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sadness or just a state of mind

Updated on July 15, 2011
You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.
You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

Life's Full of Challenges

To the person who said that marrying someone in tales just making sure that your partner loves you is enough to make the fire burning and keep the relationship in tack is on hell of a liar. 

I have been with my wife for so many years and it never came to a point that I have though that life is easy. I just thought that it would become easier if both parties support each other. However, there are other factors to consider. No.1 on the list are the in-laws. Whether it will be the brother, sister, mother, father, grand-parents, or even the uncles or the aunts of your spouse. These are great factors to consider when getting your knot tight to some stranger that you meet thinking that she is the soul mate your looking for. 

There are actually to kinds of songs: one that says that I really love the person I'm with and the other one definite says the opposite. But most songs that are cherished are those that expressed who sorry they are for giving themselves to that person they say that they plan to spend the rest of their lives with.

This is not to condemn those who are really in love, I'm speaking for those who have loved and loved so much that seems that they have gone to the cross roads of live and have just gave-up. I'm sorry for them but for sure most of us will have felt the same thing on way or the other. It is just accepting the fact that you made a wrong decision and it is time to move on. The problem is when is that time. 

Is it after being lambasted by the in-laws, thinking that you are not good enough? Is it after you have fought with your siblings to show how much you care for your partner? Is it after throwing your life, to start a new one? Is it after so many times that you have been locked-out, having no where to go, spending your birthday with someone not really related to you? Is it after you have sacrificed you families welfare just to spare the life of your in-law? Is it after all these things, you still managed to pull-out some tricks out your sleeves and still get to provide your family with the most needed essentials in life?

Life has all the challenges in store but honestly, luck has to do with it. You have to be just lucky that you spouse will be always there to support you. But when it comes that it is your spouse that has the problem, that is totally a different ball game. 

There are no written rules in relationship. All I know is that you have to be loving each other to manage all the conflicts that life may bring. If one has show dissatisfaction, remorse, abuse of power, or plain and simple idiosyncratic of being self-centered, that will make your relationship in deep $#!+. 

I have been having this battle for the past several years now, and just came to the point that it is enough. Your kids will not be the moving factor to keep the relationship alive. Not seeing them, not knowing what's going on with their lives, not experiencing their miles-stones. It is a pity for me to be sacrificing everything for nothing. I have came to all sorts of issues in life, but still there living the dream that someday things will be better. That is what is keeping me living. I'm just killing myself slowly, but hopefully thing will change. For the better or not, I still want to live my mark. 

I do miss time spending with my kids, but I know that it is not my fault this came to place. I have been so selfless all these years. My life is a story book waiting to have a fairy tale ending. This is to those husbands out there that are being misunderstood and are pushed-over thinking that all their sacrifices are to keep the family in-tact. My take here is, that's all crap! 


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