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Words Women Love to Hear

Updated on February 19, 2014
What is he telling her? I guess she likes him already!
What is he telling her? I guess she likes him already! | Source

Women are emotional beings. And most men complain about this. They argue that women’s emotions make it very difficult for women to be connected to reality and this affects how women tend to react irrationally to certain things. Some men also argue that women tend to be so myopic because of this same quality.

What most of these men have failed to do is to look on the brighter side of this intriguing quagmire and intrinsic nature of women.

To me, it is not in the place of men to complain that women are always emotional. I think any sensible man should just learn how to adapt to the situation and allow things to flow normally.

What do I mean by this? Of course, I mean that it is not entirely a bad thing that women are emotional. In fact, this special attribute of women is what makes them so lovely because to be romantic, you will first need to be emotional.

In this piece, I am going to show us men the reason why I said that it is a good thing that women are so emotional and we are going to see how easy it is to make them love us and love us so much.

To do this effectively, we are going to discover how easy it is to make women to succumb to our wiles, whims and caprices with nothing but—you guessed it—words!

Yes, words alone. We have to thank our Maker for making women this way and to react to words in that way because it gives us guys a little more edge. *winks*

It is not a big secret that words move women a lot. At least, a lot of women. Even those who you think are so powerful, invulnerable, impermeable, feminists and all that, still react to these words.

The onus now falls on you as a man to know or learn how and when to use these words effectively to always get your ways.

Don’t see what I am doing here as being manipulative because as you will soon find out that they are just little but very effective ways creating a win-win situation for everyone involved when you use them very well.

I’d rather you call them seductive because most women like to be seduced and it is your job as a correct man to seduce them with your words.

The funny part is that you don’t even have to be a rapper or something like that to do this. And the best part is that these words are so simple to recall.

So if I now have your attention then listen to me let me tell you the words that can 'move the mountain' for women.

I Thank God I Met You

This statement on its own makes the girl to see how much you appreciate the fact that you have her in your life.

It shows that you want her to know that all the positive things that have happened in your life can be attributed to her presence from the moment the two of you met.

If said very well and sincerely, after you must have studiously gazed upon her face and into her eyes for some time, I can always bet that she will secretly say the same thing about you to herself or even voice it out, thanking God that made it possible for the two of you to meet.

But even if she doesn't voice it out, look for that smile that will suddenly appear on her lips.

You are the Most Important Thing in My Life

This statement can work wonders for you as a man. It is no secret that your woman wants to be the center of your world. She wants to know that she is what matters the most in your life. She wants to know that she has your full and undivided attention.

Don’t blame her for this. Remember, she was born this way!

She wants to know that you are always thinking about her. She wants to know that you think she’s very special to you and she might even go hysterical if the things you do or say suggest otherwise but you will make her very happy if you just go ahead and announce it to her without her even asking...

She may not be courageous or bold enough to ask you this although certain behaviors of hers that you may not like to entertain, like her nagging, jealousy and possessiveness, might actually be used convey this posit.

Remember, you have to be sincere when you say this to her. Which means you have to say it because you actually mean it!

Or else…it won’t work.


Everyone knows that most men like their moms—so much. At least, I know I do as my mom will always have a special place in my heart.

So calling your girl mummy is like elevating her to that special position. It’s like handing over the reins of power to her and acknowledging that she is the reason why you live. And we all know how mothers will tenaciously want to effectively make use of this position of power to, albeit subtly, manipulate and run things in the background for their sons, even when their sons are way into adulthood.

But on a more subconscious level I am of the personal view that all women find motherhood attractive and would want (or like) to be mothers (someday) so you are also satisfying this innate desires of hers when you call her mom.

So when you call a woman “Mummy”, most especially when you coo it and make it sound like “Mummyyyy”, she knows you are going to allow her to take charge and be in control and it even gets better because you are also telling her you want to be nurtured and spoiled silly by her.

Oh yeah…!

It doesn't matter if you are after ‘something’ or not. She likes it because you are surrendering yourself to her authority – like you've always done – since you were a kid.

And I’m yet to see someone who doesn't like the feeling of being in control – at least, for the time being.

Will you marry me?

Now this is a very tricky one because it is very weighty and the consequences can be dire for both sides. Unless you know you are ready for it, it is advisable you don’t go telling a woman this.

I know that there are so many women out there who are dying to hear this from their men, even as we speak. Some women are going through hell in their relationships and desperately clinging to the hope that their men will just wake up one day and tell them those simple but earth moving words.

For most guys out there, those words might not mean so much although I know there are some insincere guys (players actually) who recognize the powers in those words and won’t even hesitate to tell a woman those words as long as they are going to get a piece of some of it at the end, not minding whose emotions is damaged in the process but I will still want to believe they do this because they will never completely understand what those words might mean to the girl.

When pose that question to an expectant girl, three out of three chances she will say, “Yes, yess, yesss!”

Why? Of course, she knows that you are choosing her above all, yes, above all other women in your life! Ain't that great? You are making her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. You are telling her that you want to build a family with her and you are telling her you want her to be the mother of your kids.

So it means a lot to her but guys, you need to be careful with those words because you should only say it when you know you are ready and you really mean it because if you do it wrongly, remember hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I am sorry

For some reason I am yet to fully understand, these words work like magic not only women but on almost everybody.

But from the way I see it, these words work most likely because when you say you are sorry and you really mean it, it shows that you are the repentant type who also cares for others’ feelings.

It shows that you are acknowledging your human side and we all love people who are humans and are not afraid to show it after all to err is human…and besides, no one is above mistake.

So when you apologize or show remorse, it shows that you are admitting that you are not infallible. It shows that you recognize other peoples’ rights and opinions.

In fact, if you can apologize, it goes further to show that you can also make amends to prevent whatever happened to happen again in the future.

And women know these things—or should I say, women expect you as a man to know these things and act on them—all the time!

But don’t make the costly mistake of thinking that she is going to forgive you all the time because I don’t think there’s anybody who is willing to be played for a fool— all the time!

Now give me that sexy beautiful gal
Now give me that sexy beautiful gal | Source

You are so beautiful

I cannot imagine the number of women who will not fall for these words – You Are So Beautiful!

Oh my god! Women love this. I am not a prophet but look here, watch what is going to happen to that beautiful lady over there now when I say these things to her.

“Hi girl! I've seen you here before, right? So, how are you doing? Wow! You are looking so beautiful – today, what’s the secret?”

Now did you see that smile?

That's because they know that men cherish beauty in women so much and when you tell her this, it sends her heart fluttering and her head starts spinning out of control because of the attention she’s getting.

“You don’t have any idea how much I am trying to control myself right now trying not to—!”

And there she goes like …not to do what? Didn't you see her preening? See? I told you it works!

Of course, it does!

What woman will not like to hear that from a man? What woman wouldn't like to know that at least a good looking dude might be interested in her? What woman wouldn't like to know that some man finds her sexually attractive? And wants to ravish her? It even gets better if the guy is looking deeply into her eyes while he’s moaning those words tenderly to her…

Oh la la!

She will also be happy because you are fulfilling that desire in her to please you with all that stress she has gone through just to look good—for you.

Know that some women are insecure about their physical qualities and you don’t know how much you are helping her fight those demons when you utter those sweet words that are so pleasing to her ears.

She might try not to make a show of it so that you won’t know that her head is already swooning but don’t be fooled. She loves it! And she won’t get enough of it!

One thing I learnt somewhere in my psychology class is that most people unconsciously start liking those people around them when they are in good moods and they associate this feel-good feelings with such people.

So, try to be one of those persons who knows how to make a woman revel in a complete state of happiness when you compliment her and show the level of your interest in her.

So guys, let’s get ready to tell these ladies they are beautiful. It doesn't even cost a thing!

But wait a minute…there’s a caveat. Like most things in life, too much of everything is baaaad! You don’t have to tell a woman she’s beautiful all the time. It can and actually gets boring after some time; most especially if you don’t know how to paint those words and make them sound as if they are coming from an angel’s mouth.

But you should also keep it in mind that some women really harbor severe insecurities and some will never feel that beautiful no matter what you say to her and when you tell her that she’s beautiful she will regress further into her shell in self disbelief and starts seeing you as a liar and hate you even the more while some will actually want you to prove it to them that you really think they are beautiful when they start behaving or demanding and wanting you to automatically become their boyfriend when you don’t even have such plans in mind.

Ha ha ha…strange, ain’t it?

That’s why I said you should be careful how you go about this. The ‘trick’ here is to also learn how to point out to her some other things that most people ( most guys, actually) might not notice about her.

Things like a perfect set of teeth (this is my best), her shapely legs, dress sense, her full succulent lips, her flawless smooth skin, clear eyes, her nice perfume and smell, her fingers and nails, her carriage, accent, handbag or purse, her smile and dimples, hairstyle, phone, cleavage(this is my actually my best!), intelligence and smartness, and youthfulness etc. will still get you through because they still convey the same message.

Pet naming and teasing

Sweerie, Darling, Honey, Mummie(again!), Lovely, Beauriful, Baby, Sussie, Barbie, Annie, Lizzy, Jenny, Angel, My queen, My love, Sugar, Cake, Sexy, Beauty, Gorgeous, Princess…and Iron Lady or Madam, for those ones who are somewhat bossy or likes to feel tough, you get the idea, huh?

Good. Nothing stops you from getting more creative because someone’s heart is sure to start melting at the mention of those words.

Women also like to be teased and pet naming can also easily come off as a form of teasing. When you tease her, you make her to become more playful and carefree. You also give off the same message about yourself that you don't take yourself too serious and ladies like this too. And you also give her the opportunity to flirt and get touchy-feely with you.

As long as you don’t go making personal, hurtful or demeaning jokes about her or about the things she likes while teasing her, chances are you are going to have in your hands, sooner than later, a woman with a completely melted heart.

Anything you say ma'am

...your wish is my command. And with that, you earn yourself some more woman points from her!

When you say something like this and your countenance also suggests that you actually mean it, she will get the message immediately and she will like you for it.

Again, who doesn't like that feeling that comes with being completely in control?

As long as you are not the weak type who is always ready to back down in pathetic supplication at all times, there is every reason to believe that your woman will like you for allowing her to take the driving seat and wheels – occasionally.

I love you. Give me your heart, please...
I love you. Give me your heart, please... | Source

I Love You

Wow! This about sums it up. It makes a woman go weak in the knees and soft in the head because she instinctively knows what it means for a man to say those words.

It is no longer a secret that men find it quite difficult to say those three words so when a man says it, most especially when he says it with all sincerity and cheerfulness, women instinctively hopes and thinks that probably he means it.

This is because telling a woman you love her means a lot of things to her. In fact, most romantic maneuvers start there!

It means that you accept her in spite of her shortcoming and imperfections. It means that you are ready to go beyond yourself just to make her happy. It means that you are ready to lay down your life for her. It means that you are even going to love her some more.


I know you can do it

This is similar to the Anything-You-Say-Ma’am statement but it also goes a lil bit further than that.

Telling her something like I know you can do it means that you trust her sense of judgment. It means that you are ready to deal with the consequences of that very judgment which is either to share in the glory or the blame assuming things turn out wrongly or not according to as planned.

It also means that you are encouraging her and at the same time being supportive. Some women also like challenges and that statement could actually be a challenge.

Don’t forget that this simple statement is also a form of praise and you know how much people love to be praised, huh?

So in essence, it doesn’t matter if she sees it or not that you are actually trying to goad her into doing you some favor or even dodging your responsibilities as the case might be —you know whamsayin?

Of course, I know you know. You bad guy!*winks*

And the last but not the least…

Thank you

This one needs no much explanation. We as people we love to be appreciated and recognized as the case might be so when you say thank you to someone, you are actually fulfilling this great need and desire in people.

Some people also like that feeling of your indebtedness to them even though they may not overtly express this but it’s good you know.

One other thing, when you truly express your thanks to a woman, she will consciously or unconsciously want to do more (good things [whatever this means]) for you.

So guys, get thanking. Even if it means getting down on your knees. Don’t worry, you will always laugh last – for sure!

Meanwhile, thank you so much everyone for staying with me up to this point. I am feeling so sleepy now. We’ll talk in the mornin’, okay?

So bye – for now.

Now I know that some guys out there might be ‘angry’ with me for bringing to open these nuggets and tidbits as they will most likely start suspecting that their women will no longer respond to these tactics since they now know.

For such guys, I say, “There’s no need to worry.” This is because, like I said in the beginning, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Besides, these things are open secrets, and it’s not like I am saying the things we don’t know already, so why raise hell?

So there’s no cause for alarms—yet!

Now that reminds me. Okay, you ladies can now go. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for eavesdropping. I want to speak to guys alone now. Now this is strictly for my guys.

Guys listen to this. I got this from somewhere.

As Adam was sittin' in the garden, thinking. He looked up, and said. "Dad? Why did you make women so beautiful?"

Lord said "So that you would love them."

Adam thought for a while, then said, "Why did you make them so dumb?"

And God said, "So that they might love you, too."

Now guys remove that word dumb and replace it with emotional and you will see that I was right on all counts. As long as women remain emotional, trust me, these things, at least, one of these things we have mentioned so far, will work even on one of the hardest of them all.

Why? Because most of these things we said are compliments and people like compliments! I do. I am a sucker for compliments. You do too, I guess, so don’t deny it.

But don’t ever forget that you have to be sincere at all times for these to work perfectly. Or else…don’t say I didn't warn you because you are on your own should it backfire on you!

Alright? Good.

So see ya later. I seriously need to catch some sleep now…*yawns uncontrollably*

As a woman, are you moved by words?

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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Nigeria

      Hi there Deborah!

      Thanks for reading.

      Sorry, I don't have an article on what YOU women should be saying to WE men, to inspire or motivate WE men... for now.


      I think I will have to come up with that one now.

      My guess is, it's gonna be easy since I already know what I want to hear from my female friends.

      Don't say I didn't warn you but it promises to be quite SHOCKING!!!

      Ha ha ha!

      Anyway, once again, thanks for reading and commenting.

      Have a nice day.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Great article, and I can say that I love it when my husband says these things to me.

      It makes me smile when he tells me how much I mean to him.

      Now, do you have an article about what we women should be saying to you men, to inspire and motivate you?

      Thanks for writing.



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