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I Chose To Live; Not Just Exist

Updated on February 2, 2013

Dedicated to the love of my life

I Chose You

I choose to live, not just exist;

To live is to move on, so I move on;

To live is to grow and be fruitful, so I grow and am fruitful;

To live is to be creative, so I am creative;

To live is to be productive, so I am productive;

To live is to prosper, so I prosper;

To live is to enjoy the fruit of labor, so I enjoy the fruit of my labors;

To live is to share the blessings, so I share my blessings;

Life is abundance and happiness, so I am abundance and happiness;

Because I chose to live not just exist.

I choose to love you, not just to settle for anyone who is interested in me;

To love you is to gladly share myself and my all to you, so I give myself and my all to you;

To love you is to merge my soul, my heart, my mind and my bodily pleasure with you; so I do just that;

To love you is to completely accept you as you are unconditionally; so I do just that;

To love is to forgive and to appreciate the goodness in you; so I do just that;

To love you is what I live for;

I choose to live;

Therefore I chose you.


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