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Womanizers are Weaklings and Slaves to their Primeval, Kinky and Brutish Sexual Urges; They are doomed to Destruction...

Updated on July 4, 2012

The Real, Dignified Lady is...

Attention Ladies! (And I mean real ladies)

Beware of weaklings; you will lost balance in your personal life if these weaklings get access into your life.

The "real lady"

First let me cite what I mean with a "real lady" before we go to scrutinize what a weakling is.
A real lady is a dignified woman. Her dignified state is both quality hereditary attributes and, wholesome upbringing with other environmental humane nurture. She is a woman of strong character and values system. She knows exactly who she is, what she wants and succeeds in all her endeavors through dignified means. She is a balanced and proportionate combination of spirituality, intellect, and physical beauty as opposed to a stupid and pert sex object that weakling men love to play around.

A real lady possesses the determination and the ability to express and emphasize what she wants and doesn't want in her every given moment and situation and throughout her life as a whole. She accepts herself completely as she is; accepts mistakes and weaknesses and always willing to learn, to forgive herself and others and to improve herself and her life based on the lessons learned from life. She is never defensive because she is proud of her ability and achievements and how she handles her personal circumstances.
A real lady is one who has high enough self-esteem, being virtuous as opposed to being promiscuous, with wholesome self-confidence and pure values system to sustain her through life and to guide her as she pursues those good things in life that she deems she really deserves. She is original and logical as opposed to "parrots" and "copy-cats" who merely repeats what everybody else like herself, is defensively saying and doing.

There are a lot more to say about a real lady; the point being, a real lady is too high up above the pedestal and beyond the weakling men's abusive tendency. She is adored and uplifted by society, not because she is unblemished nor perfect, but because she is "the epitome of beauty and dignity and a perfectly proportionate and balanced expression in the real sense of beauty".

Any man who finds a virtuous woman or a real lady for a wife is lucky and is a gentleman himself, as opposed to a weakling. A weakling cannot stay long and be happy with a real lady, he would always seek for the company of "the same feathers" to flock with.

An example of a weakling's lifestyle and entanglements

The weakling thought he was strong, and why not? Everybody (the idiots that surround him) thought so and so he thinks so...

He was 37, married and having two children plus the third was in the making...meaning his wife was pregnant for his third child.

Then he found me, an innocent and naive 19-year-old fresh from the four-year exile to the Missionary home far away. Do you understand a 19-year-old brainwashed to religious dogma, innocent lass, such that she thinks that a kiss could make her pregnant?

Nobody talks about sex in my side of upbringing much less Eros love or romance; God, religion, heaven, hell and the likes were the focal points of the mind, heart, and soul in our conversations, behavior and all the activities in our lives day after day after day and all night long for all the years that the Lord had made.

Even in the secular school I attended from elementary to high school; I was sent to exclusively religious Protestant and S.D.A. (Seventh Day Adventist) schools...Pilgrim Institute and Mindanao Mission Academy.

Meeting this weakling was an insult to injury as far as my personality and upbringing was concerned; of course we were not lovers, I never noticed him before, and never knew who he was...but he was the team leader of the military men who raided that house where I happened to be in that raiding moment...gush I hate the story...but my 18-long-years of adventure with such a tempestuous and only "marriage" at that time, started from that very disastrous and eventful moment, it was all disaster; disaster beginning, disaster in every turn and a disastrous end...Now Ladies, do you have an idea what I mean with "allowing a weakling to have access into your life...?".

He thought he was powerful, and why not? He belonged to the most powerful and prominent armed men who can kill anytime they wanted, legally and conscience-lessly whenever they wanted; can any ordinary citizen have any choices against anything that a Martial Law President of a third world country and his men want and do? See how comparatively strong and powerful he was? I was an "angel", he was the devil; what a combination!

But I had proven to him and to the whole world, what a weakling he you want to know his only weakness and the sole cause of all failures in his failure life? Yes...sluts, undignified, cheap, disgraced, promiscuous, loose , uneducated or mal-educated girls...their rotten sex and loathsome sex behaviors are both his heaven and hell and his essence of living his hellish life.

I had succeeded in educating myself enough to study his nature and natural tendencies. I had succeeded in figuring out what he had done to me...taking advantage of my naive nature and victimizing me. No one can help me so I had to go through all the ordeals of a lifetime and a page of my existence. If I have to get out from this labyrinth then I must get out victorious.
No matter how seemingly strong a man is, he is still a weakling and a failure in life if his downfall is a promiscuous woman...the animal instinct of the brutes.

Remember the story of Samson and Delilah in the Bible? Samson was supposed to be the hope of salvation for his people because he was physically strong but he divulged the secret of his strength to a harlot in exchange of her sex for his temporal sexual pleasure.
These weaklings got no brains keen enough to foresee their own destruction.



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