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Am I Not Pretty Enough? - The Science of Attraction

Updated on January 12, 2016

Attraction equals one word, PHEROMONES – if they don’t match 100% then it doesn't matter how gorgeous, smart, talented, wealthy or good in bed you are. Bottom line; he/she will drop you and fall for the next mean, ugly and dumb person, only if their pheromones match.

Have you heard of this scenario? Boy meets gorgeous girl, girl has a high IQ, is funny, extremely generous and does everything to keep this boy happy. But all this girl seems to hear is, ‘I’m not ready for commitment,’ ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you,’ and after many tears and much heartache from the girls side, she hears this last sentence, ‘we need to see other people.’ A few months later as the girl is flipping through her local newspaper, there he is! The boy, the jerk that broke her heart. She can’t seem to take her eyes off the smiling A5 photo of him, in a tux. Next to him a women gleaming from cheek to cheek, and not to mention not even that hot. Hang on, just a few months ago he was giving her speeches about how marriage is just a piece of paper, and commitment was not for him. And here he is, more committed than a prison inmate. And then the girl cries, goes into months of depression and blames herself for not being good enough. But if only somebody told her and saved her from the self tormenting analysis. Then her ego could lay the blame on biology and simply accept that their pheromones just didn't match.

Pheromones all have to do with smell. And what determines that the potential partner standing in front of you possesses the right smell? Well that all has to do with science. The scent of axillary sweat, a micro smell that is detected through the vomeronasal organ in the nose. The pheromones travel through the nose and arouse an area of the brain that produces emotions and emotional responses. Sweat may be one of the least attractive body odors, and in today’s society we do wash away most of these scents. So does that mean that our natural pheromones are at times ignored, and this is why there are so many single people and dating sites around? I’m sure there is someone doing research on the topic of washing away natural smells as I type. Yet this does not cover the fact that so many people out there are not conscious about this matter and go to the extremes to be beautiful in order to win love. Gym memberships and muscle builders are fast sellers. More so, the amount of people that are going under the knife is phenomenal.

Sure beauty does sell, it does get people to turn their head and perhaps it does gain the attention of the opposite sex, if only for a short while. But at the end of it all; it’s not solid, lacks genuine feelings and will always be superficial. Sooner or later, your partner will realize that in addition to your superb figure and stunning face, there’s something missing (a smell). And then you may hear these dreadful words ‘I’m not ready to commit.’ But if you were only aware about the science of attraction, your injured ego may have been able to recover sooner and move on to search for its biological match.

By Rana Kordahi


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