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Online Dating Tips

Updated on May 27, 2013

Five Top Online Dating Tips

1) To increase your chance of getting responses from people you email, read their profile carefully first and ask questions based on what they said in their profile.
According to Online Dating Magazine, one of the biggest complaints that online daters have is that people don't read their profile before sending an email. This usually occurs because someone sends a "mass message" to several people at once that is very generic (i.e. "Hi, how are you? Wanna chat?"). When you take the time to read a profile and ask questions based on what you read then your chances of getting a response increase dramatically.

2) Don't be negative in your profile and stay away from expressing thoughts that make you unattractive.
People are generally turned off by those they perceive to be negative. As a result your profile should avoid phrases like "I hate ...", "what really sucks is...", etc. Also, avoid words like "I'm lonely" as that makes people think something is wrong with you or that you may have psychological issues. When reading online dating profiles, people are attracted to positive vibes and thoughts. Be sure to portray those in your profile.

3) Make sure your photos are recent.
Recent photos are vital because when you meet a person for a date, you want them to not only recognize you, but to know you were honest in your profile. Also, make sure that the photos are interesting - not "sexy" interesting - just interesting. Poses are boring. Things that show you having fun are great as long as you can be clearly seen.

4) Trust your gut instinct.
If something feels "wrong" about the person you are communicating with then politely end the communication. Trust your gut instinct. It rarely lets you down.

5) Don't get discouraged.
Online Dating Magazine estimates that more than 250,000 people are married each year as a result of meeting on an online dating service. Sometimes it can take several dates you perceive as "bad" before you find that diamond in the rough.

Online Dating Tonight Episode

When people follow sound advice and tips they do much better in attracting others and making their online dating experience a success.
When people follow sound advice and tips they do much better in attracting others and making their online dating experience a success. | Source

Online Dating Tips - The Quick List

1) Be positive.

2) Post a photo.

3) No photos over 4 months old.

4) Avoid politics in your profile.

5) Don't lie in your profile.

6) Keep options local.

7) Create a catchy username.

8) Keep headlines interesting.

9) Change profile every 3 weeks.

10) Meet only in public places.

Online Dating Tips from TechFeed


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