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perfect first date

Updated on August 23, 2011

First dates are always a nerve racking situation with having the pressure of impressing the date while not making a fool out of yourself. Most first dates are a typical dinner and a movie date with an awkward goodnight walk up to the front door, while hoping to walk away with a goodbye kiss ensuring there will be another date. On a typical dinner and a movie date there are many errors with this move, with the dinner being the first on the list. Dinner dates are always stressful, always trying to make yourself look perfect and hope you don’t look like a pig while eating. With all the stress at hand, the newly dating couple can’t really express themselves or their feelings towards certain topics. Most of the time while on a first date at dinner both people are too hungry and too focused on when the food is going to get there than on the date at hand. When the food finally arrives, the next problem does as well, while the couple should be getting to know each other better they are too busy stuffing their face and at the same time concerned about how perfect they need to eat to impress their new dating partner.

When the food stuffing, non-expressive dinner is done then it’s off to the movies. The movies are great, but not for the first date with the reason being that there is no communication going on between the new daters. The need for communication and expression of views, emotions and friendly social talk is very vital for new daters. At the movies the interaction is limited; the only physical contact between the two might be holding hands, cuddling, possible kiss or two or for extreme first daters pushing the envelope, an extreme make out session, but still no getting to know the person with in.

The best first date scenario for the newbie’s is a neutral meeting zone. A cup of coffee and a nice chat outside a coffee shop without the pressure of impressing the other person and without having the thought of it being a date, but more of a causal first time meeting with a new acquaintance and possible second date with an appropriate dinner and a movie. It’s a great way to start off dating someone when you start out by meeting as friends and letting God take control of what happens next.


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      RD 6 years ago

      Not bad MThacker.