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Why do women stay in a relationship with a cheater?

Updated on March 29, 2010


Why do women stay in a relationship with a cheater?

Folk, he is your confident companion, you do everything to satisfy all his needs and in return for your love, he treats you like the moon and the star, you are considered his Queen, he wash your cloths, under wears, cooks for you and even rob your feet, he makes sure that you lack nothing.He is so caring and even jealous of your love, forgives you without an apology each time you make a mistake and encourages you in every aspect of your life (work). He doesn’t sleep when you are sick and in your little heart, you have but a little prayer.

“Thank you Father God for this wonderful man, this Angel you sent to me, please Lord, bless him and guide him for me.”

But now you are between the devil and the deep blue sea, you are right now or someday in your life between a lie and an apology.


From my own point of view, most women stay after finding out that the prince of their life is nothing but a liar.

1. Lifestyle: Dating or been married to made guy who expose you to a lavish lifestyle may make a woman want to stay in a relationship for fear of giving up her exotic outings, luxurious cars, house, expensive Jewellery and summer holiday overseas.
2. Children: Most women find it hard to leave a cheating husband just for the sake of their children.
3. Commitment: Most women are highly committed to their spouse especially when the relationship has been a long one therefore, giving up or leaving a long time mate may become a life altering decision.
4. Religion: Some wives believe that divorcing a cheating husband is against the law which states “For better and for worse.”
5. Fear: Most women simply do not want to be alone and once they get use to a particular lifestyle and acquitted with a particular man, give him their trust and accept him whole heartedly, leaving such a man for any reason becomes a fear and this kind of women simply believe that been with such man is even better than been without a man.
6. Second chance: When we talk about humans, we should always try to remember that we are dealing with imperfect beings so most women consider this and believe that a cheating mate will change if forgiven and given another chance.

I know that most of you especially women might disagree with me, you might be shaking your head as you are reading and in your heart you simply keep saying...Not me! No No Rossi, Not me! You believe that you will just call it off once you catch him right?

Anyway, this topic is for those of us who appreciate quality just like me, it is a special topic for those ladies out there who are involved in such a relationship, the points above will mostly make sense to any woman who have ever caught her charming prince red handed and yet hanged around him passionately.

I made six points above though every situation varies according to individuals but the main point why most people whether man or woman still hang with a cheating mate is because of a true feeling. LOVE.

Folk, when a man loves a woman, he gives his best to keep her happy thus a woman, she sacrifices everything to make him hers, therefore Love doesn’t instantly condemn. Infidelity in anyway doesn’t instantly cancel LOVE.She might still be crazy about you after everything but guys should learn to be a woman’s dream and not her nightmare.


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