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Why some love stray

Updated on August 23, 2010

My True Love

I do love you.
I do love you.

Has your love strayed


Why would some relationships’ love run astray? You know that person you have been with for so many years. Sit back and remember dating in your early years talking all hours of the night and morning. People couldn’t stand the fact that it seemed as if you were connected by the hip. Where he went, you went. When that person walked into a room where you had no idea they would be, and caught you by surprise an instant smile emerged on your face. Sure you had some difficult issues to deal with over the years, but, you dealt with those and it thus made your relationship that much stronger. At some point you make really big decisions together. Like where to live, what type of employment you should seek, should you have children together, etc? Your relationship as far as you know it, is rock solid. You can talk about just about any and everything. Most times it only took a look and you already understood one another’s stand on issues. Even after many years together you can still find meaningful things to talk about. Yes, you have a bond so tight you think it could never be broken.


At some point in your relationship work, finances, children and life’s anxieties begin to weigh down the relationship. You find you don’t talk as much. Those mystery on the spot dates are a thing of the past. The two of you would share a night cap together one or the other now find themselves having a lonely night cap while your mate sleeps. Welcoming time alone by you as your mate does sleep; unlike before, you would either lay down with them or keep them up because you couldn’t stop talking about the days activities.


Issues come up where you may have to turn your attention to help a family member other than your mate. Instead of your mate jumping in to help, they instead feel left out that you are not home with them. They begin to resent time not spent together. You know something is up, but, instead of verbalizing this with your mate, you choose to confide in others. What happened? Do you see it coming? You began to confide and started building an emotional attachment to someone other than the person you really should be ironing out differences with. You now spend everyday unable to wait to talk to this other very understanding person. You may not talk bad about your mate to this person, but you begin to have those long talks and laughs with someone other than your mate.


An emotional attachment is very dangerous when you are already in a relationship with someone else. You begin to think much too much about this other person. You talk less and less with your mate. You feel you don’t have to clear things up or have challenging conversation with your true love, because now you have someone else on your side.


You now have a choice at this point. You can continue this emotional relationship which will without doubt cause you to fall for this other person, and have your love stray from that special person you have always been with. OR, you can risk it all and tell your mate and yes there may be some fury on their part. You may get into heated arguments over this betrayal. But, in all your years together you managed to get through worst. You can get through this also. The bottom line is honesty is always the best policy if you really love your mate.


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