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Kids' Wanting Sex Changes?

Updated on June 18, 2014

Kim Petras Minor Operations

Minors wanting Sex Changes, "Is this Morally Correct?"
Minors wanting Sex Changes, "Is this Morally Correct?" | Source

Kim Petras Sex Change At Age 16 ?

Kids Wanting Sex Changes- Is this Morally Correct?

Thumbing through an interest of the transgender society that is medically and psychologically interesting. I ran into alarming stories of young males that were acting out or not fitting their gender at ages two to four years old.Minors wanting sex changes, is this morally correct? The information on one child was about a young lady from Germany that had a sex change at age sixteen; the youngest in the world. Her name is Kim Petras and is searchable on the internet. Not only was she mentioned on this website I was reading from, but there are cases of little boys wanting to be little girls and eventually women all over the world. It was quite a shocking experience as you may be from reading this article. The main identification that all these children had were that they were insistent on their gender. The boys were acting, looking, and speaking intelligently like a little girl or boy that looked like little adolescent girls already. What a shock to be a parent of one of these special little kids that has this author confused. The boys interviewed were only in their years of nine to sixteen, with only one of these having a full sexual change at age sixteen. I will touch on the young women who use to be named Tim and now her name is Kim Petras.

Kim Petras was born in Germany, and a bright young lad he was yet something was missing. Tim wanted to always be a girl from as far back as she can remember based on an interview you can see on this article sight. In the YouTube video you will see what I see a beautiful child that seems extremely mature for her age. (Excuse the, “him and hers” on this article, it just gets confusing trying to tell this story)The parents of Kim were not interviewed in this video, so it is hard to say how they felt, the only story on Kim Petras is her own at age sixteen in this video with this article. She is comfortable and kind with no hostilities and rightfully so. She says that she will make it as a singer and her mother is a jazz singer. The only problem is Kim is twenty years old now and I did find her Facebook page and a little about her story, but that’s about it. This is a link to her Facebook page , she is now an adult at 20 and with the anatomy of a female.

Kim is considered the first transgender to undergo injections at such a young age of twelve in the world. She is an icon of sorts but where are her parents and what so they have to say. The curiosity is not that Kim is now a fully functional women but is this becoming the normal for some pre-teens in our country. The answer is an outstanding yes. There are incidents happening all over the globe of pre-teens changing gender roles and getting shots for breast at puberty to fit in with the female body structure. The children seem to be mentally capable of knowing what they want, yet at eleven and twelve years old do we not think we know everything? People mature at different ages and have puberty at various stages in teen years. What if a parent had their son sexually changed at a young age and to find out that was not at all intended for him. There is no reversal, and the psychological damage would be tremendous.

Kim Petras is a self-proclaimed singer-songwriter with nothing more than a few songs and YouTube videos to her name at age twenty. This in itself is a pipe dream already for this young lady, for some of us wanted to be movie stars when we were her age. Theatrically she may have something going in the future. For now she is the guy who had the sex change to a girl at age sixteen and this will forever be the center of her attention. The lesbian and gay community support transgender modification if it’s correct for the person. How does one know if this human being is mentally stable to make such decisions? Who are the doctors that make the decision of God at birth, or do we not believe that God has anything to do with making babies? That is the number one question to this author. Is having a baby something that God has designed for our bodies and now we say God makes mistakes. God makes no mistakes and even though these boys turned into girls by man is debatable. The process is being done right now with another little boy that thinks he should be a girl. Do you blame the parents? Do you blame God? Do you leave the sex of the baby alone for he is born the way God intended?

Quite a few unanswered questions still remain, but the sex changes are very well happening in our society. Wrong or right someone made the call and said it was ok when you are eighteen to change your sex. Financially how does a family afford this surgical change? Emotionally is it really worth it?

Minors wanting a sex change, is this morally right? You can say this much for these young boys turned into girls. The sex change is not debated by the parents very much. The parents want their children happy, and if you’re not happy with what gender you are you change it. This is the message this is sending out to the world. Forget religion and religious people, you are the temple of your own body and therefore you do as you wish no matter what age.

The minors wanting a sex change will get what their parents want. That is the bottom line. Is it morally right is up to the parent and individuals that take upon this challenge. There is no way you can blame the youth, for they mimic the adult at some points in their pre-teen years. The articles that were studied for this article exclaims that all is fine with the children and how they are coping with their new identities. Nothing I read suggested this was bad for a boy to be a girl. There are certain guidelines you have to follow in which these parents have. The results are based upon a doctor and parent. The child, is clueless until they really understand life a bit more. That is why we have drinking ages and driving ages, one has to be responsible enough to make these decisions and at an age that the courts deem fit. God help the ones that try to play God and help us make the right decisions. That judgment day has not come yet and when it does, be ready to face the consequences.


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