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How to Find Your Girlfriend - Hypnosis Tip I Learned from Major Mark Cunningham!

Updated on February 18, 2013

Mark Cunningham Hypnosis

Mark Cunningham Hypnosis
Mark Cunningham Hypnosis

How to Find a Girlfriend Using Self-Hypnosis

There are many applications for hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Everyone knows that Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have been used to achieve quick and effortless changes in beliefs, attitudes and behavior.

There is one use for hypnosis and self-hypnosis that is seldom mentioned - using hypnosis to find your "Perfect Match".

Self hypnosis, weight-loss hypnosis, and hypnosis to stop smoking have been used successfully by millions to improve their lives. Hypnosis for sex, erotic hypnosis and even feminization hypnosis have brought a more satisfying sex life to thousands more.

One of the guys I sometimes hear from asked me for advice about starting a relationship. He said that he was pretty good at meeting and even sleeping with women, but when he tried to start a relationship he always screwed things up.

Here is what I suggested to him -

Is This What YOU Are Looking For?

Are You Ready to Find a Girlfriend?

First, I think that for him to want a serious relationship is definitely a good thing.

However, I do usually think that people, especially men, should wait until their late 20’s or early thirties before getting married or making a commitment that involves making babies.

Frequently, younger people will often go through a number of relationships in a single year – and older people tend to have relationships that last around four years or so.

It’s just that people who don't know what they want sort of stumble from one relationship to another as they try to find something that works.

And, even if he is mature enough, the women he hangs out with may not be.

Using "The List" and Hypnosis to Find the Perfect Girlfriend

Would you know your "Perfect Match" if you found them? If not, figure out what you want and use hypnosis to program your unconscious mind to locate them for you.

This is an exercise that was very helpful to me. It was something that Major Mark Cunningham did at a men’s seminar several years back that I call "The List".

Major Mark had everyone make a list, as detailed as possible, which described our "Perfect Match".

After we made "The List" (writing it down is important), Mark put us into a hypnotic trance and instructed our unconscious mind to be on the look-out for someone that matched "The List", but instructed our conscious mind to just forget about it.

And, that we were not to worry about actively pursuing this “Perfect Match”, but to trust that our unconscious would know her when it found her.

Well, it worked.

Over the next year or so, I went out with a number of different women, and didn’t really think about my “Perfect Match” again. I was much more into being entertained by “Available Women” and was having lots of fun with that.

Within a year or so, I met and started seeing one woman regularly and lost interest in all the other women I had been seeing.

One day, recently, while looking through those seminar notes, I found “The List”. To my amazement, this woman (and I am still with her) matched 14 out of 14 items I had put on "The List".

And she has brought many more things into our relationship that I wasn't smart enough (or optimistic enough) to put on "The List".

Find Your "Perfect Match"
Find Your "Perfect Match"

Finding a Girlfriend - The Journey is the Destination

The message here is that if you take the time to write down what it is you are looking for, it is much easier to recognize it when you run across it.

And it becomes much easier to move on from a relationship that is not giving you what you want.

I am sure that although having a professional like Major Mark do the hypnosis greatly enhanced the effectiveness, it will still work with using self-hypnosis techniques.

Just don’t put a lot of conscious effort into finding the person. Go out with people, have fun and trust that your unconscious will recognize your "Perfect Match" when thet come along.

You can take "The List" out once in a while if you wish, but if it truly reflects what you want at the deepest levels, you’ll know them when you find them.

Of course, the same exercise works for women, too.

Women may be better at listening to and following their intuition about people, and “The List” is a good way for them to tell their unconscious what characteristics they really want in a mate.

It may take a while to discover that someone matches the list – some of the items may not be quickly or easily determined.

Don’t use the “List” as an excuse to exclude people from your life until you know enough about them to make a judgment. But, don’t settle for less and don’t stop looking.

Your Opinion Counts!

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