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Seduce A Woman!!

Updated on June 18, 2014

Seducing Women

Seduction Of  Women
Seduction Of Women | Source

Seduction of a Woman

There are techniques that a man can use when trying to seduce a woman. There are many ways of communication that work. They are learned actions a man can expect to continue on a women’s level of thinking and emotional side. The next few paragraphs I will teach you how to seduce women and what to do when this opportunity arises. Men are confused about a woman’s emotional state when approaching them, and not speaking what you want this woman to adhere to can be disastrous to your personality with a woman. There is playful learning screening of a woman, which is an opportunity for a person to screen this woman and find out if she truly is whom he wants to be with. This is a way to find emotions with this woman, and be knowledgeable about what she is about.

When approaching women, keep in mind that you will not be made fun of for speaking to this woman. She is interested in what you have to say to her, she is aware. It matters not what you look like at this moment, and this is where you will either make this connection or break it. It is no massive deal if she listens to you or not, there are plenty to work your magic with. This is extremely beneficial to keep in your mind, there are millions of beautiful girls just waiting to talk to you. This is the mindset you must have as a guy trying to find the compatible one for yourself. Just because you may get rejected by one girl, means absolutely nothing, this is a must anyway. To be rejected is suitable, this will show you what not to do next time or help you improve your approach to a lady.

Techniques, Emotional Women

What makes up a woman’s mind anyway? Women have emotional and auditory traits that they use in in general is that perception of a man from a ladies point of view is a result of recipes. Women are eager to give of themselves when we hold on their emotional side of their brain. This is where conversation with two individuals take responsibility. It can be either positive or negative, and should be considered part of the conversation with this woman. Do not be over focused on her behavior towards yourself, get on her emotional intensity and stay there and listen to what she says. You will know intuitively how she feels about you when this conversation starts to take place. Play on this and you will become a friend. Don’t let yourself become just a friend, dig deeper into her psychic and find out what makes her feel the emotional magic with you. Once she feels the warmth of this conversation, you will have her sexually aroused. She will notice this throughout her body and feel excited to know you.

When speaking to this women, you want to paint a picture in her head. Using your words and vocabulary, one should be prepared to have her picture an impression of you and her doing something and enjoying this feeling. Her memory will handle this idea and hopefully create an atmosphere of a picture of your two doing this and being extremely pleasant to her. Women think in a snapshot of what an issue of the game with you will be. Like the books so many women take about seduction in these paperback novels. One would like to keep her in a picture with you in this story of love and sex. If you have this ability, you are far in the movement of her consenting you into her life. Imagine tapping into her inner most feelings and thoughts of what she finds sexually provocative and exciting, a woman would be so happy to hear more from your classic words that you have used. Again, it matters not what you look like when you have her emotions in check. This is the beauty of learning how to seduce a woman with your thoughts and words. Granted you have only two to three minutes to impress this lady, or she will just go on with her own thoughts about you. SO limited is your timing with using a provocative and fascinating short statement in a quick way is keen in moving her emotions as quickly and confidently as possible. Then you can relax and listen to her emotional state as she answers your statement or question you have put into her picturesque mind. This takes practice and will work miracles once you have a game plan in your head.

Attracting Women

In Conclusion of Seduction and Women

Some of the proper words you may want to use are extremely beneficial to your conversation with a woman. Women want to hear,”Thank You” and “I think your beautiful”. This need to be followed up with phrases as “Its going to be alright”, What can I do to help?”. Research has shown that women value men who try to understand them. With just a phrase, one can have a woman blushing, and this added plus to your conversation with her will have her feeling fantastic about you.

Self –confidence is also a significant plus, do not come on to a girl being shy or frustrated as this will blow your whole conversation. She will see you as a baffling idiot, and know you are just trying to impress her, and walk away from you. It takes confidence to install the remarks you are going to say to this girl. Again, practice, practice, and falling on your face a few times will give you more self-confidence than you would think.

If possible, touch this woman on the elbow while initiating a conversation and lightly do this. This will produce an effect on her, and touching is vital to your words working at the same time. It says”Hey pay attention to me” by touching a woman. You could also brush her hair away real quickly, and this will have her shaky and more nervous than you would think. You have stepped into her personal boundary to get her hair out of her eyes, and you are into her space at this point. Be careful not to intrude, though and use your best judgement in doing close up touching while just meeting someone.

If you have reached the point that you have said what you wanted, and she is smiling. Give her a quick kiss on the cheek and say goodbye, “nice to know you”. Then get her number with her punching in her name and number on your smart phone. This way you know she wants to see you again. It is done by just being normal and asking her to input her data into your phone, so you don’t get the wrong number or forget her name. She will be glad at this point to give this to you, and as you leave, call her in a few minutes to re-assure her that everything you talked about was for real, and line up a date.

What men fail to do or notice is trigger a woman’s emotion and make her feel attracted. If you have failed in the following paragraphs, re-evaluate what you did and how you said the words you said. You need to build feelings and emotions to this woman to make it worth the talk. If you have not made her feel beautiful to you, then your back at the beginning, and she will walk away.

Women say they do not like games, yet mating in a sense is a game. You have to honest in your attraction to this woman, or she will see right through you and you are doomed from the get go. Install confidence in yourself and ask her questions that paint a picture of you and her in a matter of moments. This will get you inside her mind and thoughts will run her body and not make sense to her. Most women are not prepared for a personable guy greeting and complimenting them while being touched in a gentle fashion. Yes, they are looked at as sexual objects by men, and they know this. However you do not want them to think this is what is on your mind. Treat her with respect, and she will respond, likewise, dig deeper into her emotions and you will have a date within minutes. Keep sexual thoughts out of your head when speaking to her. If you have done all that was said, she will be the one talking about sex or at least feeling sexual after you have installed your emotional seed into her head. Nothing substantial comes easy, and this includes a decent looking women you want to meet and have sex with. You may want to keep her for more than just a sexual object, which is fantastic. What you have done after following these steps is told her how much you care about her and her feelings. Is that not what we all want anyway, and sex is just a by –product that may or may not happen anyway. You will have this girl in your arms though once a date has been setup, her mind will be full of what you have discussed.


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