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Science Fiction, Action, A Forbidden Love!

Updated on September 17, 2014

Down in the caverns miles beneath the rocks,

Lives a city of creatures, believe it or not!

It happened in Greece, when I was only seventeen,

Rock climbing without Permission, sneaking, not to be seen.

I climbed several hundred feet, up that old rock,

Only to lose my footing when I reached the top.

I fell down a hole only big enough for me,

It felt like a water slide slippery as could be.

I was going so fast, I knew this was the end,

I was screaming for help around every bend!

My fall began to slow, it was becoming less slick,

I knew I had to grab hold of something very quick.

I unsnapped the rope and anchor attached to my waist,

Holding on with one hand I did this in haste.

It wedged between two rocks, it slung me around,

I lost the rope and tumbled to the ground.

The bottom of the hole was filled with sand,

It cushioned my fall but I broke my left hand.

I sat there shivering, afraid and in pain,

I thought to myself, “You are totally insane,

To take off alone, thinking you are so brave

Now you are the one who needs to be saved.”

Light was streaming through a hole in the wall,

I tried to look through but the holes were too small.

If I lay on my back and kick with my feet,

Maybe the holes will get larger, if I’m not too weak.

I kicked with both feet as hard as I could,

The walls began to crumble as I hoped they would.

It left a large hole and the wind blew strong,

I backed up against the wall to try to hold on.

I could see a giant cavern without any end,

With human like creatures flying on the wind.

I stayed in the shadows so they could not see,

Trying to look without them discovering me.

I watched them for hours to study to learn,

How these creatures survive down in this cavern.

There were males and females dressed in white,

Angelic looking, they were a beautiful sight.

The males had strong bodies and long hair,

Flying on the wind with skin so fair.

All of a sudden one flew too close by,

I knew it heard me when I sighed,

At the sight of it’s fangs, I did see,

What will this creature do to me?

It swooped in and grab me and took me out,

We were flying with its hands over my mouth.

He laid me down in a very soft place,

And removed his hand from my face.

He asked, “How it is possible you are here?”

He grabbed my broken hand, I gasped with fear!

He said, "Don't be afraid, I will heal your hand,"

That is when he stuck it deep into the sand.

I could feel tingling, a slight burn and a crack

I tried to retrieve it, he put it back.

He said, “Be patient it is almost healed,”

I closed my eyes and tried not to feel.

When it was done, my hand was like new,

I was totally amazed, and then he flew.

Up he went to the hole where he found me,

He went inside where I could not see.

All of the creatures were standing around

I didn't look up, I stared at the ground.

When he came out, the hole was sealed,

I knew I would probably be their next meal.

When he came back, he asked, "how I got there?"

I said, "I fell down a hole, look, my clothes have tares."

He probed my mind I could feel him inside,

He must be checking in case I had lied.

He looked deep into my eyes, my body he did stir,

Next thing I knew everything was a blur.

When I opened my eyes, I was back where I started,

The hole was gone and I felt very guarded.

I was confused and weary but not a scratch to be found,

My body was healed, I was totally sound.

The palm of my hand that had been broken,

Had a strange emblem raised and round like a token.

In my mind I heard his voice like a wave,

Saying, " This is your gift because you are so brave.

We are connected now, I am inside your head,

You must keep our secret or my kind will be dead.

I will see you again, a beauty so rare,

You will not know when I will be there!"


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