinion on what to buy your sister for a gift. Women love that. They like to give out their opinion, especially when it involves fashion. Roll up with this saying, “Excuse me, can I have your opinion on something? I have a sister that I need to buy a birthday gift for (or insert other gift or occasion here) and wanted to know what you think of this (show the item you have in your hand).” That’s going to get them in the mood to talk. And if you’re smooth enough with your conversation, hopefully you’ll be getting their phone number.

Another place that is great is actually the grocery store. Yes, the grocery store may be boring to you, however, it's an excellent place to meet women. Go on a leisure Saturday or Sunday afternoon or late afternoon. Another great time is actually after work. You have several eligible women shopping for food to cook for dinner.


Restaurants are kind of hard. Usually, you just order and wait for your food. So it’s kind of a limited opportunity to strike up a convo. However, it’s still an excellent way to meet women. If you’re taking out food, your time is limited. But what if you’re eating in? Some people may thing a man eating by himself is strange, yet, a good opportunity to easily converse with that waitress you’ve been having your eye on. By you eating alone, it shows that you don’t have a girlfriend. And you not being with your buddies puts her more at ease to talk to you.


Elevators are extremely limited in time that you have to make an impression and conversation. I would avoid this altogether since it’s just not likely you’ll see this person again. The only way this will work is if it’s a place of employment for both you and the woman. You’ll have more time because you’ll be more likely to see this person again. You’ll just have to observe and time things correctly so you meet “by chance” again.


I’d like to say that concerts, although not my type of venue, is another good place to meet women. It’s hard, though. Most of the time they tend to be with their girlfriends and usually it’s way too loud to start a conversation up. Nonetheless, it can be done.

The next set of places could be considered "by chance" places where you'd only have one chance to meet women. However, this next set is where you'd more likely find a repeat of the same woman. If you've got your eyes on someone, most likely they'll be returning to this site.

The Gym

I know, I know. Gym’s are so played out when trying to pick up women, it’s pathetic. Many women know this, and it’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t touch it. But, it’s still a legitimate place to really meet women. Just be sure that your approach isn't too forceful. I think many women know that the gym has a reputation of having many jerks.


A great place to meet women. It’s rare to see men doing laundry, so this is a great place to go. Not only will there be plenty of time to converse, if they do this weekly, you can gradually get to know them. An angle I’d use is asking them for tips on how to do one of your loads of laundry. Women tend to know this......not so much for guys. So when a male asks a female sincerely for a tip on how to do their laundry better, she’s more than inclined to give her advice.

Club or Lounge

Though this can be a great place, I’d advise against it. No one like drunk chicks and drunk guys. You could regret what you do. Plus, many women know the age old trick of guys trying to hook up via this venue. I’d skip it, but I’m not saying it can’t be done.

The classroom

Much opportunity here. This could be at a university/college/cooking/photography, etc. You should start by asking a question of what the class is about, etc. If this is a dance class, ask the woman to be your dance partner, etc. If the class carries on for more than 2 sessions, ask for her number just in case you need information on homework or an assignment.


Actually a very good place to find quality women. Church should not be looked at as a place with “wholesome” women. There are plenty of available women that go to church. Usually, after church, people grab some lunch or a quick bite to eat. Ask her if she’d like to join you for some coffee, etc.

Starbucks (or any other coffee shop/lounge)

This may seem cliché. Usually you see only students studying here. However, many single and eligible women enjoy a nice cup of coffee (or variation). This is a great place. If the woman is alone, it’s a perfect opportunity to approach her and start a conversation.


Another great place where you can meet women. However, I will warn you, while browsing in a book store, you may find some women who do not want to be bothered (as they’re reading or engrossed in a book). Start by looking at the book she has in her hand or reading. Ask if she enjoys the genre or likes that kind of book


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