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Is it Important to Listen to Dating Advice from Friends?

Updated on August 21, 2017
Stella Kaye profile image

Stella has written a selection of articles on dating and relationship issues that include sound advice for online daters,

The Right Equation


Act on Your Own Initiative

There is no accounting for individual taste and one person’s dismal dating experience could be a match made in heaven for someone else.

Dating advice from friends is thus something that can be viewed as advantageous but don’t take it as gospel – you'll have to act on your own initiative when meeting someone new and during the process of getting acquainted.

Yes, you should listen to friends but you don’t necessarily have to act on their advice; it may not apply in your particular circumstances. Taking the time to discuss each other’s dating experiences can be highly amusing and makes for good conversation and it will also make you aware of certain personality types to avoid when dating but ultimately you have to make your own dating decisions and continue to meet the dates who you think are the most compatible.

Join a reputable Internet dating site and the chat rooms and forums there will allow you to share the opinions of people who are in much the same situation as yourself and you will be able to discuss aspects of meeting new people with a view to a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can be certain of an unbiased opinion from someone who doesn't know you who can view things from angles that would not occur to someone close to you. Friends (although they can be a great support) can often be more dominating and judgmental than you would ever imagine so the keen observations of someone who doesn’t know you can often be a refreshing change.

Here are some recommended sites for Internet dating;

Telegraph dating (UK)

e harmony (UK)

Plenty of fish (worldwide)

Whatever your age and whatever type of relationship you are looking for then don’t be disheartened if you have one bad date that doesn’t go as you expected. There is a world full of lonely people and many would be glad to know someone like you.As Donny and Marie Osmond once aptly sang: ‘There was a girl, there was a boy; if they had met they would have found a world of Joy.’

Above all when dating it is wise to listen to advice from friends concerning safety. Always meet in a public place during daylight hours for your first date and tell a close friend when you will be expected home. Be careful not to overdo the alcohol which can cause anyone to lose their inhibitions and act inappropriately, only to regret it the next day.

Dating nowadays is more complicated than it has ever been. With people’s expectations of others being so selective; it is hard to gauge how to conduct yourself in the presence of someone new. The only solution is to be yourself and not mould yourself into something others want you to be. Don't be lonely on Valentine’s Day; get a date that suits you - friends' advice or not.

© 2015 Stella Kaye


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    • Stella Kaye profile image

      Stella Kaye 3 years ago from UK

      Thanks for reading my article There are plenty of very valid points in your comment with regards to dating. It's a subject which is a great topic of conversation.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 3 years ago

      Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself.

      Friends can only offer advise concerning what (they're) looking for in a mate. Oftentimes they may simply be reiterating what we have "told them" that we want. However it's been my experience if someone keeps going after guys/girls who are (the complete opposite) of what they "claim" they want then they are probably not being honest with themselves.

      For example a woman may claim she's looking for a guy who adores her, treats her with respect, is honest, attentive, loyal and dependable.

      However every time a guy like that shows up in her life she puts him in "The Friend Zone" or comments "He's (too) nice." It's the old adage:

      "We adore those who ignore us and ignore those who adore us."

      I've often said you could stick such a woman in a room with 5 guys and have 4 of them on their knees extending their heart towards her while the fifth guy sits in a corner sipping away on a cocktail acting as if she does not exist.

      That will be the guy she wants to get to know!

      The best way for one to find their ideal mate is to (know) what they (really want) and not just repeating the traits they've been taught they "should" want.

      As another old adage goes:

      "If it's on my plate I must have ordered it!"

      Each of us chooses our own friends, lovers, and spouse.