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How to Phrase a Woman to Like You

Updated on April 21, 2013

How to Phrase a Woman to Like You

How to Phrase a Woman to Like You
How to Phrase a Woman to Like You | Source

Phrasing A Women

How to Phrase a Woman to Like You

Phrasing women to like you is a way of swaying her opinions about you and focusing on the subject; you. How do you phrase women to get her phone number? How do you phrase yourself into her bedroom? If you think about it, you have been using the same old lines that just don’t work. There is a phrase for this called if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome from it, forget it. As a man trying to influence women, you have to start paying close attention to using language. Language is extremely powerful in dating and relationships as a whole. It can influence people and change people’s thinking entirely.

If you had a lawyer, and he was representing you. You would not care what law school he came from. What would be most important is how he could sway his audience in his direction. This is an example of style manipulation that lawyers do and so do pick up artist. It’s how you phrase a question and get the answer you need. That is the ticket to all this. To mesmerize and convince a jury to go with your story is a great lawyer. If their defendant is guilty, a lawyer will phrase his words so to make his client look innocent and show the good side of his client. This phrasing of words into sentences will help anyone out when faced with opposition. The phrases one uses with others that you are trying to get your point across to will be convinced with your input if done correctly.

When with women and talking about previous girls you have dated. You want to make sure you insert a red flag into one of the dates you had. For example, Your talking about a girl and you go,”Yes she was good looking and all that but, I am not sure she is the right one. There is the kicker and the opening for this new girl to fill the void. You also tell her you have a girlfriend named Jane and she has a birthday party this Saturday and have to go buy her a present. You hate shopping but decided to get her perfume. You were going to get her clothes, but felt a bit strange about doing this, and finding what she likes. Maybe just picking up some nice perfume will do the trick. “What do you think?” he asks the new girl.

Let’s see what you just did, you just played her. For one, you told this new girl that you have a friend named Jane, and this tells your new friend that you are popular with girls. The second thing this accomplishes is you are invited to a party and these means your cool and have stuff going on, so your schedule is tight. You’re a generous guy because you like to purchase perfume for Jane. If you are triggering her jealous, competitive female instinct’s; way to go, she is into you and is ready to compete.

This is called phrasing and it will work all the time. Jane is a friend, but your new girlfriend starts asking jealous questions like, “Is Jane your girlfriend or something”, you say, “No, Silly she is just a friend I watch out for”. The game keeps playing as the new girl builds up to find out more about you and your past relationships. This is a healthy way to meeting a new girl or women, and it keeps her on her toes. She likes you already, and you have shown how you care for other females without mentioning sex or basically anything to do with the present girl. She will flirt with you. Enjoy this tidbit and keep reading my articles to find out how to introduce you to a new world of women.


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