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Online Dating Yes and No's

Updated on April 25, 2012

What is Online Dating?

Online Dating is when you search for someone over a radius of certain miles, for sexual encounter's, relationship's, marriage, and love.

Online Dating is a great way to hook up with another without the awkwardness of introduction.

Since most Online Dating site's provide you with a Profile you set up, or use Facebook to connect to get your personal info, it's a good way to meet someone.

The Pro's and Con's:


  • You can find someone close to you.
  • You can search other profiles before, actually talking to the person.
  • You get an understanding of who they are before you meet them.
  • You get the chance to search for someone using a Chemistry related option.
  • You have lot's of fun chatting with other people, there's really no end.


  • You may get unwanted e-mail's, or inbox messages from people that are not your type, or are a creepy person.
  • You may get constant e-mail's that overload your inboxes.
  • You may give our info that you may not want to get.
  • There could be Malicious people looking to give you a virus.
  • There could be a safety concern about someone knowing you.
  • You could get stalked.
  • You could get phone calls from unwanted people (if you give your phone number out)

So what concerned you? and Do you think you'd rather take your chances?

Well the answer's simple, you may share info that you may not want to share through Facebook, if you do it manually, you have the privilege of entering your personal data that you seem fit to share with other's with other's. You may never get a Virus from the listed site's I will provide for you, a recommended variety of site's, the risk is your's, and it's up to you wether or not you get any personal info out there.

Harsh, but the reality is you have full control at these site's some other's are not so lenient, please take a look at these site's below they rank in order of 1-10, 1 being the most opinionated best one. 10 being the semi-bad or worst.

  1. - Plenty of Fish.

How much is finding love worth?

Well it really depends, the only actual, "FREE", Online Dating site I found was (

It's fully customizable, many of singles to look through.

and is a greatly known, and awarded site.

Zoosk, is one you would have to pay for, in the begging it seems as tho it's free, it never say's you have to pay anything until you meet someone, and then your messages become limited as well as wink's, then a subscription will pop up asking you to pay, it's not a scam, it's smart, and it's annoying, but what would you pay to find love? Zoosk is the #1 site out there for online dating it's comprehensive technology has shown and proven it get's more people together than any other site.

So tell me in the comment section below, What do you think love is worth, and what would you be willing to pay for it?

Love Movies


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    • Michael Toole profile image

      Michael Toole 5 years ago from Gainesville, Missouri

      I appreciate the feedback Jan, it's really appreciated, your a really great guy, and thank for the comment, you have a good one! :)

    • janikon profile image

      Stuart A Jeffery 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I tend to believe love should be priceless, though I am a bit of a closeted romantic. I would like to believe love calms naturally and blooms organically. I'm not sure what I'd be willing to pay for love but I would give what I had to keep it. Voted Up. Interesting.