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Love is a Mystery; A Woman In Love

Updated on February 3, 2012
When things go bad
When things go bad
A falling out
A falling out
And you're all by yourself
And you're all by yourself
What are your options?
What are your options?

A Woman In-Love

Oh Love! Let's talk love; it's Valentine season after all, let's give it a break.

Such a baloney topic when you are not at it. Life is just to exist; when was the last time you feel fantastic about it? When you had a crush at 16? Oh wow! that was exciting, your thoughts revolved around him before you sleep and as soon as you wake up. You had to wear your best clothes and start being concerned with the right make-up for that day and in every day that you speculate seeing him again even by chance; you certainly take time to look your best, just in case; you look "blooming" and everything seemed possible for you. Your peers notice your transformation; all these because in your core is the pulsating "love, love, love..."

You are "ab-normal", above normal that is, feeling like a wonder woman, when you are under the spell of such mysterious state called "Love".

Then at last he noticed you! Your self-value catapulted to its peak. You feel like you are the most beautiful creature especially when he told you so. Then you realized he is in love with you. It's a wonderful world to live, the birds and the bees and the bumble bees sing to the tune of angelic harmony; there's rainbow everywhere; you are the music and the romantic lyrics. Of course you are young and just about to explore the world of wonders. That's what love does in the onset. This is what they call Eros type of love.

Then suddenly you are 24 and having a baby, all because of love; another type of love called Philos. Your first baby is the best thing that ever happened to you. You are a complete woman and is capable of loving, plus forgiving, plus enduring plus tolerance, plus caring, plus sacrificing, and everything wonderful go along with such an expansion of your feelings of love. Your energy is at its peak, you are a wonder woman who can do everything for your baby and the father of your baby and everything that has a connection of motherhood, womanhood and "wifely-hood" if you like.

How long and how far can love carry us through in this life? Love is wonderful for as long as it exists and is working within you and in your horizon. But life is a lifetime. Many things can happen in a minute, in an hour and in any moment that you live it.

The comings and goings of life sometimes cause us to set aside love, no kick out love and swear to yourself that you don't believe in it anymore; especially when you are hurt by the very person who made the world go round for you.

Then one day you realized that you had grown up and you don't feel that love anymore, at least for the father of your baby; you were so hurt when you learn of his womanizing activities, you just forgave him because of your instinctive love for your child. "This family must stand the test of time." That's what you say to yourself, you must be steadfast if only for the family, the status quo, and the pedestal.

But then again, you can only take what you can; you were not the same charismatic, cheerful, enthusiastic, and fantastic person anymore; you live in a drag each day and all these because love had battered you and you were burnt out.

You just had to break your marriage; divorce is the only solution for self-preservation. Then you feel ugly, unwanted, undesirable, life is just meaningless and everything in it. You hate your job, you don't want to wake up in the morning; you have not slept well in the first place. You are so all alone for the children had gone to their freedom.

Love makes and breaks a person and life as a whole; not just to women but to men as well. But women have to take the situation more seriously especially those who have children. How she handles herself and her family situation has greater impact to her children.

Last Options

The unwelcome truth
The unwelcome truth
Finding the last chance for love
Finding the last chance for love
Joining support groups for old women
Joining support groups for old women
Praying to your God
Praying to your God

The Awakening

There were so much things to accomplish in life and love was always an integral part of a woman's success or failure in her endeavors; whether in its presence or absence, whether in its peak or lowest moments; you just have to survive in every turn.

Then one day, you wake up and look in the mirror; you are not young anymore and all those things you valued most have all gone; what is left is yourself. "What is the meaning of life?" You now start to look back and philosophize.

Then you introspect and see if you still have options such as; to start life at its prime by finding your last chance in love? To join support groups that love and care for old women? To pray to your God? To realize too late in life that there is the highest form of love, the "Agape?"

Lucky are those women who get to their old age with the same man to love her from start to end. A woman needs love to keep her beautiful and youthful.

A woman's life revolves in love. A wise woman won't waste her youth to frivolous things that she will regret later. Wisdom, self-value, dignity, self-respect, self-preservation, and most of all "COMPLETE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of HER SELF" no matter what is the most important armor that a woman could have. Who can love you more than you do yourself? Love yourself and only then can you share and harvest love in its truest form.


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Leave of Wisdom,

      Like I said, we have to learn to accept ourselves completely and love ourselves unconditionally. This is the only way to live happily despite our ages. We could still experience love in another form; we won't allow any man to run us down.

      Thank you for the comment.

    • Leave of Wisdom profile image

      Leave of Wisdom 

      6 years ago from Sydney

      The truth about love and life and the meaning of life for women as we get older is very confronting I find. I once heard a man say something about when women get older they become invisible, how are we meant to live with that reality?!

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you starstream,

      I am just trying to portray some basic trend of a woman's life ruled by love. This is not the standard universal life and I am just speaking for myself and my observations on some women that I personally know.

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 

      6 years ago from Northern California

      This hub was an interesting insight that most women may understand in some ways. I think this is a great place to share it with some men who may not really understand a woman's feelings.


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