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Should there be reservation for women in India?

Updated on October 7, 2013

women reservation -- a curse or a blessing

For ages, no matter to which nation they belong, women in general have been suffering from agony, distress, discrimination, apathy. The tormentor turns out to no one but their own family, friends and fellow humans. Every nation has a sordid story of women discrimination behind it. No doubt, the position and status of the women of today has imporved quite significantly, however, women continue to suffer in general even now. One example is my own INDIA.

Being a woman, and that too an Indian woman, I have been brought up in an environment where girls are treated second-class. However, I am lucky that I was an exception to this maltreatment. My parents raised me with dignity, love, affection and I enjoy all the fruits of my parents hardwork, love and care as much as my brother.

Still, everyone or every woman in INDIA is not as lucky. There are women in this country who have not seen light at the other side of the corner. There are unfortunate women who have not stepped out of the confines of their homes, or have not been allowed to step out of their homes - their life is a life of agony, mistrust, depravity, and only loyalty to their family. The outside world is a stranger to them, as much as a foreign land. Yes, this is very true.

if you go deep into my INDIA, you will find such glaring examples of discrimination against women - where women are meant to be an item of decoration, child-bearing machine.There are a few temples in South India where women are denied entry. Can you imagine?

Woman is that creation of GOD who is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, and a companion you can easily bank upon. There is so much discrimination prevalent that a few women are forced to die young, few are killed in their mother's womb, few confined to their homes, and few are forced to sell their skin to earn bread for their family. Female infanticide cases are highest in India-- a place that once worshiped its women as Goddesses. A woman when comes to her utmost strength can break away all barriers and become a DURGA to break the shackles of agony, pain and misery. A woman can be a savior.

So, lets come to the real topic now. Do women need reservation? I mean do we need to say that we need a place equal to men. What can we gain by reservation? A few seats here and there, but what about the rule of equality. Males and female are born to be equal. Lets shun this fact that males are born to dominate. Males need to understand that without women their train of life would come to a halt. In fact, the entire life on earth would stop. God never sent us for this. Did He? No, not at all. Then why are we distinguishing between men and women. I think there should be no reservation, however, it should become a rule of law that equality prevails, with males and females on equal parameters. The fairer sex does not need reservation for marking its presence. Females, when got opportunities have shown that they are no less than males. Then, why such discrimination? Lets give our women equal opportunities as males. Lets not say that so and so seat is reserved for women, beyond which women cannot make entry. We have to break the shackles bounding us and not bound ourselves further in chains. If we are today fighting for mere 33% reservation,, and trust me Indian women are fighting very hard for this, then we will close all doors for us thereafter, for further enhancement in our power.

We do not need merely 33% reservation. We need to be on a par with males, no matter what. However, seeing the state of affairs in India, I think reservation is a step toward women emanicipation, as it will become mandataory for the fairer sex to represent the country in parliament. It will also mean that at least 33% women representatives will be required to be part of parliament, facilitating the reivival of women impowerment.

Manmohan Singh-led UPA government had decided to make International Women Day historic by reinitiating the debate on the women reservation bill, thinking to make 33% reservation for women in parliament. However, the events that occurred in parliament on International Women Day remind us that we still have to go a long way before our leaders or so-called representatives learn to behave properly, lest apart taking decisions in favor of the country. Even though BJP, CPI-M have openly offered their support to the government on the women reseration bill, Samajwadi party and Lalu Yadav's RJD still need time to reach a consensus on the same. They are citing this bill discriminates against women from backward classes and OBCs, Muslim women and women from other minority classes.

Even as the Congress-led government tried to get the women reservation bill passed in parliament, unruly scenes were witnessed in the Upper House, with a few members threatening the Rajya Sabha chairperson, snatching papers from him and tearing them apart. Women reservation bill will still have to wait until our very own representatives learn some atticates and manners to let the rule of law prevail and parliamentary decorum be maintained.

Please let the bill be passed. It is just the beginning of women emancipation. It will ensure at least 33% women representation in parliament, which has so far felt dearth of women members. Once women get 33% representation, they will take a next step forward toward getting on a par representation with their male counterparts. However, in this scenario, it appears a daydream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the bill has been passed in the Rajya Sabha. It's a very good news for the women folk not only in India, but also in the world, with it, India has joined the elite club of countries where such a step has been initiated. However, it is still to be seen how this affects us in the long run and what impact it will have. One thing is for sure that INDIA can now dream of women empowerment. A country boasting women/female emancipation is the only one that can succeed and compete in this world! On the contrary, a country that shuns equal rights for women lags behind others in development. It's a fact. Because only educated or literate mothers understand the importance of educating their kids, who will be the cheerleaders of tomorrow, with the rein of the country in their hands!!!

reservation of women in India


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    • profile image

      Goldi 22 months ago

      I partialy agree to this article......bcoZ womans knowledge are scrimpy compared than mens AND if womans wants to reservation sooooo they are vrrry dull cmpred then men

    • profile image

      Anant 2 years ago

      I am against any kind of reservation for anyone at any place based on their cast , creed , religion , ethinicity or anything else because of following factors given below.....

      1) Reservation does not empower woman :

      I know that this statement is quite contradictory but just think about it , when the backword classes were given reservation , they were meant for only 10 years but they are still continued after the 69 years of independance and do you think that this so called backword class are still backword. If your answer is yes then i would suggest you to visit a doctor as soon as possible. The same thing will happen if woman are given reservations in parliment because it will take away the right of men to fight for election and altimately it will go against democracy. I believe that everyone should have right to fight the elections irrespective of their gender. And if any woman to join politics then I think she is free to do that and she must do that but reservation can never be a good justification for their problems like their family comes in their way or anything else. I think women should fight their fight like if their family is coming in their way then they should fight with them for that and tell them your decision firmly and that will be the true example of equality. If woman are given reservation , I doubt whether they will respect the constitutional right of men to fight election or not and will this reservation end afterwards when there will be equal stand for men and woman in India and the answer is no because we have seen the ill-effects of reservation based on the cast of people and those shameless people having reservation still want it though there are many people who are deprived of their basic right to take education and employment even after having talent and those who do not have talent are occupying the places which are not meant for them and that is certainly not fair.

      2) woman need reservation in seats of public transport systems like buses and trains and people often debate on this issue by using the following points

      ● They have their menstural bleeding and so they may feel uncomfortable on those days.

      -A girls can even run a marathon even while they are on their periods then i think they can easily stand up in a bus on those days and i also have a proof of it.....please see the links given below

      So that it must be clear that period should not be an issue for reservation

      And some argue about period cramps as well that a girl should be given a seat if she is having period cramp but i think that you should ask for seat to someone about it then and the people would like to vacate their seat for you and as far as the period cramps are concerned then I think men should also be given reservation because today the men is someone who indures more amout of stress than woman and it can be proved by knowing the sucide rates of men in india as per refered in the below link

      And hence it becomes our moral duty to give our seat to a men rather than woman because already he is so much frustrated and already his life sucks them you should at least show him some pity or empathy by just offering him your seat but I know that you ladies are selfish enought for not doing that and hence I think that all sorts of reservations should be scrapfied and there should be equal apportunities for everyone irrespective of their cast and gender.

      ● Woman are less likely to fave sexual harresment when they are given seat in public transport .

      - This is not true and if someone thinks that it is true then they should reserve seats for men and boys as well because they can be the victims of sexual harresment too and I can prove it by the link given below and by giving you my own example as well but first see the link given below

      But government has not made a single law againt this issue then it would be very stupid to say that government will give reservation to men for that reason.

      And hence there can not be any kind of justification for reservation of any kind but still our corrupt government officials and some fring group of feminists want this reservation bill to be passed for their political gains and hence we should not come under their words and I would like to say a sentence for those girls who support reservation which is ''SHAME ON YOU" because one one hand you call for gender equality and at the same time you need privilages of being weak and your this kind of tendancy proves that you are a total hypocryte and one of those how thinks only about themselves.

      I have many things to talk but due to small amount of time , I think I should leave now.....

    • profile image

      Nandan debnath 2 years ago

      i think 50 percent should be given for womens reservation because man & womens have equal rights & equal opportunity. so why it given 33percent it should be given 50 percent mendatory.

    • profile image

      arti dangi 2 years ago

      Tnx for help &good thinking for woman reservation

    • profile image

      sushmi 3 years ago

      Women's need no reservations... Everybody has their own capability to do things... They should try hard in order to achieve it because every person in this world has a dream.. Its not necessary to show every time that women's are less smarter than men's or women's need help of someone to need help, no not all ... Everyone must be equal in the eyes of law and amongst each other. .

      I being from India, I feel very shy and also very pity because India is a Democratic country, but our minds are not fully corrupted... It may be in villages or in cities, everywhere is the same..

      Even in schools and colleges it happens the same thing,, the system of caste,creed, religion again occurs here.. This is too much, plzz bring equality and stop practising this shits...

      This is INDIA , wake up my dearest leaders... Mr. MODI we need u, JAI HIND

    • profile image

      K.C 3 years ago

      i think if we belong to a country with equality than all must be given equal rights to get demanding for reservations women themselves are considering them inferior to men.therefore as far my concern everyone in this worlds is born with equal brain therefore equal opportunities must be given to every citizen of our nation.

    • profile image

      K.S 3 years ago


    • profile image

      shadan khan 3 years ago

      Yes! It is right to give 50% reservation.

    • profile image

      vivek ranjan 3 years ago

      there should be 50% resevation for women

    • profile image

      Sushil kumar modi .From banmankhi 3 years ago

      population of womens increasing in india.Govrnment has given33 percent reservation women.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      as you known the part of women are less in the functional activities .for giving the chance for women of growing herself .for that it shoud b there bcz if take a e.g. of panchayat election man can never give the chance for women to elect the election in panchayat.if reservation z there than women can take the part of this competition we can say it should b there...

    • profile image

      tapas 4 years ago

      It is creating contradictory of thought, the Constitution of India has declared "right to equality" to all its citizens irrespective of caste, creed,sex,community,kinship relation etc, a welcome step . But can you say how it could be done ? the answer would be difficult enough. The govt. of India can only provide equal opportunities to all citizens, after that it depends on the personnel. If we look at the creation of the God, then we could understood that discrimination starts from there like every child is different from birth in its size, looking and some of them are exception disable. So it will be difficult job. Again reservation is contradictory to right to equality.

    • profile image

      durgesh 4 years ago

      when men and women are equal then why only 33%?....

    • profile image

      mayank 4 years ago

      reservation for women is right in olden days but now a days the system or the thinking of a person is totally change , now a days women's are great capicity to do any thing in any field ,so its not right now a day.

    • profile image

      Manju 4 years ago

      if men and women are equal then why cant there be 50% reservation in all fields?

      now rest 67% is with men only.I think that is unfair in a democratic country like India

      Now I realise that patriarchial society like India even the youth have such a chauvanistic approach

    • profile image

      Blagioccapomo 4 years ago

      Saori Hara

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      You didn't betoken particular's intellectual on this yet.



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      Saori Hara also works as a gravure tiki and AV actress.

    • profile image

      Madhumitha 4 years ago

      It is a boon for womankind as they are given 33% reservation. It is the most deserving thing for women and my personal opinion is that they should be given 50%reservation as women are no less equal to men as they possess a deep & wide knowledge in general.

    • profile image

      cutee pie 4 years ago

      I m totally agree with you...women need reservation for development...

      This information about reservation going to help me in my project..Thank you so much...!!!!!

    • profile image

      Andera Liberti 4 years ago

      [quote]8192 characters left.[/quote]

      You said it nicely...

      You produced your point fairly well.!

    • profile image

      aryu 4 years ago

      thanks , it helped in making my project and i think women need education ,

      not reservation.

    • profile image

      aashi 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Vorsmotasap 4 years ago

      My partner and i employed to obtain high on lifetime nevertheless recently We've piled up any level of resistance.

    • profile image

      Rajkiran 4 years ago

      As we are in the country like India, on one hand to want to be treated men and women equal and on the other we want reservation also, It does not make no sense............ Men and women would be treated equal without any reservation........

    • profile image

      ANAND 5 years ago

      i am do not want reservation for women we are all equal.

    • profile image

      bency basanio 5 years ago

      really , i m against dis reservation system 4 women . there should be equality 4 women.

    • profile image

      madiki satynarayana 5 years ago

      it is thought full usefull

    • profile image

      Sharad 5 years ago

      Sumit and her sister Rima appeared in pre medical test together. Sumit got more marks than Rima in the exams. Sumit was hating himself for being an Indian while watching her sister packing her bags for moving to Medical college in other state. Sumit’s dreams got crushed by the tyres of aeroplane, her sister was sitting in. Sumit was crucified on the cross of Reservation by Indian Government.

      All i want to ask you people how fair it is to support Girls (especially urban) without any strong reasons. Today in urban areas, girls have equal facilities and support as boys. No one is blocking them. They are doing everything in their own way. Why there is still an extra support that is going to kill the dreams of boys who are seeking addmission in Good colleges. WHY !!!!!

      If girls say that they deserve reservation today then they are saying these

      1) They are weaker

      2) They need extra support from society & government

      3) They are nothing without this kind of support

      Already they have many advantages for being a girl whether in queue of government counters/few front seats in buses/scholarships in schools and many moRE!!

      No one is paying attention in this area. There is a need to change the reservation system for girls. The time it was introduced was a different time when there was less support to girls from families. TIME HAS CHANGED RULES SHOULD ALSO BE CHANGED.

    • profile image

      ayushi bhardwaj 5 years ago

      reservation should not b der coz a women shld have her own capability to win or go ahead.

    • profile image

      Saket Kaushal 5 years ago

      the reservation it self shows that there is inperfectness in the woman

    • profile image

      poorvaja 5 years ago

      very good debate

    • profile image

      sarita 5 years ago

      In my opinion today women are capable to do everything which a man can so why we need reservation .Reservation for any case,sex or society is just compromise with quality SO THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY KIND OF RESERVATION.

    • profile image

      sweta masiwal 5 years ago

      I think that women are more capable and more responsible than man . They should get the 50% reservation seat as they are capable to do so

    • profile image

      HIMANSHU BHARADWAZ 5 years ago


    • profile image

      HARSH PRIYADARSHAN 5 years ago

      women resevation bill should pass because men are stronger in all the place

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago

      awesume.....but confused dat shuld dere be reservation or not.....?

    • profile image

      shanthamalai 5 years ago

      womens reservation must for the country like india, with the reservation of womens only it can possible to achive all economic devolpment and over all progress of any country depends on the status of the women they are enjoying,womens reservation is not a simple issue to see any nation with the womens participation in politics will bring a tremendous revolutionary changes in the nation , ,,,,,,,,,,why the womens bill will not move in the parliament ,let us hope positively that bill will pass in next mansoon sesstion

    • profile image

      karan 5 years ago

      you think sooooooooooo.........................

    • profile image

      jenifer 5 years ago

      women should not have any reservation as men and women both are equal then infect womens are much better then men they can make our country much better

    • profile image

      nihal 5 years ago

      I don't think reservation is not the solution 4 uplifting condition of women in my country. If all parents give same and equal chance to their doughters, and man dominent socity can change their mentality at that condition we can say girl=boy realy.

    • profile image

      N Manihrii 5 years ago

      Yeah I agreed ! Ladies are second to none. But, they were not treated the way it is meant to be in our India. So, this reservation bill is a sort of launching pad or platform for their emancipation. So take no offense, No egos, Grab the opportunity and do away. May my sister tribe increase and prosper!

    • profile image

      praveen 5 years ago

      thankyou very much. it helped me alot in my debate competation

    • profile image

      Gautam 5 years ago

      I m also not agree with the bill ... women hav reservation that is why we are jobless

    • profile image

      annie 5 years ago

      I think reservation for women should be given only at the primary and secondary school level because even today there are many rural areas where girls are not allowed to go to i think this would help them to build their foundation and come to par with men....then there would be no need to give reservation at the career level

    • profile image

      Shivangi Thapa 5 years ago

      I think reservation provided to women seems to be a kind of insult of of shows a woman cannot do or perform well in any of the fields....

    • profile image

      Gaurav 5 years ago

      I don't think reservation is not the solution 4 uplifting condition of women in my country. If all parents give same and equal chance to their doughters, and man dominent socity can change their mentality at that condition we can say girl=boy realy.

    • profile image

      mansi 5 years ago

      it is not just 33%of seats in parliament but also be 100% of seats in generally fairs and the women get 100% of partnership with men and equally respect gives by the men for women

    • profile image

      Manish 5 years ago

      Women should not given 50 percebt reservstion in all the fields.....

    • profile image

      suryadevara ramakrishna 5 years ago

      in my view they don't need any reservation now itself they have 33% and again they are fighting to increase up to 50% if this was happened they will definatly dominate men......

    • profile image

      suryadevara ramakrishna 5 years ago

      as our frnd said that they will live with out any help.....then why do they need reservation,if they have talent

    • profile image

      B S Pandey 5 years ago

      Absolutely, this is the time women are keeping up so there should be hand to help them and grow up.

    • profile image

      CHINNI 5 years ago


    • profile image

      gopal 5 years ago

      surely u r very true for that u have said . sonia gandhi ,indira gandi,sarojni naidu could be great example for power of women.:)

    • profile image

      divya 5 years ago

      regarding the reservation of women i think women do not require any reservation. They are equal to men.In the present scenario we find women successful over men in very field.women are capable of doing everything .....But since in our olden days women were treated inferior for the upliftment of women they introduced reservation to allow them into different fields of our in this modern ,civilized world where women are seen successful in all fields i hope they longer require any reservation....

      i do agree with u kranti women are respected of their knowledge and not of their attire,hope most of the women would realise this....

    • profile image

      neerja mudgal 5 years ago

      To my mind women resevation should be there in india . women condition is very poor. they want to do more things their life but they have no money and support . therefore there position backward.

    • profile image

      Remus 5 years ago

      Yes women need support from society. Its written in every ancient books, that women need help.

      Its good that they have started with Reservation. We can apply this for many more fields

      Those who can't win by their own efforts will have to take support from others.

    • profile image

      sanket 5 years ago

      As i just thinking about womens reservation, the two thoughts are come in my mind that women's don't need any kind of reservation according to their achievement.

      But the reservation help to increase their achivement.

    • profile image

      hhh 5 years ago

      yes there should be 68% reservation for women

    • profile image

      Anil 6 years ago

      why thees girls are begging for reservation on the other side they argue like we r eqal to men and why they dont fight and compit with men and get the post .... this begging shows they are unable to get by compitation

    • profile image

      Debmalya 6 years ago

      @ Kranthi

      I quoted some from your comment

      "It is because of human tendency it is quite obbvious if you are used to a certain life style where everything is socially acceptable then it may not create a huge distraction when u see a girl in hot bikini. But if the same girl walks in indian street then for sure she would make the headlines because of our tradition indian men are not used to see women half naked on streets so because of few girls the othe women ge affected like because of few men all the men take the heat."

      Now I like to ask you that is it really necessary for a girl to wear half naked dresses to be called modern or civilized!!!! When a man wears a fine suit & trousers then he is called handsome but when a woman wears a half-naked dress then she is called beautiful, why is that?? A woman can be respected by her education not by her half naked clothes!!!! I am not talking about culture or tradition, since the starting of the human race we covered our body to stay warm, after sometime we used cloths to secure our dignity!!!! To me more civilized means we should cover our body as far as possible in public place be it men or women!!!! When we see science fiction movies about high tech aliens we see that Aliens were covered fully from head to toe that means in our sub-conscious mind we have an image of a civilized creature that civilized creatures should not be half-naked, they should be covered, then we are also civilized creature why should women wear half-naked dresses?? But there is a difference men wear fully covered dresses but they let the women wear half naked dresses because men think they are superior than women and they created an illusion for those women who gained social freedom and those women are not understanding the fact that by wearing half-naked dresses they are becoming the objects of lust only, they'll not get respect!!!!

      To all women here with due respect I like to say that wearing half-naked dresses don't make you modern, it is knowledge that make you modern and eligible, if you continue to wear such dresses then everything you try to uplift your kind will go in vain!! Now it is your choice what you'll do, do you believe in yourselves or in your dresses??

      To the women of this world I like to say

      "Cover your body and open your mind"

      To me a civilized being should cover their body as far as possible because it is the only thing which differ us from animals!!!!

      I like to hear any comments on my last to comments!! Please read my comments and point me if I'm wrong!!!!

      Have a good day!!!!

    • profile image

      Debmalya 6 years ago

      Did UPA passed the bill?? Good now wives, daughters and sisters of well-known politicians will join the politicians working on their behalf and any party will never let any lady with exceptional leadership to become politician but Congress will also get the sympathy of the women of this country due to this eye-wash and Nehru-Gandhi family will reign in this country for another 100 years through divide & rule policy and will continue to siphon our country's money to Swiss bank!!!! Jai ho!!!!

      Someone said here In the US, there is a saying -- "If women ran the world, there would be no war and no poverty." Maybe this is true, we will have to try it and see! :-)

      You must come India and go to UP where Mayawati is ruling, I bet you'll change your mind!!!!

      A person is either good or bad!!!! There is no difference whether the person is male or female!!!! I believe in equality and Govt should look after that everyone is getting equal facilities!!!! 33% reservation for women means if those women are not eligible for the seat, she will be selected due to political influences of their husbands, brothers or fathers, those women who can fight will go into oblivion because the parties will never let the women in the parliament who have a strong voice!!!!

      Mark my words this will make India more weak as our Govt is not focusing on real problems!!!! They are doing it as a eye-wash because they have failed ensure to status of Indian women as they did in the form of reservation which is still now not helping to uplift the poor!!!!

    • profile image

      deepika dhemla 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Tantray 6 years ago

      It s very nessary hving women reservation as it wil give exposure to those womens who r very behind, not knowing their rights .I think womens should also stand for their reservations ,as it s a big challenge for them.

    • profile image

      naman 6 years ago

      women reservation is not required

    • profile image

      bbb 6 years ago

      hey i think women reservation is not needed ..............plzzzz any one support my statement

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      indian society has not yet completely accepted that women r equal to men. so on temporary basis reservation for women should continue. when society gets to know the power of women they will automatically vote for more women and also more women leaders will come up. we will not have a need for a reservation then

    • profile image

      sharda 6 years ago

      women are the part of everyone

    • profile image

      kajal 6 years ago

      Nice thoughts neet! In my opinion, Men and Women should get equal opportunities in everywhere. But it is not so in reality. So the Women Reservation bill, definitely would be a step towards Women Empowerment.The women will get a say in the decision making policies in parliament and state legislative assemblies.They will focus on more women related issues prevailing in the society.In the long run, the condition of women will definitely improve. Lets hope for the best.

    • profile image

      CHIKKU M J 6 years ago


    • profile image

      swathisree 6 years ago

      in my opinion women should have reservation bcoz from the past if we see they were improving their lifestyle by knowing new and different things about world,participating in every aspects equal to the men.hence i conclude my coment by saying that "reservation is an encouragement for women to come forward."

    • profile image

      tanya sharma 6 years ago

      good!....womems must not be given any reservation as they are no less than men in any feild.

    • profile image

      VISHAL CHOUKSEY 6 years ago

      women should be encouraged but shouldn't be given reservations.

      Coming to education, in this regard, the government has also made a provision of free education up to 14 years of age for all girls and this is going to increase female literacy and is definitely beneficial for society. But is there any need in giving reservation in jobs. Women today are marching shoulder to shoulder with the men in every field. They are, no more, considered the weaker sex. Today women have become quite conscious of their rights and they believed in women's empowerment. So where is the question of job reservation? As a matter of fact, in almost all, competitive exams girls are way ahead of their male counterparts, so by providing reservation in jobs, are we giving them an undue advantage over males.

    • profile image

      VISHAL CHOUKSEY 6 years ago

      women should be encouraged but shouldn't be given reservations.

      Coming to education, in this regard, the government has also made a provision of free education up to 14 years of age for all girls and this is going to increase female literacy and is definitely beneficial for society. But is there any need in giving reservation in jobs. Women today are marching shoulder to shoulder with the men in every field. They are, no more, considered the weaker sex. Today women have become quite conscious of their rights and they believed in women's empowerment. So where is the question of job reservation? As a matter of fact, in almost all, competitive exams girls are way ahead of their male counterparts, so by providing reservation in jobs, are we giving them an undue advantage over males.

    • profile image

      geinusgirl 6 years ago

      thank u for all comments and views it helped me a lot!!!

    • profile image

      pooja venkat 6 years ago

      thank u guys...this has really helped me...

    • profile image

      sona 6 years ago

      women should be given an appropriate place in world

    • profile image

      suhas patil 6 years ago

      veryyyy goood

      kuch bhi hmmmmmm.............

    • profile image

      jaya sharma 6 years ago

      yes.......... i am agreed with this topic......

    • profile image

      DISHA JAISWAL 6 years ago


    • profile image

      urmi 6 years ago


    • profile image

      purnima bora 6 years ago

      girls are just like soil pot

      when u try to fling it will be broke down

      but when u try to pain it. its look beautiful

      jut like that when some parents can't support her

      daughter may be they disappointed .

      that type of girls need reservation

      and reservation work like painting color

      m i right or wrong

    • profile image

      aditya adya 6 years ago

      I dont belive in reservation of any kind. A person male or female of every caste and religion has equal rights. Reservation kills competition. If reservation is there it should be there for definite time frame.

    • profile image

      simranjassal 6 years ago

      thanx a lot. It has helprd me a lot to present my debate properly. But i am unable to understand tht if there are all convincing arguments for equality then why should there b reservation??????????? Isn't it?

    • profile image

      arin 6 years ago

      Dear anamika, of course women are inferior. That's why men provided them reservation for years after years. Women did not even discover bra panty. Women should be under control, otherwise they will destroy civilization. For a crime, women should be given equal punishment as men.

    • profile image

      anu 6 years ago

      we girls no need reservation because girls memory power is more than the men power so y we want reservation for women because of this reservation womens are under astimated as second class people so reaervation is not at all important for

    • profile image

      madhu  6 years ago

      ours is a democratic where everyone are equal.hence no reservation is required and women will prove by themselves

    • profile image

      sheenam 6 years ago

      thax sir it will help in my debate.

    • profile image

      kranthi 6 years ago

      IF the argument is about equality then why is there a question about reservation ? Life is gender neutral it is not about sex. If you want to do or be someone you do not need anyone but urself just go out there put urself up to the task do not just sit and sob about the freaking reservation.......

      Is technology a male thing ?

      No it is not it is again gender neutral it was based on a simple and basic principle which is "Need" when there is a need one should work hard to fulfill that need so it is the initiative which is important but not who fulfilled the need. Fighting about percentage and few seats on the bus will not solve the problem standing up for the solution when there is a problem especially standing up for yourself is important.

      It is strange that almost every 8th women among 10 fights for women rights and equality( the rest have something better to do and they actually are in better position)but they still do not sit next to men on the busses or even in the class rooms which would create a tendency in men to think way beyond their sexuality. If only women just mingle with men and talk to them normally keeping their level of privacy in mind then men would not think or consider them as a mean of sexual necessity.

      For sure am not a girl but i can tell you one thing for sure that it takes a lot to be women and they go through a lot of harrasements, sexually abbused and treated badly in most cases. By saying this i am not agreeing that it is a male dominent world neither it is a trend that has to be followed no matter which part of the world you belong to we are human and have every freaking right to share the plannet and its resources equally.

      This is aint funny anymore when women especially crib about not being safe at night and the famous saying when a girl can wonder on the streets of india in the night and come home safe then india will consider it got the actual independence?

      The question is why the hell would women want roam on the streets in the middle of the nights, seariously even if men go out they may get robbed or stabbed. The only difference one could think of is women may get rapped apart from the possibility of being robbed or stabbed.

      Hence stop being emotional and earn your diginity with efforts which makes the difference for instance australian govt is asking question about having women in the frontline combat because they believe they are strong, self spoken, socially active, most importantly they do not need few seats in public transport. They go out, study, party and play with boys hence sex is not a consideration. Honestly what is the major difference between western and indian living styles these days ? hardly any girls are wearing ridiculously short dresses, drinking, drungs, sex and what's not but why there is a problem ? did anyone think of this?

      It is because of human tendency it is quite obbvious if you are used to a certain life style where everything is socially acceptable then it may not create a huge distraction when u see a girl in hot bikini. But if the same girl walks in indian street then for sure she would make the headlines because of our tradition indian men are not used to see women half naked on streets so because of few girls the othe women ge affected like because of few men all the men take the heat.

    • profile image

      Pavitra Mareguddi 6 years ago

      why should there be resurvation anyway already we reached our target in all fields so who are they to give us to reservation? we have to take our decisions.... women's always "ROCKS".....

    • profile image

      Xavier 6 years ago

      Why should there be reservation when anyone can join politics and work/slog up the ladder. Anyway, we do not want anyone to represent us who do not want to work. Please bear in mind that there are many men who had sacrificed their waking hours involving in politics and social activities, even dicounting good education It is a shame that such effort should be not recognised just to pamper some lazy woman into the greatest seats of democracy. Shame on you woman for supporting reservation!!!

    • profile image

      mithilesh singh 6 years ago

      nice, it will help me a lot in my presentation

    • profile image

      sumit shirke 6 years ago

      by reading above comments it may noted that women don't want reservation then why men are supporting reservation?

    • profile image

      subarno 6 years ago

      The article has helped me in my assignment

      Thank....... everyone....

    • profile image

      siddu 6 years ago

      Excellent ANAMIKA u said superbly.......

    • profile image

      Sorav 7 years ago

      Giving reseration to women is a good move as this will boost up their confidence and it also change the thinking of orthodox families who think that the girls can only do one work i.e, house keeping..we always say that 'behind the success of a man there is a woman' so now we hv to put forward these 'behind women' by creating these types of moves

    • profile image

      deb 7 years ago

      thanks for ur vws,bcoz it helped me a lot in my debate competetion

    • profile image

      khushboo 7 years ago

      whatever u have written is mindblowing that everyone should get equal opportunities. I doesn't say this ki government had done nothing for our country ;they had done but it is not going in correct way. The intensions are good but something is missing. Only i can say this ki bhai government had started making food but he had putted many chillies in it and he had forgotten to add potatoes. Thanks

    • profile image

      ANN 7 years ago


    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      What I see from my experience is that, and this is not in a bad way, but I feel that men in general are afraid of women, in the sense that many men want to control what they do not know or understand and that is a woman. The other problem is their fear of the family no longer being a part of the culture. So where the women push the men push back harder out of the unknown. In the United States I believe that men and women should have equal opportunity, but when that man and women marry and then decide to have children, many times with both parents career driven, there is no quality of family life, extened family, or the home for children to grow up in and be cared for, but they are left in day care for 8 hours a day and have frazled mom and dad as parents. So yes I do agree that women should have 50% equal rights but also, to allow a man to still feel that women will want to marry and be wives and moms. Education is key for men to better understand women and for women to uderstand men. Women hold the key to life, they are the ones who can bring new life into this world. A man who is brought up in a home that has respect for his mother and women and a father that treats his mother with love, respect and dignity and his daughter with that respect are the men that hopefully can help the women to get the equal rights but at the same time take on a position to show other men that women are not to be feared but to be treated as a woman with all of the gifts she can provied. Truly this domination of women fom men is fear driven, at the loss of the one thing that they need to survie in life and that is the love of a woman and the family that she can provide for him....

    • profile image

      anonmus 7 years ago

      there should be no reservation when there is reservation idle women comes up commonly

    • theindiaphile profile image

      theindiaphile 7 years ago from London

      Well done for supporting women in india