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Artists Cashing in on the Wedding Industry With Live Event Painting

Updated on August 28, 2013

What is Live Event Painting

Live event painting is just exactly what as what is described. It is a painting done live at an event. Be it a wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary or any special event. Just as any good party has a dj to spin some dance tunes and a slew of photographers to snap thousands of pictures most of which end up on facebook, instagram or twitter instead of your photo album which will probably gather dust on a shelf anyway, a Live Event Painting typically ends up hanging over a mantle or on an office wall. Not to mention it will be more treasured as a lasting memento of the celebration.

Hiring a live event painter also provides subtle entertainment for the guests as their curiosity will no doubt have them talking and wondering about the person who is taking glances every now and then from behind a canvas. What they will usually find is a personable artist who doesn’t mind questions about his work or a bit of chit chat as they work.

Every live event painter has their own style, medium of choice and prices ranging anywhere from $600 to over $5000.

Live Event Painting by Celebrations on Canvas

A Live Event Painting for a birthday party at 1300 on Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
A Live Event Painting for a birthday party at 1300 on Fillmore, San Francisco, CA | Source

What to look for in a live event artist

Everyone has their preferred style of art. Everyone also has a budget. But what else should you consider before contracting an artist to perform at an event?

  • You will want to make sure that the venue is okay with having a live event artist at your celebration. Every live event artist will have a drop cloth but if you plan on hiring a live event artist to work at a public place you will want to make sure the artist can work with non-toxic materials that don't release harsh smelling fumes from any thinners or solvents.
  • Most artists are very flexible if you have a vision of your own. However you giving the artist the most artistic freedom as possible usually yields the best results. Therefore, make sure to view their gallery on line if they have a website or during the consultation.
  • If you are hiring for a wedding you will have to decide whether you want to have a painting of the ceremony as pictured below or a painting of the reception.
  • Other than medium and style, many live event painters are also open to many different ideas. For instance you probably prefer to have many small paintings as opposed to one big painting. Or a portrait of the bride to be painted in order to place next to the guest book.
  • Can the artist work from photographs? Most Live Event Artists take reference photography for the finishing touches back at the studio but what if your celebration has already passed? Can you hire a live event artist to paint from your photographs? Most artists will take on the job all you have to do is call one and ask.

A wedding ceremony painted in Fresno, CA
A wedding ceremony painted in Fresno, CA | Source

What is so special about a live event painting?

  • Leave a family heirloom - a live event painting lasts for a long time. If well taken care of chances are the painting will out live you and you'll have to add it to your last will and testament.
  • Art appreciates in value - if you're lucky you'll hire an artist who will go out and make a name for himself. Imagine if a relative of yours had hired Van Gogh to paint their wedding and it somehow would have ended up in your possession?
  • You can send Thank You cards with the finished painting copied on the front.
  • Adding an extra touch of class and sophistication to any party makes it that much more special.
  • It's a new trend and yet it's a lasting tradition to hire a painter for a special event.


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    • profile image

      Wed on Canvas 

      4 years ago

      Great article! Visit to see more live wedding painting examples!

    • sugdorZ profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from California's Central Valley

      Thank you for your comment! Much appreciated!

    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Impressive hub on event painting. Voted up.


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