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"Make Up Sex": Is it A Myth or Reality?

Updated on May 12, 2011

All is forgiven...

Myth or Reality?

There's a scene in the movie "Mr & Mrs Smith" where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been beating up one another, actually trying to kill each other which ends with them having wild passionate sex.

Most of us strive to avoid intense arguments or fights with our loved ones.

After having a fight many couples don't want to talk to one another let alone touch each other.

In some instances if they're living together it's not unusual for one of them to sleep in another room or go stay at a friend's house.

Sometimes "the silent treatment" lasts for days until one person does some small task for the other that elicits a "thank you" or some other cordial response which melts the ice.

Maybe there's an upcoming event in which you’re both obligated to attend or a visitor drops by and you're both forced to put on a "happy face" for the duration of their visit.

Eventually you’re back to speaking to one another and doing things together.

Someone initiates a kiss or hug and sex follows.....etc

Is sex after a fight with a (cooling off period) the same as "make up sex"?

Based upon movies, magazine articles, various books and seminars "make up sex" is supposed to be mind blowing and much more intense than a normal encounter with your mate.

See the following article as an example


Maybe one of the reasons it's suppose to be so much better is because some of the anger is still pent up inside or the couple came so close to calling it quits that they rejoice in each other's arms hungrily devouring one another feeling grateful for second chance.

Timeframe also appears to be factor in determining if the sex after a fight is truly "make up sex". Apparently it's not really "make up sex" unless the fight is fresh.

According the following link from an advice column "make up sex" is "normal".

"Not only can it be madly pas­sionate, but it can also sustain intimacy during tough times. Besides, it’s natural to feel turned on after an argument.

In the heat of battle, adrenaline and dopamine (your hormone of desire) levels rise, giving you that excited feeling.

This rush can be a good substitute for foreplay, so you can get right to it."

Personally I’ve never had real "make up sex" according to the descriptions I've read.

When I'm pissed off sex is the last thing on my mind.

In fact I'm incline to believe if a couple has sex after exchanging some angry words they really didn't have an actual "fight", they simply had a "disagreement".

Is "Make Up Sex" A Myth or Reality?


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