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I Miss You, My Old Friends

Updated on July 15, 2017

Seasons Of Life

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. I have been through many seasons of my life and each season I did have a special friend. Grade School, High School, First Marriage, Single Mom, New Mom, all the mom stages, you get the picture. Now as an empty Nester mom, is when I miss my old friends the most. It is said you are a fortunate person if you can count good friends on one hand. I do have my hands full of friends, but ones that get me ? Not so much, only a couple.The friends you have on Facebook are fun to see pictures, jokes, catch up on news, but I miss that pick up the phone,sit down and have coffee friend that I used to know. I love my Facebook friends, but I it's not the same, when you are on the World Wide Web.

Friends Know Your Song

BFF'S Best Friends Forever

It took me awhile to understand the lingo of the millennial generation. It is a strange way they talk to each other on their smart phones. Life before the internet technology spread it's growing roots into each home, car and relationship, was a much more honest way to have true friends. Maybe I am old fashioned in the way I feel. Some of us have become quite good with computer skills, but a lot of us still need lessons from our kids and grand-kids.This new generation is missing out on a lot, by hiding behind a screen, instead of learning social skills that cannot be bought or taught online.

Four Generations In One Photo

One generation lived through the depression. Inside Bathrooms were a luxury. The U.S. mail was how you communicated. Watching for the mailman, and getting a letter made your day,. Next up,telephones with party lines. No not a party on a telephone. First you had to sit still to talk, because the phone sat still.I also remember listening in on our neighbors conversations that were quite boring as a child, then being a very rude person, I sometimes hung and picked it back up so they would get off, and let me use the phone. Anyone else remember doing that? As time went on you could get a long cord to move around a little as you talked. Private lines were now available so you didn't have to share with your neighbors. Then cordless phones were made! How great it was to walk around cleaning or cooking and still talk on the phone. Next generation, had the internet, chat rooms and pages, although sometimes dial-up was still necessary, keeping others off the phone while on the internet. With the arrival of cell phones, it was a great way to call in an emergency and let people know where you were. Next gen up, Smart Phones, and a generation that knows how to use them. Even if we don't .

What Kind of Phone Did You First Use ?

First Phone Everyone ?

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Really Now ??

Let's play a game. I will text something and you can decide what I mean. "Fine". Do I mean "Fine" that sounds good? Or maybe" Fine" if I have to. Or "I feel Fine, I knew that I would"?

"Really". Do I mean excited Really?? or "Really how boring can you be ?"

"Sure" I am so excited "Sure I would Love To!" or maybe "sure, rolling my eyes at you".

Emojis help with the meaning of what someone says, but how often are you left wondering?

You Can't Read A Book By It's Cover

I found myself feeling this way a little while ago. I am not easily understood.I tend to have levels of intimacy, that start out ranging from shy to ridiculous, depending on how nervous I am. I tend to keep my real self back until I feel I can trust someone. I know some of you tend to be the same way. Over the years I have grown closer to my spouse, but there is still, something special about a true friend. One that will listen to you gripe, tell you to get over yourself, but sincerely loves you enough to be there with prayers and patience. And those friends don't come easy, or leave any easier. In my new stage of life, I just want to say, I miss you my old friends and hope to make new friends old. To the ones who have stuck with me through out the craziness of my life, you are like Gold.

Support System

I have read many books on how to recover from different kinds of issues.One thing each had in common was that every person needs a support system. When you are out in the working place sometimes you have one, but others don't. A church is a great support system if you get involved with small groups. Some of us have spouses that tend to think they do not need this in their life. So do you go by yourself or keep praying for "some day"? That seems to be where I am right now. Even after all these years I still tend to be leery of people until I get to know them. I guess you just have to put your best or worse foot forward and trust that God will take care of the rest. Remember you are never alone.

What Kind of Friend are You

Is it hard for you to make new friends?

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The Year I Began My FIrst Baby

It's Often Hard to Get Back From Where You Were Going

I had a collision between my young and older self during the graduation year of my last born son. For thirty one years I had been a mother. I had put so much on hold either because I couldn't handle it, or didn't have time to handle it. When I came to the end of my mothering, I didn't know who I was. I had persevered to the point of losing what I had always wanted to be. A good mother, wife and friend. Somehow I had lost all three. Through counseling, prayer, reliving some past over crises, I have finally began to come back to where I was. The problem can be sometimes though, that others don't understand where you went or where you came back from. Sometimes only God knows, and that's okay, but I think everyone still needs a friend with whom you can be yourself.


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