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How to Distinct if the Man of Your Dreams Love You or Not

Updated on August 31, 2016
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

He loves me or not

At times, a lady come across an attractive, handsome guy. Maybe after a few interactions, she starts getting emotionally involved. However, side by side, she is not sure if the guy feels the same way for her or not. She cannot stop herself from getting attracted towards the man the more she gets close to him. Simultaneously, she starts getting tensed as she is yet to discover what the man feels for her, or if at all he has any feeling towards her. You must be wondering how to figure out if the guy is attracted towards you and whether he is getting drawn towards you slowly or not.

Take action: distinct with body languages

No need to wonder take action by observing this small tip I learn from past experience to understand if he is also getting romantically inclined towards you. While you sit beside him, pay attention whether he turns his body along with his feet towards you. If the answer is certainly not, then it is time for you to realize that he hardly has any romantic feeling towards you, and healthier for you to move on with your life now. We all know trying to find a perfect romantic match is not always easy. However, then again, has anyone ever taken the time to think when it comes to love what it is?

Distinct with Woman intuition power.

For many, love may have many different definitions. However, love is when a person meets another and feels attracted to him or her and don’t understand why. Love is something that cannot be explained or avoided. Love is when one person has a feeling that is so amazing towards another, that they will never be able to resist. There is a connection between the two that draws them to each other like a magnet although in the beginning they are considered perfect strangers. Still, there are certain things a lady should be aware of which may help her in the long run.

It may sound quite complex, but it is of the essence that you find ways to be happy as a single person, so you can be prepared to find a soulmate. To be able to maintain a relationship that will last long-term, you have first to forget about the trouble you had with love in the past. Also, make room for love, then know what you want in a mate, know who you are and believe in yourself. Also, stop fooling yourself when you feel the man is not treating you the manner you deserve to be treated. You can easily make out if the man is attracted towards you as his expression will reveal the same.

On the contrary, if the man is indifferent towards you, no matter what step you take, it is tough for you to win his heart. So it is highly recommendable that you try to analyze the man well before initiating your first step. Ladies have an extreme intuition power. Use that and try to evaluate his intention. It is useless to think of forming a relation out of nothing.

“As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.”

A famous quote on as a man thinketh by James Allen says, “As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.” You are more likely to find a soulmate by working on improving your mindset toward love, dating, and relationships. It is important to take a break from the dating scene until you can deal with the disappointments and anger your heart holds toward believing you cannot find love. You may also follow certain tips to figure out if he is the guy meant to you. Firstly, don’t call him for a day or two and see his reaction. If he feels for you the same way, he will call you for sure.

Trigger whether a dream or not with confrontations

Another unique trick also you may try out. While talking to him over phone speak as if you are not feeling well. If he is attracted towards you, he will send you "flowers" or “get well soon” card. If he does not then stop keeping any wrong hope in mind. Thirdly, check whether he tries to make some excuse or pretend to be busy while you plan a date with him. Fourthly, check when both of you are together somewhere and come across any of his friend or family members, how he introduces you to them.

Whether he introduce you as just a friend or a girlfriend. Try to analyze him whether he is happy to be with you when both of you are not out for any work purpose but just to be with each other. So, try to get to understand the real motive of a guy by following these few tips. If you find the answer always comes in negative, then you should not waste any further time on him. Never be scared of denial and gain the courage to read between the lines. Some men may tell you beforehand that they want to devote some time to know you well just being a good friend, and he intends to check if the relationship blossoms romantically with time or not.

Nonetheless, to put an end to feeling lonely, angry, unhappy and sad towards love, you have to complete the pattern of the wrong mindset. You have to choose to heal and reinforce any negative thoughts and re-train your brain. Re-training the brain will help to reclaim the innocence of the heart so you will be able to meet a wonderful person who would want to fall in love with you.

What is a connection?

So ladies … is it that you feel that you cannot do without a man and are scared of leaving him totally. Do you always want to give him one last chance? You should be aware of the fact that men are, in general, less expressive than women. They tend to express themselves more with their body languages. So, you should not reveal everything about yourself and your feelings to a man. Who knows, he may apply those against you at a particular point in time and may blackmail you also.

Never feel the man you like can’t do something like this. No lady can change a man’s mentality. If he wants to reform, then only he will. Never beg a man to stay back in your life. Never give importance to a man who does not deserve the same and neither degrade yourself before him. He is defining you by your behavior’s never bend before a wrong person that way. Maybe all men are not dogs, but you should neither commit to someone who may fail to give you proper love and respect. The moment the man shows his real self and you start realizing your mistake of liking a wrong person, never delay to move on with your life. Remember, you will come across someone who may give you the value you deserve. Does someone need to remind you, what is a Connection?

What is a Connection?

What is a Connection? A connection is when one connects; an association or relationship; the act of connecting; a link that glues two individuals. There are different types of connections. The most common type of connection is ‘love connection’. The love connection is when one opens their heart to a deep calling, from one soul to another. When two people have a love relationship, they have chosen to experience the first single connection to a long learning, to follow a new direction of a dominant force into the life of love.

No one actually understands what love is, yet we all know it when we feel it and when we experience the ignition of this dominant force. When we open our heart to the energy of love, it opens to the essence of the living cells of all levels in our body, thus opening to the awe-inspiring connection to the divine.

Love connection can be defined as the energy that exists between people when they feel, share, and value the same emotions. When two people are connected, they reach the same emotional and spiritual level. Also, the connection can be between two people when they give and receive without doubt or judgment; when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

When it comes to relationships, the connection between two individuals is not just between their bodies, but between their minds, hearts, and souls. The connection cannot be just placed together. It is a special bond and the act of connecting; a thread that holds two people together; a knot that ties their souls; a special bond that can’t be described as just anything.

Most people recognize love as a powerful emotion, feeling, one of delight and satisfaction.

For most of us, love is a mystery. When we feel love, we generate the feeling within our physical bodies, radiating an enormous amount of power in the energy of love. When two people experience love, they have access to a powerful energy, and they get connected to an energetic vibration.

Some people know how to connect to love, while others are unable to control it, they allow it to get away. When it comes to love, it should not only be something that we give or get; it should also be something that we nurture and grow; a shared connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within their hearts. One can only love another as much as he/she loves themselves.

A Special types of soul connections

Kindred Spirit:

While two people cannot be the same individual, but they can share the same belief, attitude and most of all, feelings. Two kindred spirits are basically associated on the same soul-level with a special connection that speedily bond, to join them together. They are soul mates that share twin souls on a deep level based on a unique spiritual connection, spiritual values, and quite a few same true metaphysical capabilities. When two kindred spirits meet, they share a strong feeling as if they have met before in a previous life. Kindred Spirit shares a bond that can work through any difficulty as if they did not seek after each other, but God placed them together to complete each other.

True love and how to know it is true love

A psychologist named Robert Sternberg shared an explanation to break down true love into three different parts. This statement cannot be proved, but it is a good theory. The three parts is a theory that will assist a person to know if what they feel is true love.

The first part is passion which consists of sexual and physical attraction. Although sometimes two people may share a sexual and physical attraction that does not necessarily mean true love is involved. Two people can share a sexual and physical attraction, but they also need to have their feeling reciprocated to know if what they are experiencing is true love.

Part two is intimacy which is what creates closeness between two individuals. However, just because intimacy can manage to establish a closeness between the two people who are sharing intimacy, does not mean they are in love or true lovers. Intimacy is two people spending time with each other in a special way that grows deeper as they share a particular aspect of their life. They need to take the time to make sure they can trust as well as communicate with each other. Intimacy brings about attachment but is not a guarantee the two people are in love.

Part 3 Commitment is what it takes for two individual to stay together regardless of any circumstances. When two people share a commitment, they believe the best of each other and can work through any storm that comes their way. Life is full of many different barriers that we have to have the strength to break through. When two people commit to each other and know how to respect and consider the other person’s feeling, they can invest in the relationship, if it does not start off with love, it will be built to love.

True love shares these three parts. If a couple does not share these three parts, their relationship flame will experience water that will put out the fire. True love is full of flames that water, hurricanes or floods cannot put out, the flames will continue to burn for years to come.

If you have not found your true love and wondering if he or she is out there, yes, they are. You have to choose love and choose to find true love. Moreover, you have to make a new choice to reclaim the purity of the heart. Also, you have to reconnect with a passionate love, forget about any past bad love experience.

To find true love, keep your body language open and act in a friendly way and before you know it, you will be happy sharing your life with a soulmate who makes you complete. When you free yourself from the burden of history repeating itself, love will be in the air, and you can bring in the New Year on the right track.

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