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Summer Sunflower Wedding Ideas

Updated on July 23, 2014

Your Sunflower Wedding

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it is natural to focus on each and every detail. It should express the person you are in as many ways as possible. Sunflowers can fit with almost every style - they are bright, elegant, joyful, simple, natural, and beautiful. They embody summer and are a great symbol of unity and happiness. Below are tons of ideas to incorporate sunflowers into your wedding day. Many are customizable, so you can add your own twist and make them personal. Good luck on your big day! Don't get overwhelmed by all your options. :)

Cupcakes as a Wedding Cake

Cupcakes are a great modern twist to the typical wedding cake and are perfect for an outdoor wedding! My husband and I used cupcakes for our wedding, and our guests still talk about it. Even better yet, if you are operating on a tight budget, then plan a fun day for the family and bridal party to get together and bake the cupcakes together. It will be a memory you never forget.

Edible Sunflowers -Set of 12 - Cake and Cupcake Toppers, Decoration
Edible Sunflowers -Set of 12 - Cake and Cupcake Toppers, Decoration

Edible sunflowers will make a huge statement and fit perfectly with the theme!


Advice for the Newlyweds

A great addition to the classic guest book

Your guests will love the chance to provide all the advice they have for building a successful marriage. These cards are a wonderful idea for an addition or alternative to a classic guestbook. Lay them out with a pair of cute mason jars and let them go wild! You can also add some to the tables so that they can keep writing advice while they're sitting around enjoying the event. These will be unbelievable memories to look back on and will be something the bride and groom will have with them forever.

Extra Touches for the Big Day

Decorating the Reception

Soooo much goes into decorating your big day, and it can be very overwhelming. One of the best tricks for making decorating easier (and much cheaper) is to pick one or two statement pieces and then fill the rest with beautiful and simple, but cost-effective, decorations. With a sunflower theme, one of your statement pieces should be obvious - use sunflowers!

For the reception, you will need to assign guests to specific tables. As they enter the reception room, have lists ready that list their name with a corresponding table number. The rest you can leave to them! Just make sure you remember to clearly display the number on each table!

Another beautiful touch for your reception (or even the ceremony) could be sunflower garland. You can make this yourself if you're really crafty, or you can purchase fake sunflower garland that you don't have to worry as much about.

Sunflower Wedding Favors - Sunflower Seed Packets

Wedding favors can be tough to pick out because you want your guests to leave with something nice, but you have to be careful how much you spend on them. If your theme is sunflowers, then what better gift than a packet of sunflower seeds?

Sunflower Wedding Favors - 25 packets
Sunflower Wedding Favors - 25 packets

If your guests don't like gardening, then no problem! They can throw the seeds in the oven for 10 minutes and add a little salt. Tasty and healthy snack!


DIY Sunflower Packets

Personalize your packets and fill them with whatever you want. Consumable items like candy, chocolate, or seeds are always a good option.

After the Wedding

Thank You's

Writing thank you's after your wedding will be an event in itself! But don't worry, this process will also be very gratifying and you'll get an opportunity to spend two minutes on each and every guest (something you may not have been able to do at the wedding!). When you and your groom open your gifts, make sure to keep a list of what everyone got you. It will make the writing process much easier.

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I love sunflowers and really like all the possibilities you've presented here for a sunflower wedding. I've seen pictures from weddings featuring sunflowers - makes me want to get married again. (To the same man, of course!)