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Sign Qualities of the Zodiac

Updated on July 13, 2010

Sign Qualities of the Zodiac

Aries, March 21 to April 20

Passion Rating 5

How to Catch Aries' Attention

Engage in long conversations, and listen more than you talk

Never, ever whine or act clingy

Be spontaneous...about your plans for the evening, about dinner, about sex

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Be generous with praise, stingy with criticism

Flirt creatively

Aries in Love

Aries is

An old-fashioned, hearts-and-flowers romantic

Clear about what he/she wants

More interested in chasing than in being chased

Active in trying to impress a potential lover

Blind to a mate faults

What Aries Expects from a mate


A busy social calendar

A mate who is completely faithful

Someone who's excited by the same things he/she is

Willingness to adapt to his/her plans

What Aries Likes, and Doesn't Like

Aries Enjoys

Challenging work

Running things

A trophy lover

Public praise

Prompt attention in stores and restaurants

Things that Annoy Aries

Last year's model of anything

Delays (in traffic, in service, in having his/her calls returned)

Being tied down

Being bored

Being ignored

Aries and Sex

Sexual Attitude

No long-term commitment necessary

Sure of what he/she wants

Likes to experiment

All the senses are involved

Feels entitled to an orgasm every time

What Excites Aries

A mate who's willing to try new things

Being totally in charge, or totally out of control!

Taking risks in public places

Sharing fantasies

Talking dirty

The Aries Personality

Positive Aspects

Incredible energy and enthusiasm

Very competitive

Rebounds quickly from setbacks

Fair in dealings with others

Hard working

Not afraid to take a stand

Challenging Aspects


Quick temper

Extremely focused on own goals

Over-reacts to opposition

Often doesn't know when to quit

Much too honest at times

The Aries "Look"

Buff, toned body

Well-defined facial features

Good hair (or a distinguished scalp!)

Sharp dresser

Ages gracefully

Ruling Planet: Mars

Named for the Roman god of war, Mars gives people born under the sign of Aries the strength to face a crisis with courage and leadership. Also due to this planet's influence is Aries' fierce competitiveness in sports, business, and daily life. The bad news: Aries are naturally stubborn even when they know they're wrong, and they're impatient with people who aren't as quick to see a solution.

Taurus, April 21 to May 21

Passion Rating 4

How to Catch Taurus's Attention

Go slow. Speed and pressure scare Taurus.

Introduce new ideas but don't ask for a decision right away.

Emphasize your dependable, down-to-earth side.

Don't waste your money on trinkets. Buy sterling, not silverplate, and 18 karat gold jewelry, not gold-filled.

Learn to cook, and practice a dish at least twice before serving it.

Decide what's more important to you: romantic gestures, being swept off your feet, or having somebody who's there when you need him/her.

Taurus in Love

Taurus is

Someone who commits fast


Open about his/her feelings

Sends all the right signals

Somewhat shy

What Taurus Expects from a mate


Honesty about the relationships

Personal integrity

Respect for events and people important to him/her

Good grooming and quality clothing

What Taurus Likes, and Doesn't Like

Taurus Enjoys

A comfortable lifestyle

Plenty of money


Good food at home and great restaurants

Predictable schedules

Things that Annoy Taurus

Sudden change, especially for no good reason

Being rushed

A mate with a roving eye

Impulse spending

Being in a room full of strangers

Taurus and Sex

Sexual Attitude


Direct about likes and dislikes

Full of compliments

A fast recycle time

Wants no one but you

What Excites Taurus

A mate who's a classy dresser

Slow, gentle foreplay

Lots of non-sexual touching

Top-of-the-line food and drink

Simple pleasures, nothing dark or too exotic

The Taurus Personality

Positive Aspects

Very reliable

Gracious to guests of any age or political affiliation

Creative problem-solver

Takes good care of people and possessions

A very good listener

Very organized

The Downside

Resists talking about feelings

Moody (the result of burying emotion so deeply)

Bull-headed (where do you think the term came from?)

Slow to get the morning, in the relationship, in bed

Can be too materialistic at times

Detests change of any kind

The Taurus "Look"

Average height, whether male or female

Puts on weight easily

High-spirited hair

Good complexion

Smaller, well-defined lips and eyes

Ruling Planet: Venus

Named for the goddess of Love, this planet is responsible for Taurus's laid-back sensuality and love of luxury.

Gemini, May 22 to June 21

Passion Rating 2

How to Catch Gemini's Attention

Read a lot so you know a little bit about everything

Keep it light

Be flexible. Gemini treasures spontaneity

Avoid prying into Gemini's feelings

Don't make long-term plans

Drop everything when Gemini calls

Gemini in Love

Gemini is

Scared of strong emotion

Not used to expressing how he/she feels

Likely to pretend you're "just friends"

Easily spooked

Extremely sensitive

What Gemini Expects from a mate

Sharing Gemini's interests

Mind-reading ability

No assumptions that the relationship will be permanent


Patience and forgiveness

What Gemini Likes, and Doesn't Like

Gemini Enjoys

Small talk

Toys, especially mechanical and technogeek toys

Pie-in-the-face humor



Things that Annoy Gemini

Boring conversation

Days with nothing to do

Nosy neighbors/friends/families

Intellectual books, movies, discussion

Needy whining

Gemini and Sex

Sexual Attitude




Falls fast but not necessarily wisely

Explicit about desires

What Excites Gemini

Talking about your fantasies

Talking about his/her fantasies


Mirrors, video playback


The Gemini Personality

Positive Aspects

Creative thinker

Curious about every aspect of life

Youthful attitude

Great communicator

Charming company

Accepting of others

Challenging Aspects

Easily bored


Avoids commitment

Prone to depression

Hard to pin down

Always looking for the next thing

The Gemini "Look"

Problem skin

Beautiful eyes

High forehead

Usually slim, whether tall or short

Engaging smile

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Named for the clever messenger of the Roman gods, the planet Mercury gives Gemini the sharp wit and clever conversation that makes him/her a treasured lunch companion and party guest. The downside is that Geminis are hopeless gossips.

Cancer, June 22 to July 22

Passion Rating 4

How to Catch Cancer's Attention

Learn to dance

Send flowers, exquisite chocolates

Read cookbooks instead of novels

Praise his/her home, furniture, neighborhood

Share your feelings

Care about people who are close to him/her

Cancer in Love

Cancer is

Fearful of looking foolish

Unlikely to make the first move

Very receptive to admiration

Extremely faithful


What Cancer Expects from a SpaceMate™




Nurturing supports

Shared values

What Cancer Likes, and Doesn't Like

Cancer Enjoys

Tasteful luxury in clothing, cars, and home furnishings

Shopping (even the guys!)

Celebrating Special Occasions

Good food and drink

Being thanked

Things that Annoy Cancer


Criticism, no matter how mild

Ungrateful people

Being gossiped about

Having someone else in control

Cancer and Sex

Sexual Attitude


Needs to feel completely secure

Responds well to a romantic setting


Affection is as important as foreplay

What Excites Cancer


Sensual clothing

Being near natural bodies of water

Exotic scents

Cuddling and pillow-talk

The Cancer Personality

Positive Aspects

Great sense of humor

Enjoys home-making


Good memory

Gracious host

Sensitive to others' feelings

Challenging Aspects

Sometimes loves to the point of smothering



Holds grudges

Thinks too much

May be too attached to family

The Cancer "Look"

Distinctive jaw line

Rounded figure

"Campbell Soup kids" cheeks

Medium to tall in height

Healthy head of hair

Ruling Planet: the Moon

Not technically a planet, the moon governs Cancer's emotions and strengthens the feminine, compassionate side of the Cancer personality. Cancer's mood shifts are less predictable than the moon's phases, however.

Leo, July 23 to August 23

Passion Rating 5

How to Catch Leo's Attention

Let Leo make the decisions

Dress like the leader you are

Have a life of your own

Be lavish with your praise

Keep the intimate details of your relationship to yourself

Give lavish gifts

Leo in Love

Leo is

Very open about his/her feelings


Hungry for attention and praise

Turns the world upside down to please you

Easily hurt

What Leo Expects from a mate

Absolute faithfulness

Your undivided attention


Classy clothes, hair, taste


What Leo Likes, and Doesn't Like

Leo Enjoys

The spotlight


Spending money on the very best


Having to make tough decisions

Things that Annoy Leo

Leaders who don't lead

Shady ethics

Being ignored

Someone else being in charge

Shoddy clothes, bad haircuts, rundown houses

Leo and Sex

Sexual Attitude



Needs to take without necessarily giving back



What Excites Leo

Glamorous settings

Partners who understand the many uses of power

Classy clothes, and someone who looks classy without them


Being in charge

The Leo Personality

Positive Aspects




Gets along with almost everybody



Challenging Aspects

Hogs the spotlight


"My way or the highway"

Doesn't delegate

Pouts when he/she is thwarted

Unable to hide what he/she really thinks

The Leo "Look"

Confident posture

Dresses for success

Distinctive hair

Well-toned body

Squared fingers

Ruling Planet: The Sun

The center of the solar system accounts for Leo's large ego, but also provides the light, heat and energy that makes Leo so attractive.

Virgo, August 24 to September 22

Passion Rating 4

How to Catch Virgo's Attention

Quit smoking, moderate your drinking, get plenty of exercise

What happens between you, stays between you. Virgo hates being gossiped about

Keep your living space tidy and the inside of the car clean

Shave, shower, and shampoo daily

Cross your t's and dot your i's, because details are important to Virgo

Be persistent. Virgo is naturally cautious

Virgo in Love

Virgo is

Very proper

More interested in giving than receiving

Cautious about declaring feelings

Content to wait for someone who needs his/her standards

Extremely private

What Virgo Expects from a mate

No boasting about intimacies

Tender loving care in sickness and disappointment

Mental and physical fitness


Persuasion rather than power plays

What Virgo Likes, and Doesn't Like

Virgo Enjoys

Needlework or building intricate models

Earth tones and pastels

Lively conversation


Checking off tasks on a 'To Do' lists

Things that Annoy Virgo

People who don't stick to the schedule

Gossip, especially about Virgo's love life


Anything done in a sloppy way


Virgo and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Loves to please

Doesn't like public displays of affection

Welcomes emotionally needy lovers

Slow to start but capable of sustained pleasure

Wants seduction, not instant turn-ons

What Excites Virgo

Feeling gorgeous

Extended foreplay

Sophisticated technique

Feeling a little bit wicked

Daytime encounters

The Virgo Personality

Positive Aspects




Content to be a background player


Warm and sympathetic

Challenging Aspects

Overly critical

Finds it hard to relax

Worries constantly

Worries a lot about heath

Shy about displaying affection in public

Has impossible standards for everyone, including self

The Virgo "Look"

Careful, if uninspired, dresser

High forehead


Very good personal hygiene (flosses twice a day)

Walks with head held high

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Named for the god of communication, Mercury accounts for Virgo's sharp mind, way with words and eye for detail.

Libra, September 23 to October 23

Passion Rating 3

How to Catch Libra's Attention

Take the decision-making role

Make your initial approach courteous. Strong come-ons spook Libra.

Insist that punctuality is artificial

Give luxurious gifts in good taste

Clean up your language

Libra in Love

Libra is

Blind to your faults

Timid about making the first move

Totally devoted to your emotional comfort


Unwilling to argue

What Libra Expects from a mate





Similar taste in clothes, cars, furnishings

What Libra Likes, and Doesn't Like

Libra Enjoys

Good food and good company

Gentle recreation

Doing things for other people

Nice possessions

Fair play

Things that Annoy Libra

Nagging and arguments

Crude language

Shoddy merchandise

Poor service

Aggressive behavior

Libra and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Would rather wait for the right partner

Seeks commitment, not a one-night stand

Wants an elegant setting for romantic encounters

Responds to warmth and courtesy rather than crude talk

Expects good personal hygiene in a lover

What Excites Libra

An experienced, knowledgeable lover

Mirrored ceilings

Expert backrubs

The possibility of being seen

Watching the instant replay on video

The Libra Personality

Positive Aspects


Able to see both sides of a question

Rarely jumps to conclusions

Gracious host

Has a strong sense of justice

Discreet about what he/she knows

Challenging Aspects


Worries too much

Prefers working in the background

Has champagne taste on a beer budget

Tries too hard to make a good impression

Avoids confrontation

The Libra "Look"


Slim, graceful athletic build

Distinctive dresser but not showy

No one facial feature dominant

Never ugly, usually good-looking

Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus influences Libra more towards romance as well as sex. Libra loves bringing people together and putting them at ease, and also give Libra his/her love for luxury and self-indulgence.

Scorpio, October 24 to November 22

Passion Rating 5

How to Catch Scorpio's Attention

Be mysterious about your life and feelings

Be aggressive in pursuing him/her

Let Scorpio make most of the decisions

Be romantic in a brooding, intense way (no smiley faces)

Hang on every word Scorpio says

Look deep into his/her eyes

Scorpio in Love

Scorpio is

Secretive about liking you

Extremely intense about feelings toward you

Brutally honest

Reticent about showing affection

Afraid of being hurt

What Scorpio Expects from a mate

100% fidelity

Keeping confidences

Forgiveness for unintentional wounds and words said in anger

Appreciation for the gift of Scorpio's confidence

Submission to his/her will

What Scorpio Likes, and Doesn't Like

Scorpio Enjoys


Figuring out what makes people tick

Being in the inner circle

Knowing the story behind the story

Being in charge

Things that Annoy Scorpio



Being analyzed (Scorpio can dish it out, but can't take it)

Strangers who hug and kiss

Superficial conversation

Scorpio and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Obsessed by sex even though he/she might not be a participant

Open to experimentation

Needs to be the one in charge

Likes extended romantic encounters, not quickies

More intense than playful

What Excites Scorpio

An element of danger

Erotic art and films

A lover who is exotic or unusual in appearance


Discovering your lover's deepest secrets

The Scorpio Personality

Positive Aspects

Very devoted to family


Remembers favors received

Magnetic personality



Challenging Aspects

Very moody



Never forgets an insult


Hot temper

The Scorpio "Look"

Short to medium height

Disproportionately short limbs

Males have hairy bodies but begin to bald early

Intense, penetrating eyes

Smiles seldom but radiantly

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Named for the god of the underworld, Pluto influences Scorpio's smoldering inner core and the regenerative forces (sex!) that bring birth and death to the world.

Sagittarius, November 23 to December 21

Passion Rating 4

How to Catch Sagittarius's Attention

Keep a travel bag packed at all times, and your passport updated

Be flexible in your plans

Keep schedules and household rules to a minimum

Don't make fun of other people

Keep it light” Sagittarius is a commitment-phobe

Laugh at his/her jokes

Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius is


Not interested in settling down


Open about his/her feelings

Convinced that people are basically good

What Sagittarius Expects from a mate

A sunny disposition

Shared spiritual values


A forgiving nature (Sagittarius makes a lot of social blunders)

Respect for Sagittarius's freedom

What Sagittarius Likes, and Doesn't Like

Sagittarius Enjoys

A willing and uncomplaining travel companion

Intellectual conversation

Funny stories, especially ones that don't put down other people

Great eating, especially locals specialties

A good laugh

Things that Annoy Sagittarius

Moody people

Solemn occasions

Schedules, details, balancing checkbooks

You flirting with other people


Sagittarius and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Wants you to be exclusive

Doesn't necessarily want to be exclusive with you

Fun in bed

Nothing dark or rough

Open discussion of what works and what doesn't

What Excites Sagittarius

Exotic partners

New positions

Being naked while doing everyday things

Talking dirty


The Sagittarius Personality

Positive Aspects



Spiritual, although in an unconventional sense


Intellectually curious



Challenging Aspects




Tactless at times (but never deliberately)

Hot temper

Rarely on time for anything

The Sagittarius "Look"

Younger than actual age


Offbeat sense of dress that rarely "works" in the fashion sense

Body not proportional

Usually taller than the norm

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Named for the Jolly ruler of the Roman heavens, Jupiter influences Sagittarius's ready laugh and sunny disposition, and also is the root of a Sag's hot temper.

Capricorn, December 22nd to January 19th

Passion Rating 4

How to Catch Capricorn's Attention

Wear classy clothes

Invest in a haircut to match

Practice being patient. Capricorns simply can't be rushed.

Put your personal finances in order

Give valuable antiques, not trinkets

Don't fish for compliments

Capricorn in Love

Capricorn is

Reserved about his/her emotions


Cautious about committing

Committed to family

Emotionally and financially stable

What Capricorn Expects from a mate



Discreet about the love affair

Emotionally and financially secure


What Capricorn Likes, and Doesn't Like

Capricorn Enjoys


An organized, predictable life

Quiet pleasures

Home and family

Clear goals

Things that Annoy Capricorn

Disorganized ventures

Rude people

Poor service

Intrusive neighbors and friends

Being teased

Capricorn and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Totally committed to you

Slow to start and long to finish

Considerate of your wishes

Very direct

Commits long-term

What Excites Capricorn

Dominating you

Being dominated

You reading his/her mind

Normal, wholesome, non-kinky sex

Losing control

The Capricorn Personality

Positive Aspects

Feet-on-the-ground realism

Good strategist



Has natural executive ability


Challenging Aspects

Can be a workaholic


Finds it hard to express emotions


Hates to be teased


The Capricorn "Look"

Excellent, if conservative, wardrobe

Shorter than average; males tend to be stocky

Always looks middle aged, even when young or very old

Good teeth

Frowns when concentrating on a task, which means a Cap frowns a lot

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Named for the planet once thought to be outermost in the solar system, Saturn symbolizes the limitations of life a Capricorn works to overcome, as well as the sense of responsibility and clear sense of reality that characterizes those born under this sign.

Aquarius, January 20th to February 18th

Passion Rating 3

How to Catch Aquarius's Attention

Dress unconventionally.

Respect Aquarius's reluctance to commit

Develop a global perspective

Don't try to change anything about him/her

Stay friends for a long time before becoming lovers

Make spontaneous suggestions for out-of-the-ordinary activities

Aquarius in Love

Aquarius is

Very protective of his/her independence

In love with the idea of love, but sometimes finds the reality unpleasant

Never jealous


Hesitant to commit long-term

What Aquarius Expects from a mate



Acceptance of friends

Respect for his/her personal space

No strings unless it's Aquarius's idea

What Aquarius Likes, and Doesn't Like

Aquarius Enjoys

Public praise

Making the world a better place


Causing a stir

Being in charge

Things that Annoy Aquarius

Aggressive people

Someone else hogging the spotlight

Being taken for granted

Being boxed in, either physically or emotionally


Aquarius and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Completely non-jealous

Independent but able to commit if it's Aquarius's idea

Not interested in the causes of your moods

Seldom falls truly in love

When Aquarius does fall in love, it's usually permanent

What Excites Aquarius

Violating taboos

Erotic conversation

Extended physical contact

Imaginative role-playing, as long as Aquarius gets to direct

Finding new places that excite you

The Aquarius Personality

Positive Aspects


Very social

Cares about making the world a better place

Independent thinker

Accepting of all people

Great conversationalist

Challenging Aspects

More comfortable with theory than reality

Dress in an attention-getting fashion

Would rather talk than act

Wants to know too much detail

Sometimes seems to disagree for the sake of disagreeing

Gives own independence first priority

The Aquarius "Look"

High forehead

Disheveled hair and clothes

Dreamy, distant look

Average to tall in height

Infrequent but sunny smile

Ruling Planets: Uranus and Saturn

Saturn contributes wisdom and the desire to improve the world. Uranus influences an Aquarian's eccentricity, for this planet behaves differently from most of the others in the solar system, both in its unconventional orbit and in its orientation in space (Uranus's polar regions are at its sides, not top and bottom like the other planets).

Pisces February 19 to March 20

Passion Rating 3

How to Catch Pisces' Attention

Romantic gifts

Romantic gestures

Romantic getaways

Frequent declarations of love

Take care of the everyday details

Be exclusive as soon as you start seeing each other

Pisces in Love

Pisces is

Actively looking for love

Easily swept off his/her feet

Desperate for reassurance

Ready to commit sooner than most other people

Frequently hurt

What Pisces Expects from a mate



Shared vision of the future

Respect for Pisces' dreams and goals


What Pisces Likes, and Doesn't Like

Pisces Enjoys

Classic films, visits to the art museum, concerts

Candlelit dinner in exquisite restaurants

Sword-and-sorcery novels (men) or any book involving unicorn or fairies (women)

Walks along secluded beaches, especially at dawn or dusk


Things that Annoy Pisces

Soviet architecture

Violent entertainment

Noisy crowds


Rough fabric

Pisces and Sex

Sexual Attitude

Affectionate and erotic

Needs privacy

Responsive to your fantasies

Wants reassurance


What Excites Pisces

Erotic clothing

Being naked together

Doing it on the beach, underwater,

Explicit instructions

Foreplay that starts out gently and peaks in intensity

The Pisces Personality

Positive Aspects


A gracious host



Enjoys being part of a group


Generous to friends and strangers alike

Challenging Aspects

Very shy


Dreamy manner

Often feels helpless

Finds it hard to make decisions


The Pisces "Look"

Average height

Gains weight readily, especially later in life

Sleepy eyes

Sensitive skin

Warm smile

Ruling Planets: Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter, ruler of the gods, contributes your compassion for other people and your organizational skills. Neptune, the sea god, is appropriate for the sign of the two fishes and rules your hidden life, your unconscious, and your spiritual side.


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