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How To Get a Girl To Like You

Updated on November 17, 2014

How to get a girl like to you?

First important thing is you have to exist in her life, means girl needs to notice you. If she even doesn't know you are exist, then there is no chance to like you, so do some good work like help other people, help children, become good sport player, get good grades in school or college.These ways you can become visible in society and people talk about you. These ways she also knows you are exist and eventually it will increase your chances.

Rule No 1: Be Neat and Clean

This is very important thing. Please keep yourself neat and clean. Cut your nail regularly, do regular shave, take shower every day, clean your teeth twice a day, use mouth wash or mouth freshener, if you play sports please take a shower after sports, use deodorant, and mild perfume. Do some work out and try to stay in shape. Girls don't like the guy who has no good clothing sense or who stinks. These all things will increase your chances to think about you. Check your dressing senses too. Wash your cloths regularly.

Rule No 2: Talk to her

Find out a chance to speak with her. When you see her just say 'Hi' or 'Hello' and start small conversation with her. Ask her which classes she is taking or ask what assignment she is doing? Ask for small help on your project or assignment. When you see next time her say hi again and say thanks to her for help and start more conversation with her. If you meet at someone at work ask her what works she is doing, then ask her for help or help her in her work.

Rule No. 3: Make her laugh

Now once you start to speak with her, make sure your conversation goes very light. Make sure she doesn’t become bored with your company or don’t put yourself in silent zones. Talk about funny movies or some funny serials or make some jokes. That way she likes your company, she likes to spend more time with you. Make sure she doesn't feel uncomfortable with you.


Rule No. 4: Be Her friend

Generally Girl doesn't like to fall in love with any random stranger guy. She likes to know the person very well first than she falls in love with that man. Try to become her friend, also try to become friend with her friends too. That is important, that way she fills you are social guy and you like to make new friends. Now try to find out what she likes. If you play some sports, invite her to watch if she is interested. If she refuses, don’t take to seriously and don't show your emotions. So Start being friendly with her, but make sure don’t become very greedy. If she doesn't like your company than pause yourself there and find out what’s going wrong.

Once she becomes your friend and knows you very well, than after become little flirty with her. Again don’t do aggressively, take your time. These things will help you to keep out of friend zone. Now she becomes confused and starts to think about you from out of friend zone too. Whenever you meet her or see her do eye contact with her or give smile. Do some flirty conversation. Don’t be nervous, girls don’t like a person who has no courage to express his feelings. But again warn you don’t do so aggressively.

How to get a girl to like you

Rule No. 5: Compliment her, Make her feel important and remove touch barrier

Every girl likes to get compliment from people, so do it. Give her good compliment and say some nice words, but please think something extra, just don’t say only typical sentence to her which everyone use like you look beautiful or like that. Instead of that say something nice like: In this white dress you look an angle and this earrings perfectly match to your face, just like that. This way she feels important, how you observe her. That will help her to think about your important and put you in different positions from all other friends. Now time to remove touch barrier. If you are walking alone on street or park, try to touch her hand and pretend like you touch mistakenly. Touch her back or hand or face when you are flirting her, but don’t touch inappropriate body parts which makes you and her in uncomfortable situation. If she feels comfortable with your actions, keep continue but If she resists than stop doing to touch her, otherwise she will start to avoid you and you might lose her as a friend too.


Rule No. 6: Ask her out

Once you become good friend and you are out of friend zone too, ask her for movie or long drive or something like that. You can go for bowling too. Make sure when you ask her out you have 2 -3 different plans in your mind. Girl doesn't like guy who just come and ask her to go out without any plan. If she refuses first plan ask about another plan and explain her in detail like what time you will go, what you will do there and what time you will come back. Second thing make sure when you both go out she doesn't become bored, so please don’t be silent or don’t do any silly thing which embrace you. Make sure she laughs and enjoy your company.

hope these all things will help you and girls will like you.

Good Luck !!!!!!!

Hardest Step

As per you Which is the hardest part to follow?

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    • Mihnea Andreescu profile image

      Mihnea-Andrei Andreescu 2 years ago from Tilburg

      I think the most difficult part is removing touch barrier,especially for shy guys :)

    • ptlrav profile image

      Rav 2 years ago

      Alancaster149 good to know about UL culture. I tried to give basic info (tips), and i guess every girls like the nice compliments.

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 2 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Interesting, Rav. How did you come across these techniques? Here in the UK they might work with some socially isolated girls, most I know or have come across would prefer you talk about their interests. By and large these could be a) Association Football, b) Rugby Union, c) Rugby League or d) horses/dogs (possibly even gorillas/armadillos/penguins).

      They tend to get self-conscious if you talk about them or their appearance and you'd have to know them for longer to get that far (like married).

    • ptlrav profile image

      Rav 2 years ago

      Thank you ladyguitarpicker

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 2 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Hi, an interesting hub you have written.