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The Problem Of Talking To Girls

Updated on May 25, 2015

Do You Have A Problem Talking To Girls?

Some guys have a real There are many different reasons for this. Some poor guys are too shy to even attempt to talk to girls, whereas others talk to girls but always seem to get it wrong. Which one are you?

Are you one of those guys that goes out with his mates on the pull, but always ends up on the side lines. You know the type I mean, they sit at the bar looking at all those sexy girls and envying the lucky guys who are with them, but they always end up just sitting there at the bar getting drunk and feeling sorry for themselves and doing nothing about it because they just don't have any confidence in themselves.

Another type of guy will go up to any girl and talk to her, but they have such a yobish attitude that they manage to say all the wrong things, cause offence and end up making a complete nuisance of themselves and most girls avoid them like the plague!

Problem Talking To Girls If You're Shy

Tips For The Shy Guy

If you have a problem talking to girls because you are the shy quiet type, there is hope for you yet. The way to overcome this problem is practice, practice and more practice.

One of the first things to do is to practice talking to any girl. In other words make talking to girls the normal thing to do. Just begin by talking to any girl you meet in your every day life. She can be young or old, fat or thin, ugly or pretty, it doesn't matter. What you are aiming for is to just get used to talking to girls. Talk to them about every day mundane things like the weather, the state of the economy, anything. Talk to girls at work, talk to girls you meet in the supermarket queue, at the bus stop, the checkout girl and shop assistants. Soon talking to girls will become second nature, so when you do encounter a girl you would like to get to know, it will be a lot easier to strike up a conversation with her.

Next get prepared. Write down some interesting topics of conversation and memorise them. There is nothing worse than running out of things to talk about. Make them interesting and topical. Subjects such as music and favourite bands are a good starting point.

Make yourself an interesting person. What interests do you have? If you find you do not have many interests, now may be a good time to take up a sport or join an evening class. These are also good places where you could meet girls and you would have the added bonus of a mutual interest.

Smarten up your appearance and give yourself a new look. One way to boost confidence is to get a new image. Get a new modern hair style and go out and buy some new clothes. Get a sister or a friend to go with you and help you to choose the right style that would suit you best.

Problem Talking To Girls If You're Too Pushy

Tips For The Pushy Guy

Going to the other extreme, if you are the type of guy that is too pushy, you too are probably having big problems with talking to girls. Come on, own up, you know who you are!

Are you the type of guy that comes across as cocky and brash and who walks up to girls and comes out with crude jokes and one liners. Do you get drunk at parties and make an exhibition of yourself. Do you talk loudly at girls but fail to listen to them. Are you always making a nuisance of yourself in clubs by trying to foist yourself onto girls who are not interested in you.

If you are having a problem talking to girls because of your over-bearing and crude behaviour then you really need to tone down your act and have a rethink if you want to meet the girl of your dreams.

Loud and loutish behaviour is probably the result of a lack of confidence. People who lack confidence in themselves will try to cover up or overcompensate by being loud and brash. If you want to end your problems with talking to girls you will need to get yourself a new image and reinvent yourself.

Tips For Guys With a Problem Talking To Girls

These tips will help both types of guy who are having problems with talking to girls.

Girls like to be treated with respect, so treat her with the respect you would give to your own sister.

Girls like guys who make them laugh, but remember to tone it down and don't be crude. You can be funny and sexy if you make it subtle.

When you talk to a girl for the first time, keep it simple and don't bore her by telling her your life history the first time you meet.

Don't monopolise the conversation. Ask her about herself and listen to her replies.

Pay her a few compliments, but nothing too heavy. Maybe say she has nice eyes or nice hair.

Don't be pushy. If all goes well, ask if she would like to meet for a drink sometime and offer her your phone number. That way she feels in control and if she likes you, she is sure to ring you within the next day or two.

What Are Your Problems When Talking To Girls? - Tell Me Your Story

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