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You Want Your Ex Back, Signs That Your Ex May Want You Too

Updated on February 8, 2015

Does My Ex Want Me Back or Just Want to Be Friends?

Would you like to know different signs an ex will show if they're interested in you again? If your ex is showing you a little bit more interest lately, or wants to spend some more 'quality' time with you than before, or even seems to be trying to flirt with you again, then these may be signs that your ex wants you back too. It's okay to feel a little hopeful when you see these actions, but step back a moment, and try not to overanalyze.

That said, these are definitely a few very common signs that your ex may be interested in getting back with you. But if you want to get back together with your ex, you should strategize and not just jump the guns. If you want your ex back, you should also look for some of these other signs to see how interested she is, exactly.

Signs Your Ex is Interested Again

#1: Light Touches on Shoulder or Hands

Unfortunately sometimes these signs may not be very easy to notice. They could be very small like a touch on the shoulder or the hand. In order to draw out more of these signs you want to play it cool. If you come out in full force (ex. "I still care about you, do you care about me?") you will most likely push your ex away rather than bringing them closer. In fact, if your ex is showing renewed interest in you again, it might be because you were already playing hard to get in the first place.

Usually after a break up you are not likely going to have a reason to touch your ex that often, unless you happen to be partners in something like sport or dance. If you find that when they talk to you that they are initiating physical contact more frequently then usual, then something could have changed.

#2: They Initiate Verbal Contact More Often

If you find that your ex is initiating verbal contact more often than you are, then that is a pretty good sign that your ex wants you back. But be careful with this sign. There are two contingencies you need to watch out for.

If your ex initiates contact and you respond, then that's good and all. But if you initiate contact, and they are less likely to comply, then that is a bad sign. That means that they are using you, only contacting you when they feel lonely or are in need of attention. You can still contact them back, but definitely watch how they reply when you initiate communication. If they respond just as often as you do, then you are in the clear and they are definitely interested in you again.

Does My Ex Want Me Back or Just Be Friends?

#3: You Keep Running Into Your Ex

If your'e recently single, you should try to make sure you get yourself out into the world. It's healthy for you to build more and stronger relationships with people you already know and have just met. And that brings me to sign three. When you go out you are bound to run into your ex every so often in random places. Or not-so-random places like school or work. But if you find that your ex always seems to be where you are so frequently that it stop seeming like coincidence, then that could be a sign she wants to rekindle things.

This sign can be pretty hazy though. Try not to overanalyze it if you know that you both have the same interests or are members of the same clubs or associations. But do watch to see how much attention he or she shows you when you do wind up together. If they seem open to conversation or genuinely pleased to see you, then that is a pretty good sign that he or she is interested in you again.

Final Signs Your Ex is Interested Again

These are just a few of the many signs your ex might show to indicate interest, and I will try to write more hubs containing further signs. These three signs, though, are pretty easy to look for and can show you just how interested your ex is in getting back together with you.

Never use only one sign to figure out if your ex is interested in getting back together with you. You should always look out for several. So remember: watch for increased physical contact, how often your ex initiates contact and how they respond to yours, and if you run into your ex more often than mere chance would allow. Stop asking yourself, "Does my ex want me back?" and put these tips to good use and find out. Part 2 with more signs will hopefully be coming soon. Good luck!


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      ella 3 years ago

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      5 Ways You May Be Unwittingly Sabotaging Your Marriage

      how can i get my ex boyfriend back if he just wants to be friends

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