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Still Feeling Single In Your Twosome?

Updated on August 2, 2012

Right now I've been single for almost two years but when I was in a relationship I felt alone. We did things together and I enjoyed the time we had but I somehow always felt as if I was still living life as a single woman. Maybe it was because we did live seperately and I always continued my life as a single woman in that aspect getting groceries, taking the car to the shop and things like that. We even attempted to live together (twice) and it didn't work for me. At all. But it was emontionally that I felt a slight disconnect. Were we just not a "perfect" match? Or is it because I'm an only child and have always been by myself and these feelings some how overlapped into my relationship? Maybe I felt that way because I knew that our relationship wouldn't last and I felt it best to continue to think of myself seperately in case we were to break up. Did that kinda thinking hinder me a little from fully investing in the relationship?

Or do we all just feel as if we are all alone in our togetherness? Maybe your significant other doesn't understand all of you and that causes the part of you that they don't "get" to remain uncovered and unused. I think that can sometimes cause you to feel slightly abandoned because you can't let that part of you shine through. I always felt that there were so many things that I was not understood on on a few levels which left me with a feeling of disconnect and seperation. But should we keep some level of seperation just to keep up our sanity and avoid drowning in a relationship only to lose our own identities? Or perhaps that's the answer for some. Maybe you just feel that if you fully immerse yourself you will lose your own identity. And I didn't want that. I kinda like who I am. This is just another one of my ramblings. What do you think? About the subject not my ramblings. Ha!


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