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Millennials Are Fine

Updated on January 18, 2019

There is little or no need to identify the millennials, they are those individuals born in the late 20th century and to me, their life is comical. They are living life but again at the same time they are ‘not living’. Some actually think that being a millennial is being fake, opinions but not facts, right?. I chose the title to this post 'Millenials are Fine', because I did not feel like narrowing towards a certain aspect of millennials. There is so much to talk about millennials and trust me a single blog post cannot exhaust everything. Let me share something about millennials.

Millennials are missing a certain phase of living that is averting their twenties. Overstaying at their parents’ house is an issue that is raising debates on what age one should definitely move on and settle on their own. I know of ‘friends’ who are approaching their thirties but still have dinner in their mother’s homes with much comfort. is there not a problem when somebody who is over twenty-five living and operating in the same house as your parents, and worse still inviting friends to your mother’s home for a party? Is it not a problem especially for, especially the men to ‘overstay’ at home? As I said earlier, the rightful age of moving out is still debatable, but is millennials a bit older to settle on their own?

Being jobless and overstaying at home is still a big issue for millennials to solve. The issue of being overambitious about life steps in to disapprove them. Our parents believe that going to school and finishing your degree will automatically guarantee us a job and life success. Funny enough, some large part of millennials has fallen on this and they are graduating with huge debts only to find a rude, striking reality-there are no jobs. Lack of employment means they cannot settle on their own and this serves as a scapegoat of overstaying at home.

social media
social media

Social Media and Other Issues

Lucky are those millennials who know the power of social media and the internet. Not those type of guys who would stick their eyes on the phone and walk straight into a water pool or hit their heads on low ceilings because they did not read ‘mind your’ head only to realize their attention is distracted by a tiny phone. Generation Z rightfully criticizes social media and specifically the addiction effects which are real. I will leave the dopamine aspect to the scientists, it sounds superstitious to me.

Parents, especially mothers, would slate their kids for sitting at a desktop and continuous pressing those lettered buttons in the name of work. To them, the Gen Z work means you wake up early, and by six you are out hitting the traffic on your way to work .so they would say ‘’ he is off to work’’. Coming home late before seven so that you do not miss the news lines and you meet them at the doorstep- they would ask inaptness,’how was work?’ They believe that for you to be working you must get employed but times change far long ago- millennials are employed by their gadgets.

I have a friend who earns as a social media influencer, has over fifty thousand followers on Twitter, Instagram is his bed of roses, and of course, he has a blog. He is a kind of guy who has his headphones on, actively tweeting and at the same time creating blog posts on his laptop and on top of his desk, a banana smoothie never misses. Millennials have the power of integrating life into work. Some of them watch movies all day long, and you would keep wondering when how they are actually going to pay their bills. Interestingly they would occasionally receive foodstuffs on their doorsteps and over the weekends they will host a party, why? They are multitasking experts.

There are some things that millennials face in life and unfortunately, they never want to address them head-on. A CRB report showed that most of the people listed are between the ages of 19 and 30. Their main leisters were small micro-lenders who advise their services through loan apps. The report further indicated that over sixty percent of them have the ability to repay the loans but default at will. The problem arises when they successfully pass job interviews and the employer checks their credit history. They find themselves listed by a petty company with a petty loan that does not match a job-a life opportunity.

Alcohol and drug abuse is an issue that is worth right-minded attention. Millennials drink alcohol and smoke because their peers do so and it feels cool. My first-night party taught me a lot. As an observer, is saw human diesel trains blowing out clouds of white shisha smoke, and most of them were girls. I also saw a group of guys who I admired, I wanted to join them. I realized for me to fit into them was to probably have a Mzinga,-one liter of cool whiskey with slices of lemon and ice cubes. To me, that was the coolest thing to do. I realized myself and drinking is never part of me. Oh, and depression still leads them to alcohol.

Millennials are certainly in a live track which basically means that achieving life goals, that is the success of, marrying, having a lot of money and a nice car so that they can find grace and gratification on social media. That is not a problem; the issue is lack of patience. Social media will tell them how rich Richard Branson is, or how successful Jeff Bezos is. The media will tell them how to enjoy life to the fullest, visiting Mombasa’s Diani beach or traveling to Dubai is a life milestone. To them the timeframe of achievement does not matter, what matters most is they want all that gratifies them. What happens if this does not get in parallel with their expectations is that they feel dragged down. Alcohol becomes the ultimate solution, but not for more than two or three hours before they get back to reality. Mad friends will then prescribe more dosage, pewa kwani iko nini?

Ever heard that Kenyan music is trash? I saw that trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, I can say that some Kenyan music lacks the taste and we (millennials) should not be bashed for not playing the songs. Here is the issue, millennials appreciate QUALITY media. Beats and rhymes that have dance moves are more preferred than music content. They better shake their heads to Lil Pimp, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Dicky, and other irritating Lils than to listen to the sweet Careless Whispers by George Michael.



There is much to talk about millennials and their behavioral characteristics. Everyone has their opinions about millennials, opinions that may be offensive at some point. Gen Z will criticize millennials but we can prove they are jealous of this vibrant generation. However, we must all agree that millennials have ‘some’ problems. Not that they are problematic but because we found ourselves in the era. What the world can do is support millennials in and their generational issues.


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