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Investing your feelings and emotions in a relationship: Wise choice?

Updated on September 15, 2008

When it comes to life, everything is about investment. Not just from a business point of view but also on love. But what's love got to do with investment? By definition, Investment is the choice by the individual to risk his savings with the hope of gain.

What are we risking exactly when we are dealing with love and relationship? Are we risking money? No, but we are risking far more valuable than money. And what we are risking when falling in love and entering into a relationship are our emotions and feelings. In one of my articles [ ], it involved asking the reader a series of questions like "Is a relationship out of convenience what I really need or something with more meaning? How can a relationship affect my way of life, my demeanor, everything? Is a serious relationship what I really need at this point in time?"

Take into consideration that you are in a relationship (it would be nice if you are but if not, just put yourself in that situation). With this article, I will be asking you the following questions.

1.) Are your emotions and feeling worth investing in this relationship?

2.) Is he/she worth the investment?

3.) Have you taken into consideration the risks of entering this relationship?

Let's see. If you read my previous article, you will notice that the questions are now more focused on what comprises your relationship.

"Are your emotions and feeling worth investing in this relationship?"

- Surely you know what you want in a relationship before entering into one. Most of us have this ideal relationship that we all want to enter or engage in. Kudos to you if you are one of the few who appreciate the value of a serious commitment. Because if it's just convenience that you're after in a relationship then you better stop reading this article. So if you really are sure of what you want, then you know that this relationship is worth the effort.

"Is he/she worth the investment?"

- Is he/she worth the time? The effort? The money? Money, yes, because how else are you going to spend time with each other that does require money. Again, kudos if you are very creative with spending time with your partner that needs no spending. Once or twice, dinner at a fancy restaurant would be nice but then again, it's up to you on how you're going to spend time with your lover. If you're a workaholic, or value your freedom then ask yourself if he/she is worth the time because since relationships need compromise and you have to spend time with your partner. What about effort? Is he/she worth keeping? Is your relationship worth surviving or prolonging? I cannot answer that for you though. Just giving you some insights.

"Have you taken into consideration the risks of entering this relationship?"

- A critical question. Is he/she worth the pain and trauma of heartbreak? We can never get a good read on what to expect in a relationship since people change overtime but the change can be good or bad for the relationship. How to deal with the change is again, to compromise. The relationship can't be all about you or about him/her but about the both of you.

The relationship has to focus on what you both want out of it and what you want to get out of it. The cliché line "Spending the rest of your lifetime with your partner" may be corny but it definitely gives justice to what some people would want out of a relationship. I said it before and I will say it again

"Nobody deserves to be hurt and nobody deserves the pain of heartbreak"


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    • profile image

      Amstel 8 years ago

      When you are in a reationship, you are there to promote the other person and not yourself, thus ending to mutual-promotion of each other's value and dignity and that is why you invest into it. Realtionship is about the other person, because when you have the interest of the other person at heart, not only the relationship with the girl/guy we love, but with people around us, we build a character that develops us to maturity.

    • profile image

      jeLLai` 9 years ago

      "Nobody deserves to be hurt and nobody deserves the pain of heartbreak"

      Yeah! I agree with it.... but in investing your feeling towards the one you truly love is already a risk to get hurt! Coz' nobody is perfect... Getting hurt is a way of growing and strengthen your emotional aspect. So I guess it's okay to get hurt! After all the if you find the right one the pain will worth it all. For me if you love a person... love him/her as someone not as something. Accept him/her as a whole and not a piece. ;)

    • profile image

      chelle jones 9 years ago

      I somewhat agree with that notion. I have a friend that's in the same kind of mess, and her dude has taken over her whole life. I think that if you're in a relationship, the first thing you should do is let the other person know that you have your own life, and just because you are dating doesn't mean that you rearrange everything for them. You have to have boundaries in any partnership, and if that person truly cared for you, they should respect that and give you the spase that you need to handle your biz and do you. People sometimes unwittingly set themselves up for hurt and heartache.....

    • profile image

      Dhamphire 9 years ago

      "The relationship can't be all about you or about him/her but about the both of you"

      yah u have a point but not just the both of you.. it also involves the people around you because we can't deny the fact that that certain person really is attach to other people, like parents, and sometimes those people interfere with her/ his decision making and to her life and sometimes becomes hindrance to your happiness... but that can be overcome, by showing them that you really is serious and is willing to sacrifice just for the sake of your love and the person you love, that you will never hurt that person or even try.. because as you've said..

      "Nobody deserves to be hurt and nobody deserves the pain of heartbreak"

      wow my comment has gone too long... hehehehe..