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Rocking AIDS Babies

Updated on June 12, 2010

What is Rocking AIDS Babies?

You probably got here the same way I did. Somebody suggested a list of hobbies and one of them included "rocking AIDS babies." You're probably wondering, what is that? Well, I'm here to help!

I did some research to figure out just what causes 30 people a month to search for this random phrase and what the "hobby" actually entails.

Rocking Babies

When babies are upset, they cry. They cry a lot. Which is unfortunate, because in a hospital, there are a lot of babies. And a lot of crying. And only so many nurses.

When healthy babies are born to parents who want them, the parents can normally take care of the baby for much of the time they're in the Maternity Ward and before they go home. However, if the baby is one placed into adoption or otherwise unwanted, the mom may leave earlier and not take the baby with her.

In this case, someone has to help the baby with his basic needs, like rocking.

AIDS Babies

I'm not entirely sure why the babies having AIDS is particularly important. It seems the website that wrote the list of hobbies that led you here allows open submission for hobbies, so at times the list can appear less than human-vetted.

Of course, babies with AIDS are very unfortunate. They'll probably die in their 30's, if not earlier, and will live with the constant shadow of their illness, which is really sad. If you know someone with HIV/AIDS, don't treat them like a pariah. Treat them like they're no different than everyone else. OK?

Rocking AIDS Babies

So, now that you've learned a thing or two about rocking AIDS babies, why not take a stroll down to your local hospital and ask if you can rock some AIDS babies? I'm sure they'd appreciate it :)

Also, if you're curious why I created this lens, it was mainly to capitalize on the 30 searches a month and complete lack of competition. Obviously most people coming here have no interest in buying anything, but hopefully you'll check out the rest of the site, eh? :)

Comments? Questions?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Sorry but this article is all wrong. Rocking AIDS babies is about rocking out and playing mad guitar solos on the babies.


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have to say i am one of those people to but i think going and rocking babies may actually be a lot of fun as i feel happy from helping others so why not someone whose a baby and needs some love anyway.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Yep, got here after seeing the term included in a list of hobbies. Thank you for taking the time to create the Lens and helping to explain a worthwhile effort.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Thank you so much! I guess I'm on of those "random 30 a month", cause that was just it--I found it in a hobbies list and I was like "What??" lol and found my way here. Now I know! I guess I never thought about all those crying babies, and how much help it would be to volunteer to rock them. I wish I was better at soothing them and close to a hospital, else I would love to do that! :)