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Interesting Romantic Quotes for Wife

Updated on January 6, 2016

Love Quotes for Wife

Do you love your wife? If the answer is not affirmative then this hub is not for you. If you love her well then hear her some romantic messages for her compiled for you.

If you are an American husband, then you may say some of these quotes are extra sentimental, but don’t worry there are some dull quotes too which will be most suited for you. No, there is not any hot and you know what type of quotation here.

I know the quality of all the love quotations listed here are not that to notch, but if you say all of these are craps, I’ll not agree with you, sorry.

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Love quotes for dear wife
Love quotes for dear wife | Source

The First Six Love Quotes for Wife

1. If ever I have to start my life anew, I will start it from the day of our marriage. I want to make it clear to you that you mean the world to me. I can say with determination that I truly love my wife.

2. I shall not say my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, but for me your beauty is no less than any miss world. I do not want to lose any love between us.

3. Age is making you more and more beautiful. This is no flattery; these are the sincere words of a husband who considers himself luckiest for getting such a wife who cannot be compared with anybody in the world. I love you my dear.

4. You are very, very special to me. You cannot be replaced with any gold or diamond of the world. You have become another part of me. Without you my life is not complete.

5. What success I have gotten in my life is because of you. What I am today would not be possible without your support. So, I can say it safely that you are the woman behind my success.

6. Love is what which makes you an angel to me. I want to love you and being loved forever.

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The Long List

1. My decision to marry you was not based on logic but on my feelings. Logic has no place in love because it is in the realm of magic.

2. My dear wife, when anything goes wrong with you, when you feel sad, when you will want to cry, just remember that I was with you, still with you and will always be to the last of my days.

3. No matter how loud I shout around you that I love you so much, you will not be convinced without checking my feelings for you. So, I'll only say that shut your eyes and try to feel, can you hear my heartbeats?

4. Do you know why I hate gardening? It is because when I look at you all the roses appear dull and lifeless to me. I love you my dear wife.

5. I love you it is true

I have given my heart to you,

Now I have no heart

But you have two,

That’s how I became your part.

6. My dreams are for you, my life is for you, and my heart beats for you. I love you my dear.

"If I love you..."
"If I love you..."

7. We grow old… We grow old, our body shape is changing with age, so is our stamina. But one thing we can surely say is that our love has not changed a bit.

8. There are some sacred things which are better not to see. That is why you close your eyes when you kiss me. You will also close your eyes during crying or dreaming. Now have a sweet dream, my dear wife.

9. You are my magic healing tool that erases away every bad memories of the past from my soul. My love is full and sincere for you.

"Love is life" - Love Quote Image
"Love is life" - Love Quote Image

10. You are my soul, my dear wife. You live in my heart and also in our house. I love you darling.

11. A cellphone is dead without a charger and I am the phone here. I am always yours, oh my sweet charger!

12. The color of my life was grey before you came into it. Now, I can see rosy tint because of you.

13. Like a wheel around an axle my life revolves around you. You are my love and the best friend in life.

14. Your love has given me a cause for doing something great in life. You are my source of life.

A card with a romantic quote
A card with a romantic quote

10 More Wishes to Express Your Love for Your Wife

1. What is the relationship between you and me? It is just that relationship which exists between river and sea, cloud and sky, and the poet and his pen; just inseparable.

2. Thoughts of you come more often than you can even imagine. A thread of smile hangs on my lips whenever and wherever I think about you.

3. It is the absurd amount of happiness which you have given me, my dear wife, which only is sufficient for ten more lives to live.

Love Quote for Wife
Love Quote for Wife
Love between husband and wife
Love between husband and wife | Source

4. When I first saw you I saw a beautiful woman; when I saw you today I saw a woman more beautiful.

5. It is the dream comes true in my life when I married you. I love you, darling!

6. Like a bottle of good old champagne of France, you are becoming more valuable with age. Drown me down into the oblivious world of love by your sweet intoxication.

Beautiful love poem
Beautiful love poem

7. When I first looked into your sea blue eyes, I lost myself like a shipwrecked sailor. Even today, whenever I look into those eyes, I fall in love again and again.

8. Your eyes are like two lakes of the mountain valley fed by the pure water from the icy pinnacles that touches the gate of the heaven. I am sending my love to you, my dear wife!

9. I had many ambitions, some of which are long-term and some short; now I have only super ambition above all, to grow old with you.

10. No sparkling silver, no yellow gold, no pure diamond is comparable with my beautiful wife. She is incomparable!

Love Song with Lyrics for Wife

The Last Five Romantic Quotes

1. I feel your presence wherever I go. It seems to me that how incomplete my life was before your arrival in it.

2. The sweet memories which we share between us will remain with us forever. I have told you the words which I am going to tell you again and again: “I love you.”

3. You are not only my wife but also my best friend and adviser There is no one in the world to which I awe so much.

4. You have tolerated all of my faults, of which, I know, I have no scarcity. You are the pillar of my success, my dear wife.

5. Your love makes each and every day with you a day of celebration. I wish to live like that for ever with you.


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