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How To Deal With Racism

Updated on October 25, 2014

Who Is A Racist?

For lack of better words, racism is humanity gone awry. A racist is a misguided zealot. But it is important to note that some racists think they are fierce patriots. They won't think twice before killing for their pride. Most of the others are run of the mill trouble makers who thrive in harassing the weak. Using nationalism as a shield and wearing false patriotic colors, they go on about fulfilling their own personal agenda. But it is the first kind which we should be more aware of. Because that kind carry on their hatred for other people to their grave. Throughout their life, they poison people's mind, trying to increase their own kind.

A racist is proud of his race. No doubt about it. He is proud of his skin color, the shape of his eyes, his body structure. Everything. Before going further, let me make it clear that I am not going to stereotype anything. I am not writing this to sympathize with any race, rather I am writing this so that it will help you recognize the racists of every race. Yes, every race and community have some rotten apples. Some are vocal and fearless, others just a murmur but with a potential to be a devastating negative force when presented with the right situation.

Is A Racist Also A Patriot?

Here comes the most important question that has been nagging my mind for a long time. Can racial pride be identified with patriotism? It got me thinking about how nations were formed. While there is no doubt that pride in one's own creed, kind and culture was the precursor of nationalism, it is the hatred towards others which is the glaring dissimilarity of racism over patriotism.

The small percentage of racists who think they are die hard patriots are indeed living in a fool's paradise. Their kind see every outsider as a threat. It is these racists who are of the opinion that their culture, traditions and values are under siege and they are doing a favor to their country by being hostile towards outsiders. Who is an outsider according to them? Not only someone from another country, but also their own countrymen who are different from them culturally, socially and in skin color. They have a superiority complex who see others as an embarrassment and a limiting factor.

And what about the other racists? They are in it for the fun of it. Or to take out some dormant frustrations. They are local goons who want to maintain their position through intimidation. These racists have nothing but their personal gains in mind.

A racist can never be a patriot. Anyone upholding their own race can never belong anywhere

The Making Of A Racist

Nobody is born a racist. Babies don't go about segregating their play area or making racial slurs. But disturbing as it may sound, racism begins at school for some. So what goes in between? What makes a child's mind susceptible to racism? The most easy and foolhardy reason is a racist parent. Their child is bound to exhibit signs of racism early on. This is the seed of playground racism. A child makes a racist remark, his friends find it cool and join in. Starting with jokes and jibes, some interactions end up being physical. Now when this happens, the oppressed child also starts forming an opinion and influences his friends. And a chain reaction starts.

So what about others who seemingly rediscover their racial pride in their teens or late in life. Peer pressure is the most common reason. There are some other factors like losing a job to a migrant worker, or facing humiliation in the hands of a boss who isn't of the same community or country. While the issue of migrant workers is a sensitive one, we must understand the fact that our own government and the company run by our own countrymen have made it possible to hire migrant talent. A laid off employee might hold a migrant worker the source of all his problems, but a deeper thinking lays bare the fact that its all about profit.

Another reason for "late bloomer racists" is religion. A person encounters some guy, disdain forms for the different traditions and values. It grows and transforms into hatred nurtured with silence.When such people meet like minded people, they form personal racist hate clubs.

Another reason might be an unpleasant experience at a foreign country, or from a person of different race. The frustration remains dormant till the person encounters someone from that race or that country in his own. They can't help generalize their unpleasant experience with everyone from that country.

Curb It Early

The Skin I'm In: A First Look at Racism (A First Look at...Series)
The Skin I'm In: A First Look at Racism (A First Look at...Series)

An amazing book and a great effort by the author against racism. With simple words and pictures, this book encourages children to accept everyone irrespective of their differences.


More Books That Teach Kids Not To Be Racists

How To Deal With It

You will need courage, presence of mind and tact to deal with it. Some people do not retort out of their gentleness. People take advantage of this and see it as a weakness. Be confident about who and what you are.

They never work alone. They have a pack of like minded hyenas who support and laugh at their actions. If you encounter any such group, remain calm and neutral. Maintain your composure. Reply to their sick words with a minimal words. Like " A nice joke". Or "Very Funny. You made that up?"

There are subtle actions by people too. You might meet them in your workplace, your bus or anywhere. They first probe if a person is weak. If someone shows any signs of weakness, they pounce on them. Be polite but firm with such people. Let them know you do not approve of this.

One form of racism hard to detect and curb is the one rampant in schools. Often , we tend to confuse it with bullying. Teachers need to pay close attention and weed out such incidents. With proper counseling, hopefully these misguided children will come back to society being a lot more mature.

Racists try to hit where it hurts most. They will make fun of your culture, traditions, looks. Be confident and let them know that you don't bother what they think.You are happy being who you are

Even if you are not the one who is suffering, do not passively encourage racism by not doing anything. If you see any act or racism, take steps to prevent it or help the victim. If someone you know is displaying signs of being a racist, make your displeasure known. Teach your children the value of humanity.

In 2011, Bank Of America was fined 335 million for minority discrimination

My Favorite Anti Racism Movie. - A Great Learning Experience

American History X
American History X

A gripping movie about a former racist trying to protect his brother from going the same self destructive way


Let Me Know How You Feel!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think racism is just another form of bullying and I agree that they run in a pack. It's often the crowd mentality that bolsters their courage. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this topic.

    • queenofduvetcover profile image


      5 years ago

      Great job on this lens. We need to teach our children to love everyone of all colors and that racism is wrong.

    • Virginiangare profile image


      5 years ago

      I agree it comes with generalizations, you encounter me a black African I can't keep time and you assume that all Africans can't keep time. You start hating Africans then and there.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Its an important topic that needs to be heard by everyone, some times repeatedly. :)


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